Air gun hunting with the Fx Crown is perfect for dassie and dove pest control. My Saber Tactical chassis on the Fx Crown is been used in a real life field test to see how well it works. Fx airguns and Saber Tactical has really been bringing the best air guns (Fx Impact) and accessories to the air gun nation. Myself and a close friend set out for a few days into the mountains to help out a farmer with dassie and dove pests. Pest control is one of my favorite activities to do along side my professional hunting career. In this air gun hunting episode we put the Fx Crown in a Saber Tactical chassis to work and pulled of some hard hitting shots on pest birds and dassie. I use HN slugs for the first time as well in this gun setup to see what they do. My scope camera system from sideshot scope camera is always running and manage to record all the action through my Element Nexus scope.
If you love hunting and if you love air guns like the Fx Crown ,then this video will really satisfy your adventure needs. Never before footage seen in this video.

Gun setup for this hunt:
22 caliber Fx Crown MK2 600mm barrel
Superior Heavy slugliner
HN Slugs 25gn (217) velocity of 955fps avr.
Element Nexus EHR 1C MOA scope
Side Shot Camera system with Go Pro Hero6
Accu Tac Bipod

Special thanks to Saber Tactical and Side Shot for making this possible and special thanks to my friend Kevin De Tiot for his hard work along side me in this video.

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  1. Desmond Nkuna より:

    1st to comment, excited

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    Why every time, with FX FX, Mr Gerhard, please make one video with breakbarrel airgun.177 calibre.. i wanna see your accuracy.. from India

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    yessss …. the FX Crown … my dream rifle …. thanks Mr. Gerhard

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    Fx crown awesome

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    Gerhard that Crown looks and shoots amazing. Great hunt thanks for sharing.

  9. Rick O'Shea より:

    Gerhard, why use anything but Patriot slugs?

  10. Rick O'Shea より:

    Spectacular scenery!

  11. Rick O'Shea より:

    Those Dassies seems small. Is that a sub-species? Or are they young and ignorant?

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  13. GotDave? より:

    Man, that shot at 6:25 really shows the power! Popped his eyeballs out of his head! Great shooting!

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    Beautiful area , Some awesome shots Mr. Gerhard another great video keep’em in your crosshairs +

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    Wow. Some great shooting by you two and those H&N slugs seems to be doing a very good job. That slow mo of the slug expanding @4:10 is just crazy and that Saber Tactical chassis and FX is just n match made in heaven.

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    Why are you using the H&N slugs and not the Patriot ones? Do the H&N suit the FX Crown?

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  31. Richard Ward より:

    I really enjoyed the video and yes, the shot at 6:25 was unforgettable. I’m sure that the farm workers enjoyed the dove breasts and the dassie meat. Can’t speak on dassie meat but I know about dove breasts. Thank you for sharing and cheers from Texas.