Hunting iguanas in Neighborhood with Fx Airguns! .22 cal Air Rifle iguana Removal Job!!

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  1. Chase Neumayer より:

    Get a pellet pistol for finishing shots

  2. Darkjuggernaut99 より:

    Great video guys! Side note: I had to watch at least 10-15 political adds for a representative in New Hampshire to watch the entire video. For all intents and purposes, I hope the guy loses.

  3. @Kenisthis より:

    Put them in the bag!!!



  5. john madsen より:

    god FX hunting video

  6. Annatjie Vorster より:

    Love your vids I am in hospetel and I look aal your vids and I’m good nou tanks

  7. GunPowder&AirPower より:

    Another great video! I have several FX rifles myself. In fact I should be getting my new FX Dream Tac Compact in the next couple of days. It is the perfect walk and stalk airgun being so light and short, plus it has plenty of fpe to get the job done on iguanas in my opinion. Once again I will suggest having a laser sight to either mount on an accessory rail or to carry in the pocket. It might be handy to use to point out hard to see iguanas. A cheap one can be had for $20 to $30. I have a van myself which I bought for the amount of space carry my equipment for pesting up north with my airguns. I was thinking if you bought one of those small plastic concrete mixing tubs you would have a good place to throw those bloody iguanas.

  8. Steve Plescia より:

    Ninja – Do yourself a favor and lay off the weed!

  9. Gary Harrington より:

    You guys have really stepped up your game in the last few month’s . Great guests , recipes and content. We don’t have no damned guy-ah-noze in Pennsylvania but the recipes work just fine for chicken , goat , pork and fish . Why don’t you do a Philly Chesesteak Sub or a Sloppy Joe . ****** I’m sure the high capacity mags will make a big difference when you unexpectly bump into a unruly green mob . Maybe we’ll get to see some epic body counts . *****Keep plenty of business cards handy for people that provide links to environmental impact studies of invasive species .*********** “STOP RESISTING****STOP **** **STOP RESISTING**** You’re only making it harder on yourself so calm down Buddy . It’ll all be over soon .

  10. Artie Johnson より:

    Awesome Job Everybody!!!! Keep it Up. Love your channel ❤️❤️❤️

  11. RickJason より:

    You are leaving your home, your family, while it is being overrun by Iguanas, to vacation in Puerto Rico? Shame on you. I never thought I’d see the day that Raj and Ninja would cut and run. I shudder to think of the condition of Florida, when you get back. Hopefully, they will be able to clear the runway of Iguanas so your plane will be able to land.
    Your cameraman is doing a great job.

  12. MR DEE より:

    Awesome video as usual. I’ve got a 7′ footer I’ve been stalking by my house for a week now. When I get him I’m gonna email a picture of it.

  13. Sturmdrache より:

    IguanaMan and Iguana Ninja . . . the Gohannassassins.

  14. Gary Covington より:

    Thanks for the hunt guys! Will be coming back down again when my M3 finally gets here!

  15. Xzavier Wahlenberg より:

    i love ya videos keep working up

  16. Jonathan Julbe より:

    heck yeahhh brother great vid as always.

  17. Jonathan Julbe より:

    congrats on the 200k brother

  18. Jonathan Dean より:

    Would a thermal scope/ thermal spotting equipment help to find them in the trees and bushes.

  19. Gary Pratt より:

    Another Egana in the bag!

  20. Gary Pratt より:

    What caliber is the dreamliñe?

  21. GT Morgan より:

    Good to hear from Niji! Please help me understand why you guys don’t have a decated ice chest to put the iguanas in or aleast a buck? Also, you could get 3 time the stuff in the back of your van if you would take the time to build a drawer ststem. Just saying. Plus your stuff will be safer from others eyes. Your guns and tank will be secure.

  22. Curtis Redmon より:

    Man i wanna come out to florida and hunt with you guys they dont have iguanas in indiana or i woukd be out everyday with my pcp

  23. Otoniel 2012♒ より:

    Have fun guys in Puerto Rico

  24. Alan Knight より:

    What does pcp stand for?

  25. Al's Palava Hut より:

    Great content! Bring Green Hornet back sometime.

  26. Gwen Patton より:

    All those sirens. You’re surrounded!

    Ninja, you gonna call that gun “Vera”?

  27. Kurt Wong より:

    Awesome Job! I love the FX line. Continue the awesome work! Please put them in the Bag!

  28. Johnny Gutierrez より:

    Congrats on 200k

  29. Spooky Williams より:

    I might have to try the jowls lol, I’m Jamaican too. If he saying it’s better than oxtails it’s a must eat

  30. JV より:

    Ok Ok so, did I miss something? did iguana man actually purchase an FX Dreamline?
    Happy to see the FX Impack MIII in action

  31. Anthony Hewitt より:

    How about some scope cam footage and maybe painted slugs /pellets /tracers showing trajectory

  32. Anthony Hewitt より:

    Great video

  33. Nephtali Lucero より:

    You guys both have the Nexus?

  34. charles gardner より:

    Big fan Iguana man! But why goanna? As in silly goanna?

  35. Felix Gonzales より:

    Congratulations for the 16 iguanas removed.

  36. Colin Doyle より:

    Can’t wait to come hunt with u. It’s going to be epic!!!!! Just emailed u so hopefully I get a response soon. Texas boy coming to get some Iguanas. Great video Raj n Ninja

  37. Ben Dejo より:

    32:20 Not to be too technical but guano is the poo of seabirds and bats.

  38. Edgar Maynard より:

    Hi Don’t you think it would be better it you used shooting sticks so you can take more accurate shots, it would be more stable and they are light weight ?

  39. Carolyn Marable より:

    You definitely make a difference in that neighborhood.

  40. Terry Wells より:

    Iguana Ninja you got you a sweet PCP it .22 or .25 cal .? Iguana man you and Gary was doing good too

  41. machine73401 より:

    Good stuff bro……….

  42. Doc Ink より:

    It makes me laugh when you hit them and they stand up and run on their back legs, in this video it ran on water!

  43. Trey East より:

    Go back to the semi automatic air rifles they are more humane.

  44. TPCTRASH より:

    Nice gun ninja!

  45. Energy Eye より:

    Hey, time to start putting a cooler in the van and keep the meat in better condition.

  46. Gary Hill より:

    Sure would like to see a Air Maks katran in .25 dropping iguanas.

  47. BIG Boss より:

    So is good to kill animals now. That’s the reason they are instinct

  48. GMan より:

    Congrats on the 200K Raj! Hey you guys gotta get some pointers from Jessica on your setups. She rarely ever needs any follow-up shots.

  49. easycompanyairsoft00 より:

    “I got the eyes of an eagle and a vulture combined”-iguana ninja

  50. Jerome H より:

    Thanks for collecting each iguana.

  51. Fun Johnny より:

    26:52 is Ninja wearing a thong? LOL way to stay with it Ninja. persistence pays!!