f(x) 에프엑스 ‘4 Walls’ MV

f(x)’s 4th album “4 Wall” and the music video of their lead track “4 Walls” have been released.
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f(x) 에프엑스 ‘4 Walls’ MV ℗ S.M.Entertainment


  1. violets were never blue より:

    f(x) was way ahead of time around. Sm was not willing enough to handle that

  2. GHOST Gaming X より:

    Listening to this song straight 1 year. Day 13

  3. IZ Great_ より:

    시대를 너무 앞서나간 곡 2021년 현재 발매되었으면 더 히트쳤을지도

  4. Holland tom より:

    SM make biggest mistake SM make biggest mistake.. repeat after me

  5. IZ Great_ より:

    우주소녀 – 음(yalla) 의 엄마같은 곡인듯 느낌이 비슷함

  6. 今井カナメ より:
  7. Tingting Qiu より:

    fx‘s song just never get old

  8. SJK Damian より:

    watching and jamming this 2021!!

  9. Juliana Pereira Drechsler より:


  10. Indira より:


  11. muhammad alimi より:


  12. Khánh Linh Hồ Gia より:


  13. Nyai Sooman より:

    Fx miss

  14. Nyai Sooman より:

    This teoriii,

  15. f より:


  16. Maisie Delonan より:

    Use this as *missing f(x) hour* button

  17. 정택우 より:

    수정아 나 너좋아해

  18. Mustika Rizona より:

    My current bias group covering shinee view, i hope some day there is 4th gen group covering this song.

  19. Nguyễn Vũ Thu Trang より:


  20. Trinh Tẻo より:

    Miss u Sulli❤️

  21. DJ HYDEHEART より:

    Really sad what happened with this group. This song still gives me chills.

  22. °●○•Eric Madrid•○●° より:

    Came here because I found it on mtv and realized mtv used it one of their tv background sounds

  23. 이녹용 より:

    엠버언니 잔 떨어뜨릴때 손가락 마디랑 팔목보고 내심장도 같이떨어짐

  24. dayfly dafly より:

    마지막에 컵받아내는건 왜 그런거임?…lol

  25. byunbake より:

    f(x) please come back

  26. Sreenidhi .S より:

    I thought of not commenting but I can’t really wait.
    These ladies were very talented and gorgeous,but why did SM ruin them?
    If F(X),SNSD,2NE1,Wonder Girls were there,they would’ve taken the whole world. I hate SM so much for doing this to F(X).

  27. baebaechu より:

    f(x) were really ahead of their time

  28. Life Goes On Like Waterfall より:

    Love is four walls

  29. GHOST Gaming X より:

    Listening to this song straight 1 year. Day 15

  30. Sillviz_MP より:

    absolutely nobody:
    SM Entertainment: Korean to Korean subtitles

  31. dd d より:

    들어도 들어도 노래가 너무 좋네요..ㅠㅠ fx 문특에 함 나와준다면 참 좋겠어요…

  32. neptunejjong より:

    water is P.O.S

  33. seulgi enjoyer より:

    red velvet next to release this kind of song and leave

  34. your_love serenity より:

    Miss them so much

  35. jj j より:

    คิดถึง f (x) อีค่ายเหี้ย

  36. milky より:


  37. sweet candy より:

    had to come back to this bop

  38. ed Alba より:

    Amber my friend its Ed been a fan since ten years and fx showed out to you!!!

  39. M W より:


  40. GHOST Gaming X より:

    Listening to this song straight 1 year. Day 16

  41. jjj j より:

    помню этот их камбек, будто это было вчера, а уже 5 лет прошло…

  42. 425 daisy より:


  43. 425 daisy より:


  44. SotumesmoPaulo より:

    eu to só os cabelos da Luna, tudo ressecado meu deus. SM por que maltratou tanto minhas bebês?

  45. GHOST Gaming X より:

    Listening to this song straight 1 year. Day 17

  46. yeriohko より:

    amo a f(x) <3

  47. oh. より:

    May 2021???

  48. GHOST Gaming X より:

    Listening to this song straight 1 year. Day 18

  49. 런쥔 xiaoo より:

    esta canción siempre será super pegadiza e iconica, no dejo de escucharla, es que AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, es tan buena joder

  50. KTT Bee より:


  51. より:

    너무 노래 좋다…..진짜 딱 세련됨….ㅠㅠ

  52. Young Young より:

    One of my fav K-POP songs on 2015

  53. Abraham CastroGamboa より:

    2021 here 🙂 !

  54. Twixol twi より:

    I miss you:(

  55. 연진 より:

    살려내 ㅅㅂ..

  56. Doha Exol より:

    The best song

  57. yoshi より:

    quando cheguei no kpop elas já tinham dado disband 🙁 mas eu sou muito fã da discografia delas, o álbum de 4walls é um dos meus favoritos da vida toda e os outros álbuns são obras de arte também. queria que elas ainda estivessem ativas

  58. Cheryl Mingo より:

    이 노래는 결코 낡아지지 않습니다.이 노래는 결코 낡아지지 않으며 나는 그것을 좋아합니다!

  59. GHOST Gaming X より:

    Listening to this song straight 1 year. Day 20

  60. 1- Bayan M. より:

    للأبد تبقى افضل اغنيه فهالسنه

  61. Manz [만스] より:

    masterpiece song.. one of my playlist for having coffee in the morning 🙂

  62. Sy より:

    This is a really refreshing song to listen to

  63. 江佳穎 より:

  64. ambia khatun より:

    The stereotyped acoustic marginally agree because deal steadily borrow next a wild state. melted, harsh magazine

  65. GHOST Gaming X より:

    Listening to this song straight 1 year. Day 21

  66. Cak Redi より:

    One of the most sophisticated tunes in K-Pop..
    Their legacy is now preserved by GWSN.

  67. Carlo Maglalang より:

    I want wjsn the black to cover this song

  68. SHINee♥︎ より:


  69. ᴀʟᴇᴊᴀɴᴅʀᴀ ᴛᴏʀʀᴇs より:

    honestly 4 walls and view are the best SM songs

  70. 신아 より:

    아니 이게 어떻게 5년전노래야 진짜;; 앞으로 몆년이나 더지나야 이노래가 촌스러워질수있는걸가

  71. 신아 より:

    뮤비 진짜 너무 예쁘다ㅠㅜㅜㅜ영상미 오짐ㅠㅜㅜㅜ색감이며 코디며 하나하나가 다 정말ㅠㅜㅜㅜ

  72. yuki asuna より:

    Okay how did I grow an obession for this song for teh 101th time

  73. Ecem cty より:

    This song is a masterpiece, fx deserved better

  74. Hey Flower's! ッ より:


  75. ShiningMeU OneNeoSuper より:

    Dear SM, I want to see them being together again.. Please give f(x) a comeback, next year or after Taemin’s enlistment. I would love to see my favorite groups have a comeback together, I miss their interaction. Please SM, I beg to you.. Give f(x) a comeback with complete members, please.

  76. kloe Petit より:

    One of their best song!

  77. Blanca Leija より:

    Every time I think about BLACKPINK: Love is 4 walls….
    hahaha I Love this song ❤️

  78. Stephen B より:

    Not sure whether this is my favorite f(x) video or not … but so evocative, so dreamlike, so beautiful!

  79. Hana Tui より:


  80. ranz okz より:

    This song is BOP

  81. Yağmur より:

    Keşke fx grubu başka bir şirkette olsaydı…

  82. Mariana Batista より:

    I miss them…

  83. Noir :3 より:

    i just realized the reason why this MV are aesthetic and full because theres no dance scene

  84. Lilya Kim より:

    I really love their all songs miss you f(x)

  85. kloe Petit より: