This video showcases pest control using my Fx Impact. Air gun pest control hunting is one of the most effective ways of controlling pest numbers on farms. Pest control is essential to the farming community for health and property damage purposes. This method of air gun hunting is effective and no suffering has been brought on any birds during this filming session. I am a professional pest control hunter and uses my Fx Impact to control the pest numbers on farms all over. I love to document my pest control hunting days out and always share good information to fellow pest control hunters to help them with their jobs. The Fx Impact is a air gun made in Sweden and is one of the best pellet guns on the market. With my Fx Impact i also uses the Fx Wildcat that is also a pellet rifle that is also very effective on this pest control jobs.

Gear used:
Fx Impact Mk3 800mm
Inferno 40gn Slugs
Element Optics Nexus Scope
DonnyFl Ronin Suppressor
Accu Tac Bi-pod
Saber Tactical Body Kit Impact
Form Rifle Stocks Grip

Fx Wildcat Mk3 Sniper
Hn 25Gn Slugs
Element Optics Titan Scope
DonnFl Koi Suppressor
Accu-Tac Bi-pod

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    If you get a chance try some prohunter slugs, made in the UK, hand swaged and are very very accurate.

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    Good stuff Gerhard but are the infernos going to be available in the US and abroad? Are you a stakeholder in that company? I note in your comment segment: “at this stage of my career….” I hope you are doing ok as you are valued as much as anyone in this industry, or at least should be….

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