This hurts my brain… || Arturia FX Collection 2


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00:00 – Intro + What’s new?
03:20 – EQ SITRAL-295
08:38 – Comp DIODE-609
13:29 – Bus FORCE
17:42 – Conclusion + Outro


  1. Joe B. より:

    Even when there’s no fake rust, we still get a pretty good fake rust rant. LOL. I love it!

  2. Danny McGuire より:

    the rust bit killed me hahaha!

  3. JB Townsend より:

    Darude is the SHIT.

  4. Paul Daly より:

    All those EQ pushes sounded so soft…
    Very nice

  5. Ruaridh Connor より:

    Melda Autoalign is the shit.

  6. C. Law より:

    Gonna be honest.. I would never actually use any of these.

  7. Omaticdream より:

    I’m excited to try these, especially the bus force one

  8. Darko Kutchutozov より:

    Vitse: I don’t like hardware emulations!
    Elysia: Are you sure?

    It’s not just you at all, the “switch” issue makes me a little crazy too. It was plugin alliance tho, who’s stuff is programmed by different teams on different companies products so it’s more forgivable the inconsistencies I think. That said ,,, how does anyone building a UI forget about the user experience? Literally 1 job guys! Probably not their call tho once the lead designers decide on the aesthetic. I’m sure you could programme the switches to respond to a click or a drag without going over budget lmao. A lot of rotaries respond to horizontal or vertical input as well as rotary, eh hem “fab filter” under his breath … ah well, not for me but great review as ever. Keep it up!

  9. Alix Gosse より:

    Damn the Gui is really bad.. At this point it’s a bummer (and i’m usually tolerant). It’s 15 years late… Sad cause it sounds actually good. Am i the only one who think constructor should give an option to switch a minimal or almost no-gui version/skin. This would preserve full graphical screwshit for marketing needs, and also please people who target efficiency

  10. CHIBIX ULTRA より:

    I’m 100% in agreement that skeuomorphism needs to take a hike. With these more esoteric offerings, it’s not a benefit. If you were to list all the things that make the 33609 great, the layout of the front panel ain’t one of em’.

  11. Alan's Musical Freak Show より:

    That EQ look like it’s based on the T-Racks Classic EQ

  12. Pidde Bas より:

    That EQ and Parallel Processor would be useful for sound design, wouldn’t use it for mixing though

  13. Studio 2 A.M. より:

    It should rust the longer you have it installed!!

  14. Stevan J. Diaz より:

    I’d like to see a MTurboComp and MTurboEQ review. I got them both for free on Plugin Boutique and ADSR respectively, and I wanna know if they’re any good at “emulating” analog gear (I don’t have gear so I can’t make the comparison myself).

    Great video, as always 🙂

  15. F.J. LAMELA より:

    I do not know if it is because the company pays him for advertising, but he who is so critical of plugins (which is very good) has not mentioned absolutely anything about the amount of aliasing that these plugins produce, which in my opinion makes them unusable , at least in 44,100 and 48khz

  16. Thales Del Comune より:

    This first version of Darude could fit any Nintendo game

  17. Jon Doe より:

    I love mstereospread. It sounds crazy but it sound so good on bass when you just spread the overtones a little bit.

  18. djGreenALERT より:

    Today’s Darude Sanstorm Track sounds like a cross between Al Jarraeu’s Boogie Down and Mezzoforte’s Garden Party. WHICH I rather enjoyed. Nice Arturia FX too of course.

  19. Michael Wirth より:

    A nearly perfect test of this plugin, well done!

  20. cody lane より:

    why are you so annoying jeeeesus

  21. Tobi Mang より:

    i would love to see a review of logics vintage eq collection

  22. Christopher Payne より:

    Great video and THANK YOU for using something MUSICAL and not just someone yelling / screaming with distorted electric guitar (Which I’ve seen on a lot of other videos from other people LOL).

  23. Lee AudioAddictz より:

    i have often wondered why plugin publishers dont offer different skins …so 1 straight to the point and the other more fancy…….ohmboyz used to do it

  24. A Maeland より:

    You were in a good mood today! Fun to watch.

  25. Bryce Leere より:

    I, as a qualified professional YouTube therapist have conducted a personality test on you. I’m sad to inform you that you have Wytse-itus.

  26. AaronDuckFish より:

    This review is snake oil.

  27. Miro Svetinsky より:

    It bothers me that these units are shown sitting on a wood table, and not mounted in a rack. That’s so not-pro. I build all my own furniture, I would NOT use these units unmounted, and risk scratching my desktops. Plus that extra border space around the unit is just wasted space. Screen space is precious! These may seem like frivolous comments, but they just undermine my confidence in this plugin in package. I’m an Arturia Keylab owner, I love their synth models, and I do like skeuomorphic interfaces.

  28. Patrick Pleau より:

    we get it. you never know how to pronounce the name of a plugin.. you are fun to watch because you are so dumb. you also could have linked the controls 🙂

  29. mimikoss より:

    i love MSpectralDynamics and MautodynamicEQ more than FabFilter Pro-Q 3

  30. jonzzo より:

    You need to get some sleep… then you might be able to stop talking like an idiot about rust and scratches. Get a life.

  31. cktable より:

    Curious to see what you think about UVI shade I know people that swear by it and ditched fab filter

  32. Overkill より:

    Melda AB?

  33. klurman より:

    Sandstorm is such a killer track…. 😉

  34. Expressway Records より:

    It’s always evident when you make your videos after your 3rd cup of coffee.

  35. Curtis Burns より:

    I would have liked to see more than 20 seconds of the 609.

  36. Dan M より:

    AAPD – analog addiction personality disorder. Arturias softsynths are very hit and miss, especially the analog modelled ones when you compare their filters to new companies like soft tube and cherry audio. The last bus one looked like a great alternative to plugins like ssl consoles. It would be cool if you could review new softube fx

  37. Mikhail Kapralov より:

    Arturia makes NEW equipment, there is no rust on it by far.

  38. J 50 より:

    Sorry gonna have to be a hard pass after seeing the scratches on the wooden table

  39. goldenanalog より:

    I believe that his negative remarks about skeuomorphism are really about ‘speed of use’ issues – let say as an example that you have an eq curve on screen that you can just grab and adjust with a mouse: that happens significantly faster then adjusting it by turning virtual eq-related knobs underneath it. Having the ability to use either/or to adjust a curve would probably be the ideal – but the fastest way by a longshot is to use a mouse. The other thing to say about skeuomorphism is that it may be as much for the dev’s sake as for the end-user: Arturia has only very recently added FX plugs to their catalog – my guess is that they probably had the hardware literally running side-by-side with the software and were adjusting their algos directly comparing – call it inspiration.

  40. UNC より:

    Big up to Arturia, a well established company, for letting a potentially harsh critic review their stuff. That makes them serious developers in my book.

  41. Jah He より:

    I agree that these company’s should really change their interface’s. Like we get it, it’s a analog based vst but it doesn’t make sense to have 20 knobs to control a EQ if u can draw it much faster. At that point ur just making it harder for the consumer vs looks, which is stupid. But yeah it still seems like a trend at all these Analog vst company’s sadly.

  42. Ocular Records より:

    This is going to sound crazy but I never knew Neumann Made any vintage EQs or hardware period until I started watching this channel. I fell into a rabbit hole and I now know that sound anywhere. The Antelope Nuemann EQs are truly great for mid range, but That SITRAL-295 is seriously vintage.

  43. Leo Soundtrack より:

    Those were some funky renditions of Sandstorm!

    Also, “I think we can all agree…” and variations thereof, are invariably contentious statements on the internet. Though, I do tend to agree, with regards to old fashioned console emulation designs. They may be familiar, but are rarely the most intuitive in practice.

  44. Anthony Metcalf より:

    Isn’t FabFilter transparent?

  45. Mixed by B.A.R より:

    Do the shootouts please

  46. Jon Muro より:

    “If you’re really simulating it, I wanna put my hand on the screen and feel the heat coming out of it”

    Don’t be a Wyse ass lol

  47. Rob Greenland より:

    we’re only one step away from adding the “tic-tic” from the VUs slamming their peaks! it would really add a “Studio” sound to the mixes….

  48. MJ Klein より:

    3:35 to 5:00 OCD rant. Nobody cares man.

  49. wazzpqazzza より:

    You know when I first watched this guys videos I thought he being legit with talking about screwing in plugins and Sandstorm and for about 5 videos I was really confused.

  50. samprock より:

    2nd attempt of Arturia to grab my money on FX, but I’m broke. After buying FabFilter Total bundle I spent what’s left of my ducats on PolyBrute 🙂

  51. Wesley Leigh より:

    Haven’t tried the new ones, but I STAN Arturias compressors. I also think analog can’t be recreated perfectly in the box, but I think they’ve gone the extra mile with these, if their cpu usage is anything to go by. I’ve tried about 7 diff 1176 comps and the arturia one is by far my favourite, like it’s literally no contest

  52. Stresser Beats より:

    To be honest, I honestly love this type of Interfaces. I think of them as some sort of artwork which is just lovely to look at and makes working with the Plugin much more enjoyable. So for me personally, I rather invest 20min using a Plugin I enjoy than 15min with a Plugin which disgusts me visually. However, the way these Plugins are made nowerdays provides a lot more pronblems then the idea itself i think.

    I can totally see that these kind of Interfaces sometimes limit productivity due to a lack of simplicity, but I think good looks and practicability could be combined if some companies made the effort to enhance the controls and adapt them to the limitations of the input devices (Mouse and Keyboard). For example (and I know you hate the company, but they have a point here) the Acustica Audio Plugins feature internal Gainstaging within their input knob so you don`t have to worry about gain compensation while driving the preamp. Also, with some companies, the 3D modelling of their interfaces is simply not good enough (especially for the money) . For example all Wave Plugins look like Blender Animations from 2002 that make your Eyes bleed.

    To make a conclusion, I love vintage looking Plugins, but vintage modelling shouldn`t be an excuse to neglect modern technological standards (e.g. resolution) or requirements (e.g. usability).

    Ps: Nice Video again 😀

  53. DavidFromOuterSpace より:

    pro tip: always keep at least 30 pixels between your open plug ins to prevent them from taking heat damage. also, to prevent them from catching rust its important to keep the dry/wet knob all the way to “dry” at any given time.

  54. Random Noise より:

    You are so correct with what you are saying about the toggles. It actually has a name in design: its called Affordance. When a thing suggest how it should be used by design based on our mental models of it

  55. Chris Revel より:

    As usual : the skills are poor but the comedy is solid

  56. Random Noise より:

    Are these mainly for mastering purposes? Would you use them on individual tracks as well?

  57. Simon Barth より:

    Ever since i bought the arturia plate im curious about this company. Because its plain better than any orher plate reverb plugin i ever heard.

  58. Mark Davis より:

    You ENTIRELY missed the fact that Bus Force is a parallel processor! Less ranting, more substance please!

  59. revup67 より:

    Rust Never Sleeps.

  60. mechuniversal より:

    Anyone know what track is being used during Comp Diode and Bus Force?

  61. Mongoosh より:

    er zaten twee verslavende samen in de goot de een was half levend de andere half dood toen kwam er een agent aan die vroeg hee wat moet dat hier, toen riepen ze we wachten op een busje dat komt over een half uur

  62. Issue より:

    dude, you talk alot of things that you do not know and dont undestand (like UX & ect.) Your comments are incompetent and annoying. real dumb. You talk about industry, but you have no competence in that. 😀 😀
    In this video you mislead those who watch. Grose !

  63. kelvynification より:

    This need for speed, client is waiting thing can be a pain and sometimes counter productive. Deadlines are of course walls that are difficult to get out of but most times with a little diplomacy it’s possible. The whole skeuomorphic thing is very much a question of taste – maybe I’m just a Luddite – but it appeals to me. And if you really know your software then it shouldn’t slow you down If there’s a need for speed.
    Once again great review. Thanks.

  64. Sherlock Homeboy より:

    The time u take to complain about the rust could’ve been used in a better efficient way

  65. Jay Lane より:

    Oily or not?

  66. donald duck より:


  67. Riyaz Sonday より:

    You are so on it, only saw the advert this morning and screenshotted to remember to check it out.

  68. W D K より:

    Dude, there’s a L/R parameter link switch in these plugins. Lame review.

  69. Owen Denchy より:

    It’s the fucking loop master.

  70. umanoid より:

    I picked up the first bundle last year during a sale. Ive barely used it. I have way too many vsts. Because i own a lot of their software I have a great upgrade price. Not sure i want to upgrade to something I’m barely using but ill demo it and maybe. I LOVE the Arturia sound but their plugins are always way too CPU heavy so while i like the sound they aren’t plugins i will actually use because of the CPU hit.

  71. Owen Denchy より:

    Fabfilter, he only likes them because they’re Dutch.

  72. k3ff E D より:

    haha weird I uninstalled the fx collection yesterday

  73. Paulo A. Rod より:

    I am sincerely losing my patience for this guy and his rants about GUI… I understand it’s his channel and his opinion but mentioning it once or twice would suffice and he’s been bangin’ on the same nail for a few videos now. I think I’m not alone when saying we all come here to listen to reviews of the plugins, not to hear about his opinion on why they choose to add scratches or rust to a plugin that it’s supposed to emulate vintage pieces of hardware that (you guessed), most will have rust and scratches! The bottom line is that doesn’t matter at all. If I wanted to watch shallow critiques on how something looks like instead of the content beyond the looks, I’d watch Miss World contest instead!

  74. Raviv Pinhas より:

    I know which melda lol

  75. BrainDead より:

    Stick to reviewing plugins, quit the jokes, you ain’t funny dude

  76. Yishay Raziel より:

    Love your videos. PLS stop saying “No Idea” as “No ID”

  77. Dimitris Gakis より:

    most if not everyone loves realistic GUI besides you, so jokes about it are not that funny

  78. Amusiastudio より:

    god you complain about the most pointless stuff.

  79. Kevin Collins より:

    Whoa who said you have a personality disorder? You just give your own insight on new plugins and are brutally honest about it. Nothing wrong with that at all, even if I disagree sometimes (big uad fan here lol). Keep at it man appreciate your content!

  80. shabnamekhoshhal より:

    As I can tell from seeing a lot of famous sound engineers work I saw a lot of them switched entirely to digital and a good reason for them is Fab Filter EQ and Limiter apart from that and maybe the inflator and decapitator there are not much plugins which all of them use and they use most ridiculously designed plugins… what is fascinating about them is how they use plugins … a lot of thimes I saw them use one plugin for one knob they like and get thee desired result from combining.

  81. jeremy starseed より:

    I love the Siemens 295B pair. Inductor EQ’s. I have to brush the pixels off them, together with the dust, but its worth it. I thought of flush-mounting them into the screen, so I don’t have to turn my head to use them, since they end up on every mix. Thanks for making me smile, brother 😀

  82. The Parkerilla より:

    Strangely I don’t dislike it that my DAW’s have analogue style faders, sliders and knobs instead of a simple ‘mouse-drag’ or a data entry field …
    Mind you I don’t go for pre-faded denim nor ‘pre-stressed’ guitar staining as I’m happy to put the legwork into getting that look naturally …
    (I honestly never pay attention to plug-in designers’ analogue skeuomorphic ‘whimsy’ while I’m working in-situ with them … )

  83. Guido Scharmer-Choi より:

    How does Sandstorm sounds like a different song each time ?

  84. Guido Scharmer-Choi より:

    The EQ 295 sounds amazing

  85. Guido Scharmer-Choi より:

    The 609 looks like garbage

  86. Diego García より:

    Could you please review the Focusrite Fast Bundle? Thanks!

  87. oj vic より:

    This dude is pure trash

  88. Darko Gavrilovic より:

    Keep up the the great work. Don’t listen to the haters.

  89. Music より:

    Arturia are overhyped. They spend way too much time on trying to emulate the physical appearance of the original hardware that their plugins attempt to emulate and not nearly enough time on streamlining and optimising the loading times and the DRM (Arturia Software Center) of their plugins. As a result, Arturia V Collection 8 and Pigments 3 take far longer to load than any of my other purchased plugins from dozens of other developers, such as those from U-He, Kilohearts, Fabfilter, Synapse Audio, KV331 Audio, Lennar Digital, Vital Audio, Voxengo, Valhalla, Cableguys, etc. … Arturia’s plugins load ‘snail-like’ in comparison. I’ll never purchase another software product from them again.

  90. Mythic Pie より:

    The music makes me yearn for Big Bird and the gang

  91. Jorn Lavoll より:

    It’s French, so you don’t pronounce any of the letters. Just say “uh”, and it’s proper French.

  92. Raees Rahim より:

    Considering that most plugins are made for creatives , and aesthetics are a part of that creative process in most cases. You waste quite alot of time on every video complaining about ‘rust’ and ‘screws’.
    Additionally, you immediately recognized what device it was emulating by looking at the interface. Sometimes a year after purchasing a plugin you forget what it was, what it emulated etc. and just looking at the interface you’re reminded of what it should sound like.

    Guess what, most of us don’t have access to the real physical devices, and only ever see them on our computer screen. It’s nice to be able to associate the sound with the look of a device, the same way someone with physical access to those devices would associate it. Especially when there are quirks you wouldn’t encounter in software (such as the toothpick trick for some devices), I see this as a benefit because it helps to pique the interest, prompting further research and learning for those using software with no access to the hardware.

    I get it, you like FabFilter’s interface. But there are different styles and needs.
    I myself prefer FabFilter during mixing, but Arturia and other creative tools during sound design and songwriting.