f(x) 에프엑스 ‘Hot Summer’ MV

f(x)’s 1st Album Repackage “Hot Summer” has been released.
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f(x) 에프엑스 ‘Hot Summer’ MV ℗ S.M.Entertainment


  1. Multaypan より:

    When I heard this song, I stanned them agad <3 my first gg

  2. xcb64x CB より:

    #Rip ❤️

  3. Moon Sailor より:

    _ah o zamanlar Sulli yaşıyordu_

  4. Kakai Pegi より:

    2021 ✨

  5. 미래Mile より:


  6. Alex Byun より:

    I miss you sulli 🙁

  7. Sri Widiani より:

    Back when girl group members are easily recognized and distinctive between each other

  8. Keith より:

    This song just doesn’t age

  9. Liza Diaz より:

    I don’t know how old is Sulli in this song?

  10. Vio より:


  11. Peter Griffin より:

    im new to kpop music and im still digging up in this genre so far i like the old kpop music than the new one. this one is probably be one of my fave.
    the girl in the green dress is so cute. who is she?

  12. Yaya より:

    i was thinking about the song then i read sulli passed 🙁 rest in peace

  13. Alfa Two より:

    Esta canción fue tremenda cuando salió y aún es fenomenal hoy.

  14. v. akhila rajesh より:


  15. 순은지 より:

    아니그니까 어저께 바다의날 보냈잖아요

  16. Warrior より:

    I’m sorry, but out of all girl group including current ones, f(x) will always be the most unique, coolest and ICONIC!

  17. cubelatte2 より:

    길걷다 너무 더우면 이노래 자동재생되는데ㅋㅋㅋ

  18. pippen より:

    One of the member look like a boy but she is a girl

  19. Red Velvet ot5 comeback in August 2021 より:


  20. 분노하는 땅땅이 より:

    뒤에 있는 탱크는 무슨 아포칼립스 탱크냐고ㅋㅋㅋ

  21. Jefer Pacheco Antonio より:

    Amber está muy adelantada a su época

  22. Callahan より:

    Not bad, but Monrose is still better.

  23. Zeba Tahsin より:

    Sulli noona
    Missing you

  24. rie montefalco より:

    This song are the reason why I love F(x)

  25. Joyousmicor [ΑΓΑΙΝ ΦAΚES] より:

    Кто от Гуфовского? (суп хавал)

  26. nugria ramadhina より:

    Now 2021. And i missed them so muchhhhh

  27. Aron Man より:

    the legend of pink tank

  28. giana lein より:

    i didn’t this is f(x) song.

  29. Siti Khadijah より:

    Miss f(x)

  30. razan より:


  31. gaxhaXxkash81 Lilm より:


  32. 허허재영 より:

    옛날?노래 돌고 있는데, 갑자기 가슴이 아프네..

  33. 훈훈한 감자 より:

    bruh.. this was literally shot in front of my house

  34. anthony diaz より:

    Let’s be honest, we are not tired watching this.

  35. IN DOWNS より:

    여름입니다. 빨리 이뮤비를 들으십쇼.

  36. RobynSNHA lobi より:

    No you are crying

  37. ⸝⸝Anderson ᵎ ᕁ៹ より:


  38. Daisy Daisy より:

    Iconic Summer Song

  39. Maca Silva より:

    forever f(x)

  40. sehun _silluet より:

    I’m here again…

  41. 대왕지네 より:

    귀신이 된 설리는 지금쯤 뭐하고 있을까 ?

  42. Jessica Zhang より:

    It’s summer now!

  43. STCage より:

    It’s a summer must to aggressively play this song at the mildest sign of any heat

  44. leigh chenle より:

    i still remember how obsessed i was with this song

  45. 잘난나 より:

    여름 되니까 생각나서 들어와 봄 ㅋ

  46. Esra Avc より:

    Sulli sulliiiiiiiiiiii<3333

  47. Dhenmar Boniol より:

    2:50 yeah it must be burning like here in the Philippines

  48. ren より:

    من التيك

  49. b b より:

    i miss you sulli :((

  50. Troudi Nour より:

    This song never gets old

  51. Bo Gyi より:

    I never forget that I stan a legendary K-Pop Girl Group F(X)

  52. MANTRI OPPA より:

    SM should make song like this again

  53. Nazmah Nauly より:

    100M Kajja

  54. М К より:

    It’s summer and I’m here again

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  56. black pearl studs より:

    Can you believe almost the 10th anniversary?! I wore this song out back then and I still love it now.

  57. 서경훈 より:

    첼시 캐릭터 트위터 계정 트위터

  58. Red Velvet ot5 comeback in August 2021 より:


  59. Rochelle Arinque より:

    it’s 2021 and I can still remember the lyrics! hahaha 2nd generation idols are the best!!

  60. rvxsmeryth. より:

    *2021, June 10.*

  61. Angelina SONE より:

    It’s Summer Time!

  62. 메노스그랑유 より:

    슬슬 더워지니깐 함 들어줘야징 ㅎ

  63. ᄒᄒ より:

    지금 봐도 뮤비 너무 세련되고 현재도 여름되면 즐겨 듣는 노래 입니다 2011년 엄청 덥기도 하였죠

  64. mo より:

    still a summer anthem

  65. Red Velvet ot5 comeback in August 2021 より:


  66. LoveandParty より:

    that was very entertaining…

  67. Mademoiselle より:

    I still cant believe SM let go of these beautiful and talented ladies. SMH

  68. BOW より:

    i’ll show this legendary song for my child.

  69. Rachel より:

    fx 만의 유니크함이 좋았는데.. 이제는 이 다섯명이 다시 뭉칠 수 없어서 그런가 더 그립네

  70. 박완석 より:

    최자 못된놈!

  71. Rioshy chan より:

    Meu Deus, faz quase 10 anos que essa música saiu.

  72. 하지마추적 より:


  73. Femcel より:

    Happy 9 years

  74. Femcel より:

    Since its summer you best believe ill be playing this

  75. Femcel より:

    Sullied outfit here is iconic

  76. より:

    왔다 .. 핫 써머의 계절이 …. … ☀️☀️

  77. siwathorn sangphet より:


  78. Indah Senthia より:

    Kangen sulli