I found the Official SP303/SP404 FX, it is free | GAS Therapy #26

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Hey guys, long time no see, I’ve been digging other gear solutions for a while for future demonstration, and I found that there’s a brand new SP404-ish FX plugin from Roland itself, and it will be free until 2021/12/31. So here’s my take with it, it just cured my GAS for an SP303/202 😉

You can get Zenology FX for free by signing into their manager, btw Zenology Lite is also free and has lots of great presets to mess around.
Download link :

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  1. sevenape より:

    Love your tips thanks! Any ideas for a koala sampler digitakt alternative? 😀

  2. I.O.M. より:

    Not as comprehensive but I like fly tape and fly tape 2 for effects outside of koala that are close to the SP’s

  3. Klaus Herbert より:

    Please do a tutorial on it please and how u use it in this video please!

  4. Anjovi より:

    Any idea if this works on ipads?
    Thanks for the headsup Micheal! This is a crazy finding!