Vic Firth Rute-X & Zildjian FX Raw Crashes | Drum Gear Review

Vic Firth and Zildjian both released new products today. While Vic Firth introduced a new concept called Rute-X, Zildjian presented the FX Raw Crashes.
The Rute-X Rods combine the features of drum sticks and rods and come in 4 different options, three with wooden dowels and one with synthetic ones. Zildjian reintroduced one of the concepts they already offered in their concept shop line. The FX Raw Crashes add a unique sound to every setup and even though they are labeled as crashes it is totally up to you if you play them as a ride cymbal, a crash or however you want to incorporate them.

00:00 Intro
00:46 Vic Firth Rute-X
05:16 Zildjian FX Raw Crashes

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Equipment used in this video:

Drum Kit:

Sonor AQ2
Finish: White Pearl
Bass Drums: 20×16
Toms: 16×15
Snare: 14×6


14″ Avedis Hats
FX Raw Crashes Small Bell
FX Raw Crashes Large Bell


Bassdrum: TG D70 (outside)/ TG D71 (inside)
Snare: M 201 TG (top)/ TG D 57 (bottom)
Overheads: MC 740
Hi-Hat: M 160
Tom: TG I 51


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