Farmyard Hunt | FX Impact M3 800mm | FX Impact X MK2 700mm | Pigeon/Dove Hunt | Airgun Pest Control

Welcome to AirTac Hunting. On this channel, we will hunt, design, engineer, and play around with high-precision airguns. It’s all about having fun and learning together. In this video, we take on the pigeons and doves around the farmyard.

Your host,
Roelf Vorster


FX Impact Mk2 700mm with a Smooth Twist Superior heavy liner in .22, Element Optics Helix FFP Scope, and DonnyFL Tutsu silencer on the FX Integrated Barrel Tuner shooting 30gr .218 Javelin Slugs at 1000fps.

FX Impact M3 800mm with a Smooth Twist Superior heavy liner in .22, Element Optics Titan FFP Scope, and DonnyFL Ronin silencer on the Hein Frommann Barrel Tension system shooting 34gr .218 Javelin Slugs at 1030fps.

Bipods: AccuTac BR4 G2


Canon XA11 and Rode Video Mic
Eagle-Vision Scope-Cam with a GoPro
DJI Mavic Drone

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  1. luis collado tv より:

    Idol like gun

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  3. Jonathan Dootson より:

    Have you and Gerhard fell out. Don’t seem to do videos together anymore

  4. KevinWood44 より:

    Hey guys, look forward to your video each week. Keep em coming!

    Question: I have a .25 cal M3, and I cant wait to get Frommann’s 800mm barrel tensioner, I was looking to buy the 800mm superior heavy liner but I only see it available in 9mm/.35 cal. Once Frommann’s barrel system is available will all the caliber slug liners also be available?


  5. Mark Gruenberg より:

    Excellent shooting by all. Thanks for sharing.

  6. farhan amrullah より:

    Nice pops

  7. Supreme Renegade より:

    Just curious. When Maggie says “yo” what does that mean?

    Awesome production! Great shooting as usual!

  8. daermon1000 より:

    Great shooting guys and gals, always a pleasure to watch you all

  9. Kiagengselo Sorenglogo より:

    Strike down

  10. michael kline より:

    Love the javelin POP!!!! I use javelin only on all my airguns

  11. Özcan Öz より:

    I would love to hunt with you, greetings from Turkey, I’m looking forward to your new videos…

  12. Jose Fernando より:

    Like quanto custa uma pcp dessa ai

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    Two girls name tell me

  14. Qasim Albalushi Hunter より:

    Goodness’s shots

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    Waow…amazing…god job…

  16. Doug Dishler より:

    Awesome footage man !!!! You are a true pro !!! Thanks for all u do I could just imagine how hard this is but u make it look so easy … you and your wife are a great team !!!

  17. Julian Weeks より:

    Nice shooting from every one. pop goes the pigeon lol.

  18. Haider Khan より:

    i like 2:41

  19. Joel De Zotti より:

    Maestros Saludos desde Mendoza Argentina

  20. Briceida Rojas zapata より:

    Umarex origin porfavor, es facil de conseguie y muy economico y pega fuerte

  21. GunZzz より:

    Hi, what rings are used on rifles?

  22. GotDave? より:

    Great video! I’m glad you & your team had fun! Take care!

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    Làm cách nào để tôi mua dc nó

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    Wow man . very very good

  25. ناصر قنبری より:

    Long reng next video only long reng

  26. facts hunter より:

    Greetings from Nagaland. You guys are awesome awesome. What a fascinating moment with you all. I love that popping sound of your shots lovely, great content. Waiting in anticipation for the next video. Regards

  27. Phuctai Nguyen より:

    Bắn chết có ăn thịt ko

  28. Tony V より:

    Thanks for sharing your adventure. Wow, those Javelin slugs hit hard! Pop goes the pigeons…lol

  29. Sniper Kaibigan より:

    Nice sharp shooter both side sir this is new friend from philipines god bless take care

  30. Mel Morgan より:

    Excellent marksmanship on display.

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    Another great video, excellent shooting by you all, great watch Cheers

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    Fantastic video and shooting