Ranking $110 RARE Mystery Fidget Toys ASMR FX

Let’s unbox fidget toys mystery box by ASMR FX. Sponsor: get 50% off your first month of ANY crate by going to . These Mystery boxes for Fidget activities are from Walmart. Unboxing and Review mystery bags and boxes are fun but not always worth it. Fidget toys range from pop it, fidget cubes, bubbles, clicking, orbeez, CMY Cubes, remote controls, and more. Let’s review ASMR FX bars. Should I try to find more ASMR fidget pods again?
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Hi fellow grains! My name is Jackie and I love crafting geeky diys. I mainly do polymer clay tutorials, but I also do resin crafting, felt diys, and custom diy soap on my channel, but I love experimenting and having fun! Let’s go on this diy crafting journey together ^_^ Remember to hashtag Nerdecrafter on Instagram if you make anything geeky. Also, if you share my videos, you automatically get love and sparkles (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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  1. jenny bartolo より:

    Jackie is psychic

  2. Elysha Jae より:

    9:15 Ah the memories! I had that exact one!

  3. Nirrrina より:

    Hey Jackie, maybe for once you should try contacting the company & ask how you got so many identical ones.
    Just to see if they’ll respond & hopefully make it right.

  4. Eggplant Ninja678 より:

    make a really big keyboard with all the keyboard doubles you got.

  5. Scott Kidd より:

    Nerdecrafter should make her own fijet toys i would buy them

  6. Arianddu より:

    You need to connect the seesaws so you can do multiple finger bouncing on them

  7. Queen squad より:

    I prayed for the fidget toy Guards

  8. iheartvampires11 より:

    Yeah I think I liked the cylinders better


    Omg I love your vateos so much

  10. Sabrina Marie より:

    Oh no!! So many clacky boards

  11. Jacob Aeden Tan より:

    the fact that i watched treacletatts reaction to this channel and have been here for the piercings, surgery thing and always fidget toys

  12. GoldenTail TheCat より:

    I finally got one of the sensory fx bars and it was the domino.

  13. tawess より:

    Sorry…. i asked the fidget gods to wrap it up with a keypad… So sorry…

  14. sarastallet99 より:

    Jackie got an entire keyboard in just fidget toys x’D

  15. Sencilia より:

    You could probably make a full keyboard with those clicky keys lol

  16. Maggie & Matty より:

    Jackie pls stop wasting your money use it on something that you will enjoy

  17. Lord Cy より:

    This is why I hate the idea of fidget stuff as blind bags. I get the appeal but I need a specific kind of fidget and I hate digging through mystery bags just to try and find the one I would want.

  18. JennieOkami より:

    I lost it at the last one. I now have a headache from laughing too hard. Might be a nice Christmas stocking sufferer people, just put a Jackie flair to them

  19. Simply Blueberry より:


  20. Helen Meyer より:

    I used to get those baby sensory type toys from McDonald’s instead of the regular ones because they were so cute and basically like fidget toys

  21. xXDark_RingmasterXx より:

    oh btw the only way to get the exclusive pods is a 2 pack tat only includes those pods

  22. nadaa nahdi より:

    Can you please do a video in Arabic

  23. John yevoli より:

    Stop waisting your cash

  24. teresiux sanchez より:

    You can make a big keyboard whit all for them

  25. SlothGaming58 より:

    She is cursed with keyboard fidgets 13:51

  26. Луна Лавгуд より:

    Oh Jackie …
    Hope it wasn’t too disappointing: “/
    At least … All these little things can be combined into one big keyboard, maybe it’ll be cool to click like that

  27. Joan Gonzalez より:

    Since you have so many of the key can you make a keyboard out of it and pretend like you’re typing

  28. Tia Corn より:

    I have never gotten more than three repeats of the same thing with any blind bag. It’s even worse that it was the one she rated the lowest. Also love the stress face.

  29. tutu8896 より:

    I’m confused. One second you mention that you want a fidget that’s easy to be mindless at a meeting. Then you complained that you want the one with the keys to click. Loud fidgets aren’t good for meetings because they can be super distracting to your coworkers.

  30. melissa Sherman より:



    now you have a whole (or almost whole) crappy keyboard

  32. Harmony Lewis より:

    You could literally make a whole entire keyboard out of all those keyboard bars you got

  33. Cove Blue より:

    I’m willing to bet they only manufacture 5 at a time and if you wait and order from that series again you’ll get the other 5 over and over again

  34. Holly Moffatt より:

    going to have a full key board by the time you are done lol

  35. Ana Hidemi より:


  36. Mrs. PlayerNull より:

    Dude…pretty sure this video is a glitch in the matrix–

  37. Lía Sa より:

    You almost have a whole keyboard ❤️

  38. jesake より:

    im litliy crying for you

  39. jesake より:

    yes i did

  40. Megan Harrell より:

    I *made* one of those activity centers for my youngest daughter when she was born 5 years ago because my sons and I were such fidgeters.

  41. Ambriel Hawthorne より:

    Either you luck is terrible or thoes things are a huge waste of money Jackie

  42. Toast より:

    I almost wonder if they do like a lot of other blind-box manufacturers and only make a set number of each type to create rarity (I say as someone who wound up with an army of Rob Starks, White Walkers, and Nightcrawlers from GoT and Cryptkins blind-boxes).

  43. Toni Cline より:

    Hahahahaha!!!! Sorry but that ending was just so great!!!!

  44. Emily Travieso より:

    With all the keyboard fidgets you have u make a fidget keyboard ⌨️✨

  45. Corellyn より:

    Oh, that hurt.

  46. tilly becket より:

    I loved kiwi co when I was younger

  47. Rose 01 より:

    She can make an entire keyboard now

  48. Anna Ailles より:

    if you get enough of the keys ones you can make your own keyboard

  49. Arabella Horning より:

    You can make a key bord out of all the key bord clavier

  50. Elise of BootercupStudio より:

    I like how in all these videos Jackie is like “but it’s too noisy!!” Then when she get quiet (triple) keyboard ones she like “NO NOISE WHAT?!”

  51. Ghost Bun Bun より:

    You can make the duplicates into a keyboard

  52. Janelle Weed より:

    ok so at least with the keyboard… you can actually USE it as a keyboard when you put them together. Lawl. I mean it could be worse… you could have ended up with 3 mazes ^^;

  53. Janelle Weed より:

    aww poor Jackie! You just need to stop doing Mystery Unboxing xDDD

  54. Anthony Allen より:

    As I watched I was thinking if you got one more key board, you could make a qwerty keyboard.

  55. Luke Fairbanks より:

    Series one is better man

  56. Tiffany Michaels より:

    Putting the sliding tile ones together you could move the orange and green tiles to make an image.

  57. FiveNineOne より:

    All these recent videos make me wonder if buying those mystery boxes in bulk might be the problem as well? Instead of just… curious sellers. Ah gee as entertaining it is you watch make the edits to your disappointment it’s. I am so sorry you have to go through it XD!

  58. Tonka Bear より:

    Way to much plastic.

  59. Bobbi Settje より:

    Wait… “diddly doodling”?

  60. Crise Cj より:

    You drove my adhd crazy

  61. Crise Cj より:

    My favorite thing to fix it with is a keyboard I want the keyboard

  62. Lynn Dragon より:

    Yep you need to mod those to make them more fuuuun

  63. Siv Heidrun より:

    I prayed with you!! I got goosebumps listening to the clicky dials. <3 I can also hear the differences in pitch between them!
    I'll pray with you next time, too!

  64. Ninaki より:

    18:28 oh my gosh, we squeak-toyed the same sound together. I’m dying.

  65. anya wager より:

    After her 6th keyboard there should have been a wah wah wah wahhhh I feel like they wanted to give her a full keyboard

  66. Tatsu Darkbreeze より:

    I preyed to the gods so did my roommates

  67. Kavya Saxena より:

    Let’s go season 1!!!!!

  68. Leah M より:

    “Do the batty bat, the batty bat…one, two, three, one, two, three…ah, ah, ah..” Thank you for fond memories of the Count.

  69. Mercy0nThySoul 47 より:

    All hail Ace of Clay!

  70. •Chocolate• •light• より:


  71. CraftyMaelyss より:

    Jackie: *Getting mad about the fourth clacky keys*
    me: *ConnectThemConnectThemConnectThemConnectThemConnectThemConnectThemConnectThemMakeAGhostDarnKeyboardConnectThemPlsConnectThem*

  72. Rhonda より:

    Sorry Jackie, regarding all the doubles but your hilarious!

  73. First name Last name より:

    It’s sad you didn’t get the See Saw the keyboard or the puzzle

  74. Oᴅᴅ Axᴏʟᴏᴛʟ より:

    I have a question regarding your chicken, will you ever make another video with your chicken being the star?

  75. PridePotato09 より:

    I will take five+ keyboards! It will be like a whole keyboard that doesn’t do anything.