Free Sp 404sx FX Plugin | Zenology FX

No sp404 sx or sp 303 but you want to use their fx, try this plugin for FREE
Zenology FX –
(Free until the end of December 2021)

For samples used in this vid:

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Intro performed by @nahjaisoul


  1. Caleb Pelzek より:


  2. J A より:

    Do you have a video on how to plug up the 404 303 to ableton?

  3. Adam Bromley より:

    What’s the beat you made in this vid?

  4. Wigges Obk より:

    That’s dope!

  5. nNxva より:

    no way way wayyy dude i recently started doing live performances of my loops on fruity this is going to come in clutch filt!!!

  6. Season Beats より:

    It says I had to sign up at first from my iPad. I have to look back at the site on my computer.

  7. Sound Desires より:

    Do I understand correctly : This is free to use for a period of time? Or is it free to download/install and have forever from this time on if you get it until the end ot december?

  8. Season Beats より:

    So my next question is after December 2021, does it stop working?

  9. Shawn Diggz より:

    Thanks Filt for Free99 bargains. Much respect.

  10. T T より:

    I swear the universe listens, just last week I was searching for a sp emulation plugin hoping to get their effects. shout out

  11. playpm より:

    Wow! Thanks for the shootout, fulfilled with positive energy!!!!!