How to trade SMC in FX Markets with a full time job.

In this video i cover in depth ways of how you can trade the HTF H4 and still be massively profitable, all whilst juggling this around working full time, being a parent or just general life stuff. Give me a like and subscribe for Part 2 coming next week 🙂

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  2. Pulasthi Dinusha より:

    Can we use your technique for stock market trading??

  3. Mario Anbar より:

    Yeah 5-9 soon will be out !!!

    Mark my word !

    Let’s Go ❤️

  4. NewBlock Jakova より:

    Hey Albie – is your desk adjustable in hight electronicaly or is it just a simple standing desk?

  5. Hualyson Goes より:

    giving like before watch the video, because i know you gonna smash

  6. Mash Ahmed より:

    Smashed it mate with this video! Showing it’s possible to trade with flow and also with a job to supplement your income!

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    Love it


    Exactly the I needed as a medical student also trading, popped up on feed (guess it’s the universe speaking to me). Thanks so much sire.

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    Brilliant video. Thanks again.

  10. Nicholas Cooper より:

    Another great video. Thanks! Also great to start with as I’m learning SMC.

  11. Louis Stourm より:

    Thank you for your content and honesty! The trading world needs more people like you.

  12. Mark G : The Test Run より:

    It looks so simple when you put it like that. I’m going to be looking back at the H4 charts this afternoon to see if I can make similar sense of it. Looking forward the M15 examples. Thanks a lot man. I’m working 7 til 3 then fetching kids from school so these HTF options sound like just what I need.

  13. Exy The Boy より:

    Been loosing too many trades and this strat looks nice and simple I might switch up to it and take my trades slow and steady

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  15. Realyselly# より:

    I need to Text you in dc

  16. Shubhampreet Singh より:

    One of the simplest smart money concept video. Man, I thought I could never understand it maybe it was because everybody wanted to teach in their paid course not Youtube videos

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    Representing the Spanish-speaking Latino community, thank you very much for sharing your knowledge.


    It provides insight about phantom keep doing brother… Soon i will join phantom❤️

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    Great insight into order blocks, brilliantly explained and delivered. Great video

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    thank you vary much mate very helpfull

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    Thank you for the content Albie!