Can a pedal work either direct to PA or a recording interface, or into a power amp (or amp FX return) and a cab? Pete shows you how to get great tones this way, using three Origin FX pedals…

Revival Trem:
Revival Drive:
RD Compact HOT ROD:

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  1. Rc Dad / Sultans of Wing より:

    I’d love to see a comparison between the Hot Rod and the Friedman Small box <3

  2. Rikkousa より:

    Pete puts so much of his talent into his demos. The quality of his presentation starting with his creation of original parts , in effect writing music specifically for the demo is beyond cool. It’s really amazing and I hope that those makers realize how special Pete is (and reward him by doubling what you are paying him:) I ready own Origen Effects Revival Drive and thei Original Cali 76 compressor…nothing compares to these units….especially the compressor

  3. Duncan Cartledge より:

    There’s so many options for good tone these days. Great demo and lots of ideas to steal as usual , Thanks Pete.
    Been doing similar with my Power Station and Strymon Iridium, best sounds I’ve had from it.
    Another really great piece of gear for this is the Two Notes Cab M, especially since the Cab M+ update.

  4. Paul Cowart より:

    Very cool Pete….I’m kinda redoing my set up Started out by getting the Strymon Deco that is stereo of course so there’s that and I’m hoping that w a Leslie pedal I can cover my Vibe tones I’m trying to stream line a bit Hoping to cover as much as possible with the Deco Have you ever tried getting vibe in that way ?? It’s not (vibe) something I use that much so was wondering Thanks man

  5. Arthur Gonzales より:

    How are you simulating “room mics” in that type of setup?

  6. Paul Cowart より:

    I know Hendrix would run a Uni-vibe and Leslie for that hard hitting wobble Trying to get as much with as little I can get away with LoL Getting older so less(hauling)is more Thanks man your the best U-Tuber out there man along w Me Tubbs

  7. Aquila Rossa より:

    There is a Finnsh guy Euge who plays Sykes and Zakk styles well and explains gear and playing stuff on his channel. He mentioned another good use for preamp pedals. He uses them to get his JCM 800 tone from any hired backline amps he relies on. What was interesting to me is say it is a Marshall 1987x. I thought running a Marshall in a box in to a Marshall amp would be doubling up on the preamp curves. He runs it into the normal channel and it really works for amps that have a flatter channel, rather than using the FX return etc. He set a BE-OD up for a 2203 crunch, boosted it with a SD-1 and ran it into a bunch of amps’ normal channel. Sounded very much like his 2203s boosted by a SD-1.

    But how could a solid state amp in a box possibly sound good huh? Secretly lots of Gen X tube purists might have nostalgia for their Peavey Bandit back in the 1990s and thought they could sound good. Too embarrassed to say they liked Transtube 😀

    My Plexi replica has soft filtering. It ghosts. I am thinking of going 50+50 though. Tight like Tuco said.

    P.S. The only thing I noticed about all tube amps versus solid state pedals or modelling is the amps tend to be more honest. They hide nothing. I suspect it is more to do with the extreme high voltages and headroom than the tubes though. Kind of like how running a pedal at 18v can have more clarity if the pedal has that option. Some folks say similar about the old school pedals that plug into mains power and have a transformer in them. I do not have any, so for now it’s just internet chatter. Might be true.
    My Belle Epoch Deluxe has a voltage pump in it, to raise the current from 9v to 21v I think. It sounds like an Ep-3 to me, although most of my delay is done in DAW and the BED is just for giving me a certain kind of sound if I want that old school echo before the amp thing, plus what they do to the EQ and levels of your tone. Dazed And Confused etc.

  8. garaf より:

    Thank you! You’ve answered a lot of my current questions and doubts with this video. Great job as allways

  9. 777dani E.p より: