11 Banks Validate Same $6T FX SWAPS CONCEPT & XRP introduced by FXCoin, when Flare DeFi Token TOP 10


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To see the most exciting new solar powered electric vehicle that also mines cryptocurrency!! It’s amazing.

Always at the end of the video, I love to share a slice of Japanese culture, lifestyle and trends both old and new. (fluff)

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    XRP is going to skyrocket in the near future im very sure of it! its a great coin with great potential! LETS GO TO THE MOON! i have been saying this on my youtube channel!

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    Hey all, what do I need to do after claiming my spark tokens in the exodus wallet?

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    The flare token drop falls on my daughter’s birthday. Happy birthday to us! Apparently signing up for the flare token twice, is impossible, I tried. Gambatay o kudasai.

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    After settlement with SEC lawsuit xrp going on moon Nobody stop Xrp in future

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    R3 has stolen from us from the beginning and I believe they continue to do so

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    In few years or so people will definitely be kicking themselves in regret for missing the opportunity to buy and invest in cryptocurrency..

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    Since this channel doesnt seem to be filled with bots, I’d like to propose a question. If bitcoin halving drives the 4 year bull/bear markets, would it be worth it to hold crypto through this potential bear market instead of selling? With mass adoption coming at some point, would that halving of bitcoin be drowned out by mass adoption? I’m wanting to wait and hold for my crypto to be worth ALOT, prolly through this next bear run.

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    In few years or so people will definitely be kicking themselves in regret for missing the opportunity to buy and invest in cryptocurrency

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    Hey Ery, love your energy you brings to the space, do I still have the chance to claim some flare tokens if I hold xrp from some 2 months now .
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    I love ur XRP vids however I think u should also do a channel or add to this one of u doing cultural vids I think u do great on Japan and I think u would do great if you did other cultures too. Like festivals and gatherings, anniversaries , even pets in different cultures. Ur VERY GOOD , just think u have the TALENT to expand

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    Never is the worst time to buy!! 🙂

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    Thanks for covering the info coming out of Japan! Western media isn’t as international as people believe

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    Max made a fool of himself. The event was mismanaged, it was a terrible display to new investors and corporations to witness.

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    you are suppose to get into krpyto based on solid use cases and the ability to use in real economy.. once doge coin.. and others became popular based on a name only and fad everyone things they have a use? with no real science or system behind it? why all krypto will crash once Tether crases being fake and scam coin.. half of bitcoin goes down and others..

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    hi Eri,, have been following you since 2 years now. been with you through the ups and downs of Xrp. I have Two questions which i would be greatful to get a reply on.
    1. What provider do you suggest for delegating the spark tokens. I see there are quite a few. Ftso.EU? or ftso.Uk?
    2. ( this one is important ) i , like most people took part in the snapshot but by using Ledger. I really want to delegate my Spark on day one. But, i am in fear that i might not have my spark available just because Ledger does not support a Spark wallet yet. There have been videos just mentioning that ledger holders can connect to Metamask and then transfer the spark tokens to a Dcent or a Bifrost wallet.. BUT,, can you share a detailed instruction video as to how we can do that? I have written to PattyXrp and Mickey too. We look up to you guys for Critical information ( and not financial advice ) ( sometimes yes!! haha ) buy please,, Can you shed some light on this,, Many ledger holders might be confused about the same. This is one of the critical moments in our journey with ripple and we want to not miss the bus when spark is dropped!!! thank you Eri.

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    Learning so much from you. Just want to say thank you. Quite new to cryptos, and I have been really impressed with the XRP community; their helpfulness and attitude. I am just following the good energy. Golden Timeline!