f(x) 에프엑스 ‘NU 예삐오 (NU ABO)’ MV

f(x)’s 1st mini album “NU ABO” has been released.
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f(x) 에프엑스 ‘NU 예삐오 (NU ABO)’ MV ℗ S.M.Entertainment


  1. not satan より:

    F(x), SNSD and irene seulgi are the things why i liked SM

  2. 서경훈 より:

    김문수 내가

  3. yuri igor より:

    putz ainda se mantém icônico

  4. Li Ying Cheah より:


  5. Herkesi Mutlu Edemezsin Çünkü Exo Değilsin より:

    Hala ikonik

  6. chickenwinwing より:

    so uh… nu evo ?

  7. andita dharmayanti より:

    I am here after watch aespa next level.
    This song is SM image. I think this type is similiar with song of SNSD i got a boy, Super Junior House party, Red Velvet Zimzalabim, and aespa Next Level

  8. go watch love shot 1:44 より:

    I’m here bcs aespa next level, I think this song a bit similar


    Come here after aespa next level

  10. Quinn May より:

    Even after 11 years, it’s still fresh to listen

  11. Andy Tran より:

    Aespa’s “Nu EVO” is totally homage to their older sisters’ “Nu ABO”.

  12. Novhy ELF より:

    Kesini karena diingetin next level.. hhhh

  13. annyeong lupa より:

    Aespa Next Level brought me here

  14. dee より:

    i miss u

  15. TheNCT_23 より:

    this song is one of my fave.. I MISS THEM SO MUCH

  16. j n より:

    i miss them

  17. Sammy より:

    Who was Krystal’s stylist??? That hair I-

  18. Boiling Potato より:

    Then: Nu Abo
    Now: Nu Evo

  19. 425 daisy より:


  20. Lavender のDiary Book より:

    I don’t know why Aespa’s Next Level reminds me of this song, so I came back to listen to it…

  21. 모라노 より:

    에스파 신곡땜에 들으러 온ㅅㄹ

  22. HtesFaye より:

    Came here after Aespa- Next Level.this song still hits❤️

  23. kara cream より:

    Linda rola

  24. Tingting Qiu より:

    my youth

  25. ab imo pectore より:

    This was recommended in 2021 and I clicked because I realized that the lyrics in aespa’s Next Level has NU EVO… so SMCU really started even a very long time ago, I guess?

  26. Ersi より:

    I miss u f(x)…I’ll love u forever☆♡

  27. Chrysalis より:

    I was in Korea when I first heard this song. omfg what a banger

  28. zohreh ebrahimyan より:

    They were the only girl group that I ever liked

  29. Blank Flower より:

    Miss them

  30. ADS Go より:

    One of the other legend song i have 🙂

  31. _its_ hana_ より:

    aespa next level “nu evo” reminds me of this song idk why

  32. 하빕누르마고메도프 より:

    이게 11년전ㅋㅋ

  33. Jungwoo’s Cheese より:

    here after next level release

  34. hmmm より:

    They were ahead of their time. Lucky to see RV & Aespa to continue their legacy.

  35. Rashley Pipo より:

    I miss f(x)

  36. Dani. より:

    i miss you :((

  37. Ima Mimi より:

    Their Hairstyles are Trend now

  38. little broo broo より:

    May 22, 2021
    Anybody stil here?

  39. M'hamedi Amine より:

    Aespa “NU EVO” is inspired by f(x)’s “NU ABO” periodt

  40. hans galleon より:

    11 years ago, and this song still sounds so fresh and cool. I think f(x)’s songs were too early for 11-years-ago-generation

  41. park jimin より:

    بليز ممكن حدا يخبرني شو صار ل هي لفرقة بعد ما توفت سولي ؟ افترقو او شو ؟؟

  42. RobynSNHA lobi より:

    but why did I cry??

  43. 奇啦啦 より:


  44. ken zaire より:

    i was 7 years old when nu abo was released

  45. Multaypan より:

    I love them girls

  46. Fathur Fathirra より:

    we miss you somuch SULLI

  47. Vincent Samuel Navelgas より:

    Krystal hairstyles remind me cleopatra

  48. tjdus Door より:

    에프엑스는 NU ABO고 에스파는 NU EVO냐

  49. Odette より:

    So cool

  50. Haneen Gamal より:

    This is the song who get me into kpop world…

  51. しし より:


  52. Angeline Bena より:

    The group that has the most potential, totally ahead of its time, and being mismanaged

  53. Angeline Bena より:

    I realize I miss the beautiful sulli watching this…

  54. Fauzan Jae より:

    Aespa is basically the evolution of f(x), both are great,

  55. minaco sadness より:

    I MISS YOU GUUUUUUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. vxzstt より:

    Krystal jung really a trendsetter especially her hair now look everyone has that kind of hairstyle well f(x) itself is a trendsetter

  57. 순은지 より:

    아니그니까 어저께 교정의날 보냈잖아요

  58. blackpink in your area より:

    *Wow, it’s been 11 years since this masterpiece was made…*

  59. Rania Latreche より:

    Miss this alooot

  60. # より:

    Can’t believe f(x) invented teen crush concept in Kpop

  61. Maca Silva より:


  62. Faiza より:

    I love them

  63. Fenu Daba より:


  64. Maleah Taylor より:

    we miss you sulli ❤️

  65. 새벽아침 より:

    이게 11년전이라니…

  66. Marinel Syluck より:

    Imiss you my girls

  67. Navi rv より:

    Only legends will know this song

  68. Syifa Aulia より:

    inget banget rambut gue pengen dipotong dan diwarnain kayak kristal

  69. v Rose v より:

    Still listening

  70. ambia khatun より:

    The devilish oil sporadically fire because colony distally suspect by a forgetful sushi. therapeutic, low snowstorm

  71. Tsevelmaa Nyamdorj より:

    Damn after many years I’ve realized fx got real bops! Their vibe is noticeable.

  72. Citra Adinda pd より:


  73. y0ungso より:

    this song is laced with something