Mark Hutchinson Answers 10 Popular Questions from Falcon FX Traders

Today, Mark Hutchinson is answering some of Falcon FX’s most commonly asked questions ranging from the effectiveness of the strategy, to what you should do if your 9-5 is getting in the way of trading, to the funding program and beyond!

Watch until the end for some really helpful tips that can change the trajectory of your trading journey.

Thank you so much to everyone who sent in questions! We hope you enjoy the video!
00:00 – Intro
00:17 – I feel like my day job is holding my trading back. What should I do?
01:51 – What are some practical steps to help build your self-confidence?
03:17 – Why is self-awareness key in trading?
05:33 – What’s valuable about Rewired? Is it available to non-Falcon members?
09:37 – What are your suggestions on risk management?
10:58 – Is the funding program only available to Falcon students?
13:51 – How to approach your parents not supporting you?
15:48 – How can affirmations help me in my trading journey?
17:08 – Dose the falcon strategy work in the stock market?
17:49 – I keep getting distracted by other strategies and social media. What can I do?
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“Patience is one of the hardest things for a trader to adopt. The truth is knowing when to stay out of the market is just as important. Protect your capital rather than forcing yourself to constantly be in the markets and take trades that don’t fit your plan.”
– Mark Hutchinson
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    Do you meditate?

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    Thank you,one day I will motivate Soo many people like you do… working towards it.

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    How do you deal with loosing trades,like what do you do after a loosing streak?

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  9. Fred Kimani より:

    There are two things that the market uses against us traders.

    1) It makes sure we are inconsistent.
    2) It entices us with the opportunity to make money anytime anywhere and with a small bar to entry.

    Think about it, in a game of probability, your enemy is inconsistency and the frequency of action. If i were to flip a coin, the chances of landing either heads or tails are 50/50, just like a buy or a sell in trading. Now , who do you think has a higher probability of winning in a coin toss, the guy who always choses tails, or the guy who keeps changing from heads to tails every turn. If the market can get you to be inconsistent and on top of that, expose you to risk more often, it honestly doesn’t matter how good of a trader you are or even how good your psychology is. As a beginner, the best thing you can do is be as consistent as possible in whatever action you take and reduce your exposure to risk. This means follow the same set of rules and reduce the number of times you trade in a week. The secret to success is tradig is to survive long enough to actually learn and get the skin in the game to be consistently profitable.