Pose on Fx Season 3 Episode 8 Series Finale ( Part 2 ) Reaction & Review

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Episode 8: Series Finale ( Part 2 )
When Blanca discovers an HIV clinical trial is denying access to people of color she joins ACT UP in an effort to get Pray Tell the medication..

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What do you guys think of the episode??
What do you guys think of Pose The series ?
Did you learn anything from Pose?
did you like how it ended?

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  1. Kyle Pierre より:

    Sis where you watched this? I haven’t seen it yet

  2. Hiro Matsune より:

    I’m gonna miss this show so much, I love this show and the season finale is a great way to end the show.

  3. Agrippa より:

    Thanks for fabulous reaction, it has been a solid short but glorious 3 seasons. ❤️ the SATC reference and however live for how each Pose girl has lived her life to the fullest. The happy ending we all want.

    Whether there will be one or not, i would love to see a Lulu spinoff soon. A whole new take on how a trans woman, a successful accountant grazes and beating against all odds through fscing challenges of the financial tax world. 🙂

  4. Connor より:


  5. Greg _ より:

    I‘m not from ballroom, but this show was a beautiful glimpse into the ballroom scene! Very important conversations and topics that were addressed in the show aswell✨

  6. Elvis Leon より:

    Love your transparency. Thank you Valery

  7. Mark Anthony Tan より:

    I think they will have a SPIN OFF of DAMON in CHICAGO!

  8. Bo B より:

    I just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed your reviews of this series. As a Straight CIS Male ( hopefully, I said that right), ally, and supporter of LGBT communities, I always want to check in with members of that community for fact-checking regarding content that supposedly represent them. As a POC, I know how the media can twist their fantasy of us, into a false packaging sold as truth to the uneducated.

    My wife got me into this show albeit late ( I checked in right as Candy died). I think because I don’t have a connection to the first season yet, I probably enjoyed this season more than the long-time fans. It was joyful and triumphant against a terrible backdrop of 80s/90s reality. Yeah, at times the fantasy got a lil unrealistic, but as my wife said, “Ryan Murphy, gonna Ryan Murphy at some point” ( see the end of the Hollywood netflix series for example)

    thanks again

  9. Mr Gagged より:

    This was so powerful as a black gay 28 year old man I so proud of this show that . Pose is the embodiment of unity, love, strength perseverance & showing up for yourself & your community.

  10. Kari Lari より:

    The dumping of the ashes broke me the hardest

  11. Sip and Read with Nik より:

    You’re so amazing and absolutely gorgeous inside and out… thank you.❤️

  12. D HEAL より:

    hey question, how did you see part two of the series finale? bc part two isnt on fx app or youtube?

  13. Lulu Gonzalez より:

    I never knew about the ballroom culture until I saw this show. I learned so much and I loved this show. You are absolutely stunning by the way.

  14. Zorua NightHaze より:

    is the interview with mother gia still coming out?