Cerakote FX Application Guide

Cerakote FX takes custom to another level. Cerakote FX is an additive that is specifically designed and tested to be mixed with our H-Series Clears (H-300 and H-301), and sprayed over a Cerakote solid tone base coat. This creates a new look that is anywhere from mild to wild, depending on the combination used.

One vial of FX is designed to be used with one 4 oz. Tester size bottle of H-Series clear, that is then sprayed over a Cerakote solid tone base coat. (NOTE: Cerakote FX is applied WET OVER WET. Your item will NOT go into the oven until after the FX has been applied.)

Cerakote FX materials were sourced specifically for their high performance attributes including: corrosion and weather resistance, scratch, gouge and impact resistance, as well as bond-ability within the Cerakote system. In other words, they meet the stringent criteria to wear the Cerakote brand name.

The customization possibilities are endless – enjoy unleashing your creativity!

Cerakote FX Products:
– Typhoon FX-109:
– Shiver FX-108:
– Riot FX-107:
– Ranger FX-106:
– Mystique FX-105:
– Liberty FX-104:
– Hunter FX-103:
– Cosmic FX-102:
– Blaze FX-101:

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  1. utubeaccess7 より:

    Would 4oz be enough to finish an AR50a1 receiver and stock? Thx.

  2. Off the Grid w/ Damian より:

    Looking forward to trying this out