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Trade To Survive Episode 9 we get to know Matt and Shaun, two floor members who have took their professional relationship to new heights proving once again why the FX Cartel community is unparalleled.

Trade To Survive is a YouTube series brought to you by FX Cartel, with the aim of showing what life is like at the UK’s leading forex community whilst also getting to know some of the best retail traders and how they started. The idea for this series came after a lot of comments saying “if they can do it, why can’t I?” Therefore we aim to show that regardless of backgrounds and beliefs, you can also succeed as well.

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Main Media Team:
Daniel Hempshall – Editor/A Camera
Dylan Skinner – Editor/B Camera

Cars ’N’ Charts Team:
Steven Jones – C Camera
Luke Gale – FPV/Drone Pilot
Jack Eastman – Sound Recordist

Main characters:
Michael: …



  1. Drucy jessey より:


  2. IMYBOY より:

    Amazing Video, Just some constructive criticism, Maybe it’s just me but sometimes the background music is a bit loud, especially when the traders are speaking in the “interview” pieces. Apart from that, value is amazing 🙂

  3. Kristen Taylor より:

    Hell yeah. Awesome episode I look forward to each Sunday knowing a new episode is coming out. So damn grateful to be part of the cartel community. Learning and trading can, at times, feel pretty solo but your never alone being part of this fx cartel community

  4. Chris Jaxon より:

    The great thing about this community is the various backgrounds. If they need an electrician they have one, if they need a mechanic, a computer programmer, a plumber, or any other services done at the office or home I’m sure one trader there has a background in something that’s useful to the rest of the group. A self sufficient community and make money together

  5. Jacob Torres より:

    Honestly, this channel is one of the most honest about the realities of trading… they show the freedom and fun one can have but also examine the mindset and struggle it takes to get to that point.