Clearing Out a field of Iguanas With my FX Impact M3 ! Florida Iguana Removal

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  1. Al Gerard より:

    First and congrats on 200K

  2. Nephtali Lucero より:

    Convert it to a compact. Lighter and easy t manuever. Acurat still at long distance

  3. BrutalMexiBro94 より:

    Congrats bro you keep it up

  4. PoormanRonjon_YT より:

    Really need them KC slugs

  5. Plot Twist より:

    Plot Twist: This guy has a pet iguana at home

  6. Sunset Aquatics より:

    nice moves .

  7. Kurt Wong より:

    Love the FX Gun!

  8. J And より:

    Game changer! Death bringer!

  9. RickJason より:

    Nice shooting. Seems like an endless job.

  10. Mike Cates より:

    It should be noted the ninja is wearing blood spot resistant shoes, lol

  11. Bert Safor より:

    Killing iguanas can be done with ANY good airgun

  12. faapilot より:

    A lot of misses. These guys are not professionals. Facts don’t care about feelings.

  13. Terry Wells より:

    That FX is dropping them iguanas iguana man and iguana Ninja and the new help he’s taking them out too

  14. Adamz Newchild より:

    Iguana girl shoots better than Raj

  15. Stan Webb より:

    Too many got away!!! Shoot all day and get them all….Need to be the turtle and be slow and steady, get them all and not so fast!!!

  16. Emilio Ramlochan より:

    Congrats on 200k!

  17. exotix より:

    Bro you do this shit for the views bro no love at all

  18. Gman Neo'd より:

    Congratulations on the FX sponsorship! Most of us can’t afford the $2000 – 3000 setup though. I hope you can show us Mikes working mans setup in the next video?

  19. 809 FILMS より:

    Great vids man love to see em, only thing I have to say is you outta be more careful when shooting at water with houses on the other side you can hear the bullet skip the water just be careful man hate to see a kid or adult hit

  20. Good Goat より:

    You need some serious target practice.

  21. LSU Cody より:

    Go back and really do damage bring lots of mags clean out 100 of them

  22. steven Smith より:

    Great shooting and video

  23. Feral Pumpkin より:

    I’d take accuracy over capacity any day.

  24. J. Pedro Sena より:

    Videos with no quality

  25. Otoniel ♒ より:

    Jurassic Park

  26. Denton Thaves より:

    Send those Iguanas to California it’s the best place for them.

  27. Ali Anber より:

    Iguana is godzilla

  28. LeeRoyJr より:

    Love the channel but work on yall accuracy

  29. David Paul より:

    Nice job! That left untouched would be double next year and worse afterwards.

    Dade & Broward are hot beds right now. Never seen it so bad.

    And to the comments any airgun will do, yep they can. But that things a laser beam. And quiet. And He’s getting 100+ shots a fill in .22.

    Get a gamo urban out there and she how many Karens show up.

  30. John Szurek より:

    Lots of missed shots!

  31. Ben Quick より:

    I see you use a break barrel rifle sometimes. Which one?

  32. Kurt Wong より:

    Longer videos please!

  33. Big Guy Customs より:

    These bastards are starting to show up in Louisiana. The Humane Society in Central Louisiana posted a pic of an alpha male walking around the city of Natchitoches.

  34. Janet Doten より:

    Great job!

  35. Mark Cloud chaser より:

    Jesus I’m not being funny but how many misses, take your time

  36. Adrian Johnson より:

    Nice to see your making use of your impact m3.

  37. Rick Lopez より:

    Save some ammo and a billy club for the “make sure it’s dead shot”.

  38. Adrian .AdrianL より:

    You need to take that impact to Ken HIcks or talons tunes to let them set it up , and even zero it for you , and learn hold over and under . Keep shooting.

  39. robertintexas より:

    Are iguana hunters going to be affected by YT’s new crackdown with demonetization?

  40. Marcella Morales-Gaona より:


  41. Quantum Energy より:

    Iguana Wars continue ! Let’s see combat footage . O yea ! There destroying roads and killing eating beautiful birds . Yea ! There definently on the target list . Get drone up there ! Launch a strike .!

  42. psy Amok より:

    Why not take some time and effort to sight it properly then learn how to use the scope so you can be efficient from 10, 20, to 50yrds and beyond. One shot is more than enough to kill. Go look and Jessica Iguana solutions. Almost all shots are one shot one kill.

  43. Stephen Teaster より:

    Serious question. How do you guys get paid for these? Is there a carcass bounty?

    I’d love to come down to South Florida and pop a cap in a bunch of them, so if there is a bounty I could cash in on it would offset the expenses.

  44. Tom Campanale より:

    Your shooting skill is solid,Confidence and skill with the impact is impeccable

  45. Suara 53 より:

    Kasian bangat tuh iguana di tembakin… Hadew

  46. Tom Campanale より:

    Bro graduations on your 200 K I just saw it! Wow

  47. Heath Halfhill より:

    looked like a scene from Jurassic Park for a minute with all those heads popping up and running along the lake.

  48. Ron Robinson より:

    I’m sorry but you need to be better prepared before you shoot your videos! Otherwise you are doing a great job ridding Florida of it iguana population.

  49. Josh V より:

    Iguana sees another iguana next to him die and he just stands there lol. Lizard brain not smart enough to run away.

  50. Horrid Henry より:

    Silly trigger happy yanks no consideration or NO BRAINS