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Forex Live Trading & Learning Room
opening Time: GMT+5 2:00PM in London Session
Closing Time 6:00pm in New York Session Daily Monday to Friday
Speaker / Trainer Mr.Wali Fx
Professional Forex Trader and trainer (Since 2008)
Expert Analyst Technical, Fundamental, Sentiment

1. Expert Pivot point trading Strategy
2. Expert Rsi reading & Divergence trading Strategy
3. Expert Trend Lines Trading Strategy
4. Expert Historical support & Resistance trading (S.&.D) Strategy
5. Expert 12 candlestick Pattern trading Strategy
6. Expert M.A cross over – P.A – E.V and few More strategies etc…
7. Expert Market Technical Structure

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Risk Disclaimer:
This program is for educational purposes only
This program is not a signal service. Nor is it investment advice. There is more risk in trading and you can lose more than your investment. The information provided on this platform is for educational purposes only, but remember that it is not a licensed trainer. It only shares what it has learned, understood, and gained experience in the trading industry over the years. The method described herein does not guarantee any results and the Author can not be held responsible for any losses or damages in any account. Therefore, whatever is taught and taught here should be practiced only on a trial-demo account.


  1. Technical Expert より:

    Sir ap great h ALLAH pak apko khush rkhy aur ap k hath hmary sir p qaim rkhy

  2. official channel より:

    Mashallah bhut pyary andaz ha

  3. Mirza Zaheer Baig より:

    Salam Teacher……………. Sir Ali bhai ne to bilkul sahee baat ke hai …………… hai koi
    Expert person
    Urdu exper person live trade
    Sher dil exper forex live trader.
    Me 20 Saaal se trade kr ra ha ho ……… mujhe ko itne saloo me na me………. koi ye bhe batane wala na thaa / what is pip………..

  4. Mirza Zaheer Baig より:

    un k qaan me elfee dal dooooooooooooooooo

  5. Raj Kumar より:

    Thank you so much sir for giving us your priceless time
    I wish God to keep you healthy

  6. Aflatoon より:

    Masha Allah Episode No. 178, awesome learning with Live practicals of Break Out and Break In on H 4 time frame. Point 1= According to Sir THE MOST DIFFICULT AND THE MOST DANGEROUS PAIR TO TRADE IS GOLD, but if it’s over all structure and movement is under stood then it can become very attractive and easy to trade. 2= According to Sir’s Experience if some one has only 500 $ in the account then that trader should try not to trade on Gold because it needs minimum 100 pips S L usually, that is why it becomes very risky to trade so that trader should trade only currency pairs. 3= According to Sir’s Experience it is too difficult to hold a trade for a long time but if some one has patience and understands the market movement / levels then that some one may hold it for a long time like Sir him self has Trained him self strongly and perfectly Masha Allah. 4= According to Sir Do not ever go against your trade set up / strategy [ in our case = Support and Resistance ],do take risk on the levels with S L and H 4 break out ,Break In must be focused too. 5= Learning was also provided about Triangle and Channel and channel’s Break out and Break In. Sir Thanks for another nice Session.

  7. Aflatoon より:

    My Question = Sir hamary training k mutabiq level kie trade with S L and T P laga ker market say dour o jana chaeya. laykin Sir ise terha ham H 4 k break out Break In wagara per kaisay nazar rakayn gayn takay manually nikal sakayn ore dusri direction kie trade with proper S L and T P lay sakayn…Sir please hamary rehnumaey karayn…? Sir please agar Question buntha hai thub hamary rehnumaee karayn may nay 30 August Episode No.162 k ikthitam per b yaee Question kia tha…please sir rehnumaee kejay… App ka Sukriya…

  8. Hafiz Abdul Razaq より:

    Sir Ji jitni mehnat se ap hame forex sekha rhe hai hamare pass alfaz ni k kis terh apka shukeriya ada kr sakhe…Allah apke ilam m mazeed tarqi or apki zindagi m khairo o barkat ata kre.Ameen

  9. Aliyan's park より:

    Sir many trader says MT4 platform is not a reliable platform , for example all indicators are fake just to manipulate market .
    Many gurus are teaching Forex in paid version about VSA ,VOLUMES , INTEREST RATES ETC ETC . WHAT DO YOU SAY ABOUT THIS ?

  10. Cara O'Connor より:

    Venturing into the trading world without the help of a professional trader and expecting profits is like turning water into wine, you would need a miracle, that’s why i trade with Christi Benner, her skills set is exceptional..

  11. Hadyat Ullah より:

    Guro g ap great ho♥️♥️♥️