[URDU] Live Trading Session 2.25 With Mr. Wali Fx | FBS Forex Education

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Forex Live Trading & Learning Room
opening Time: GMT+5 4:00PM in London Session
Closing Time 6:00pm in New York Session Daily Monday to Friday
Speaker / Trainer Mr.Wali Fx
Professional Forex Trader and trainer (Since 2008)
Expert Analyst Technical, Fundamental, Sentiment

1. Expert Pivot point trading Strategy
2. Expert Rsi reading & Divergence trading Strategy
3. Expert Trend Lines Trading Strategy
4. Expert Historical support & Resistance trading (S.&.D) Strategy
5. Expert 12 candlestick Pattern trading Strategy
6. Expert M.A cross over – P.A – E.V and few More strategies etc…
7. Expert Market Technical Structure

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Risk Disclaimer:
This program is for educational purposes only
This program is not a signal service. Nor is it investment advice. There is more risk in trading and you can lose more than your investment. The information provided on this platform is for educational purposes only, but remember that it is not a licensed trainer. It only shares what it has learned, understood, and gained experience in the trading industry over the years. The method described herein does not guarantee any results and the Author can not be held responsible for any losses or damages in any account. Therefore, whatever is taught and taught here should be practiced only on a trial-demo account.


  1. Atif Raza より:

    Allaha hafiz sir

  2. Amir Mehboob より:

    Sir mashallah great learning sir my name is Amir Mehboob Sir main apna I’d name maheroo gaming se amir mehboob rakh raha hon

  3. Qayyum Malik より:

    Thank you sir aaj ki major learning jab koi pair 3 lows ko break karta ha 1 by 1 tu phir 1st low ki correction k lie jana hota ha market structure k mutabiq. Jazak Allah

  4. Sajjad Akbar より:

    Thanks, Sir, Today we have learned that no matter what happens, we should wait for our level.

  5. Chakwal Book より:

    I learn today
    1 When market break three lows one by one it must come back to its 1st low.
    2 work on low time frame for scalping as like 1m 5m and earn 8 to 10 pips

  6. Aslam より:

    Market structure tip
    . 3 level coninouly break karny kay bad 1st level ke correction lazmi kerti ha mkt. Mean if market brek 3 level but not correct it than after 3 market 1st level ke correction lazmi kerti ha jo hum ko bata ha momentum kay bary main market kis side move kery ge.

  7. Arooj Fatima より:

    Scalping or levels break pe achi learning hue smjhny ka andaz bohat he sada or behtreen tha.

  8. Shoaib Uzair より:

    Today we learn the importance of level and a little trade setups of scalping

  9. Nouman Baig より:

    Today no trade on our setup but we learn about gold scalping and many things….

  10. Aflatoon より:

    Wednesday, November 24, 2021; Episode No. 225. Masha Allah another attractive session with practical on practice account only. Today Sir best student Mohammad Sheharyar could not join the session due to some work and he was missed a lot because his work needs extreme focus, ability and quick response and he is Masha Allah the best at his work, may Allah Almighty always protect him. 01= Power of experience (42:48). 02= What is very strong trend explained on Eur / Usd, E/U may not be bought but it might be bought from 1.11674 (08:35). 03= Eur / Usd correction levels were identified and market technical structure rule (must watch= 13:51&28:21). 04= Gold possible 200 pips setup was mentioned (18:10). 05= Usd / Cad and Oil levels (24:46). 06= Us Index (DXY) was discussed (32:40). 07= Unpredictable market and how to deal with it story (39:03). 08= Account types (49:15). 09= Gbp / Usd trend line/channel analysis on H 4 time frame and its conditional direction (55:14). 10= Reversal trading / test, retest (58:58). 11= Gold’s possible live move idea was taken again by Sir from students as a learning purpose only (59:21). 12= Gold M 1 time frame scalping set up with 10 pip stop loss (01:24:42). 13= Scalping entry and scalper, what is scalping and stop loss in scalping on gold (01:33:17). 14= Fibo levels (02:19:42 & 02:45:09). 15= Importance of patience in this business (02:45:50). 16= Previous session double time confirmation trade was discussed (02:51:12). Many other points can be mentioned. To sum up, Experience has no alternative.

  11. rao jamil より:

    اسلام وعلیکم سر جی آج سیکھا/اسکیلپنگ سیٹ اپ/کاروبار میں صبر کی اہمیت/یسٹ اور دوبارہ ٹیسٹ/ریورسل ٹریڈنگ کا ذکر کیاگیا.شکریہ جناب

  12. shaik fairoz より:

    sir aaj scalping ke bareme acchi sikh mili aur fibnachi levels super sir

  13. Ziddi Mughal より:

    Good session

  14. Eurasia Fms より:

    sir today we learn about scalping in 1min timeframe and also how to identify momentum higher low and lower low