Pose on Fx Season 3 Episode 7 Series Finale ( Part 1 ) Reaction & Review


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Episode 7: Series Finale ( Part 1 )
When Blanca discovers an HIV clinical trial is denying access to people of color she joins ACT UP in an effort to get Pray Tell the medication.

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  1. Valery_vision より:

    Let me know what you think of Pose Sn3 series finale part 1???? Part 2 will be up tonight!!!!

  2. MsMina TheLeo より:

    I cried the whole episode. Couldn’t wait for your review.

  3. Kyle Pierre より:

    Loved the ep but the ending pissed me off. We could’ve gotten to see his funeral at least. That send off would be nasty and LEGENDARY

  4. Hotsauce48 より:

    This was only part one of the finale part 2 is next Sunday

  5. gregory jean baptiste より:

    When Pray Tell said “Let me have this cigarette it’s not like I’m going to die” I had a ominous feeling then the scenes after that I knew he was going to die but I wasn’t ready

  6. lovely 1 より:

    He’s gonna blame himself for pray’s death. Pray gave him his pills. My heart

  7. Nick Carter より:

    That Diana lip-sync really did it for me, they PERFORMED.

  8. Brittany Smith より:

    I cried the ENTIRE episode(both sad and happy tears)☹️I’m a straight woman of color, but I’ve been a fan of this show since the beginning, and I’m sad that it’s ending. A beautiful ending to an AWESOME show, that I will miss so much.

  9. Bo B より:

    My thoughts when you were happy to see Pray Tell alive and well:
    ” Giiirl, you need to buckle up!”

  10. Bellissimma より:

    I broke down when I realized he was giving him his medication…

  11. IIXXVMCMXC より:

    a big part of Pray Tell’s story from S1 till now was seeing all the men he loved die, so he didn’t want to live and see Ricky die – that’s why he was so upset when getting ready with Blanca.. LOVED this series, hate that they rushed this – so many stories left untold..

  12. Mikey Mclean より:

    She will part 2 be up????

  13. MeenaRuth2093 より:

    Girl. This episode had me in tears, I’m so glad that, I got the chance to experience this show and how they show us what the ballroom scene was about and the people who started it.

  14. ShayEats より:

    Pray didn’t want to loose another lover. So he saved Ricky. Ugh eyes still puffy

  15. Courtney Roquemore より:

    I’ve never cried as hard as I’ve cried watching these last two episodes once again I do feel like this was rushed there were so many places that they could have taken this in over money they’ve shut down something that was eye-opening to the world I just hope that maybe somehow it can get picked up in the future or make a show that is similar the way that they did pray in this episode hurts me too much they gave us hope built us up just to break us down

  16. Ro Ro より:

    I was so confused when Amazon didn’t give me part two but I guess it will air next week.

  17. Agrippa より:

    I knew it this is gonna happen. RyRy played our hearts giving us false hopes and then bammm. And that ending… Hmmmm, idk what the rest thinks about this?

  18. TJK より:


  19. Geo Andrade より:

    i reacted the same way when ricky walked into Pray’s house.. i was like “he’s not going out like that……!!”

  20. gayfancy より:

    Girl when Ricky entered the apartment and said “you didn’t call” I KNEW . MY HEART SANK.

  21. Burningdaylighter より:

    Sooo Part 1 and 2 air back to back? Because Amazon doesn’t have part 2 available. Only part 1. Wtf. I paid for the whole season.

  22. mercyd239 より:

    Wait, THERE IS A PART TWO? My dumbass was angry for no reason then. I watched part one and was ready to throw hands because i thought it was the end.

  23. k jay より:

    I think Ricky was still in love with Prey

  24. Mr. M A J E S T I C XIII . Blackstruggle77 より:

    Praytell did not have to die. He was getting better until he met back up with Ricky and Pray sacrificed his health & life your Ricky’s health.

  25. Marisa Diorr Tv より:

    At first I thought that the cigarette might have been the reason Praytell Died since Christopher and Blanca was mentioning that he shouldn’t have been smoking and then I thought that maybe he committed suicide because he got tired of living with the virus but it turns out that he was just giving Ricky his medicine to help out