Battle of the Multi FX Guitar Pedals! – HeadRush MX5 vs Line 6 Pod Go

Multi FX guitar pedals are perfect for any guitar players looking for an all-in-one pedalboard. Offering a plethora of tones, these versatile powerhouses are ideal for any style. Today we’re shooting out the HeadRush MX5 & Line 6 Pod Go. |

» HeadRush MX5 Amp Modelling Guitar Effects Processor |
» Line 6 Pod Go Modelling and Multi-Effects Pedal |

Digital John is back, and he is here to help us shootout the HeadRush MX5 & the Line 6 Pod Go! The Headrush MX5 & the Line 6 Pod Go can be considered to be the ultimate all-in-one pedalboards. They are packed with amp modelling options, guitar effects & cab simulations! The dream, for any gigging musicians or guitarist looking for an all-in-one solution.
But which one is the king?

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
» 0:00 Intro Jam
» 0:40 What are We Doing Today?
» 2:23 What are the Features of the MX5 & Pod Go?
» 6:27 Let’s Compare Fender Inspired Tones
» 8:07 Adding Some Gain & Compression
» 11:13 Let’s Compare Marshall Inspired Tones
» 14:20 Adding Some Gain & Compression
» 16:30 Let’s Compare Some Mesa/Boogie Inspired Tones
» 18:50 Adding Even More Gain
» 19:55 Thoughts?
» 21:20 Let’s Tweak the Settings
» 22:53 Final Thoughts & Overview

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  1. Steve RR より:

    Jonathan Cordy is the modeler God

  2. Simto より:

    in terms of high high end and mid range focus, the tones would sit very differently in mixes, so one would maybe be better if you’re just playing by yourself and the other would be better for a band / recording.

  3. Mark Knece より:

    Would like to hear the wah pedals on both units. But good video anyways. Well done John!

  4. Alessandro Ronchi より:

    I think the mic selection and position is changing a lot on frequencies and darkness of tone. At least on my HX Stomp. But I think those units are a bit complex: you must read some manuals and ask some help to experts when you encounter a problem (like the lack of dynamic range on the Go)

  5. Nektarios Kontoleon より:

    So “Digital John” gets to play Pete’s Silver Sky from the get-go???

  6. Perry Gingerysty より:

    Its obvious from John’s face that the Pod go isnt doing it for him , me either .

  7. Tim Stokkers より:

    Look, it’s diJohntal!

  8. Joepeggio より:

    Check high cut / low cut on PodGo cab. Defaults to 8k cut

  9. Bruce Clark より:

    It would be interesting to see a comparison between the Headrush and the new Hottone

  10. Ralf Wolferz より:

    Even trough my cheap sound bar the Line6 sounds like an old POD 500, it seems they haven´t changed their sound engine over the last decade…

  11. jtm2582 より:

    @andertons is there anyway that your guys can do a demo of the Fractal Audio gear? I’ve been following this channel for years and have yet to see anything from you guys pertaining for Fractal Audio gear. From what I’ve seen, it’s the best there is. So why not demo it on this channel??

  12. Luca Ribichini より:

    The biggest difference in these kinds of modelers is the cab sim / I.R. used for the amps, it just changes the tone and the frequency response so deeply.
    It would be interesting to test them using a standard set of IR’s and compare just the amp models / FX available, considering good IR’s are usually easy to find and use within the product itself

  13. stanislavmigra より:

    I sold all my modeling stuff and aquired hand wired single channel amp even without EQ and cant be happier. But Im enjoying how John plays and his passion for gear.

  14. Karstein Martinsen より:

    Please dont use Fender Guitars or Strat and Tele style guitars with singel coil pickups
    in demo

  15. John Connearn より:

    Both cool units! Also thanks Pete for letting me play some absolute CHOICE guitars for this

  16. The Governor in Exile より:

    A quick Global EQ tweak on the PoDGo would have solved the dark tone. Line6 stock settings seem to be aimed towards Amp and FRFR users, going DI is always going to need a tweak, same with Headphones, you’ll not find a setting that works well across all output methods irrespective of brand IME.

  17. Keith Conville より:

    What does the mic selection and placement look like in the PodGO? That could really make a difference.

  18. James Fafrak より:

    Love the video I have an idea you should try doing a sound like video with John that would be fun.

  19. David Hopkins より:

    hard sell on the MX5. Margins must be better.

  20. Small Town より:

    ive played Madison square gardens with a line6 pod, so yes they’re fine.

  21. Farhan Rahman より:

    I must say the headrush mx5 was a great unit for the price. I got one from PMT. However the unit has a huge latency issue when connecting it as a USB audio interface to a DAW. Basically if you connect the unit to Logic for example and use input monitoring on the track, there is a very very bad delay (upwards of a second) between when you play and when you hear back from the track in your DAW. Thats why I had to return it and settle for a quad cortex. The QC is awesome and doesn’t have that issue. Apart for the USB audio interface delay in mx5, the unit is awesome. I was initially inspired by Tom Quayle’s tone demo on the headrush gigboard (in Dawson’s channel), which uses the same hardware and firmware that is in the mx5. Headrush’s support is also very slow and not very good unfortunately. Haven’t used the line 6 really so I can’t really comment on that, but Line 6’s audio interfaces are very good in general. I owned a toneport UX1 a long time ago and that was really good for the time.

  22. Robert Tidwell より:

    During the “Marshall Inspired Tones” The Pod Go is clearly on the US Deluxe Nrm amp. Not a fair comparison

  23. Joël Cugnoni より:

    Cool. Suggestion for next ones: Ampero One or Two vs Mooer or Nux

  24. Big Chungus より:

    d i g i t a l j o h n

  25. the3-dkiller1 より:

    I just got a Boss ME-50B because i just wanted something that could do all the sounds i might need besides my amp. I don’t like to scroll through menu’s so it is a huge plus that i can acces everything on top like a “normal” effect pedal. It’s almost unbreakable and the sound quality is superb tbh. I really dig the bass overdrive and the chorus. The multi-function footswitch, noise gate and tuner also come in super handy!(AND IT WORKS ON BATTERIES!!!!)

  26. Ezri Ikram より:

    Thanks, Andertons. I know Cap and Pete and the gang and looks like a lot of your viewers probably dislike menu diving as the next person, but I love technology and I love menu diving and I love simulation. This just makes Andertons a lot more relevant to us mere non-valve muggles.

  27. Adam 1066 より:

    Through my home cinema system. I’d say the headrush wins.

  28. Will Moore より:

    I don’t think A/B comparisons of modelers like this are very useful. It’s not like comparing two different combo amps. With a real amp you can just mic them up identically and you’ll be able to get a realistic impression of how different they sound and whether you like one or the other. With modelers there are literally thousands of variables so it’s much more difficult to get an apples to apples comparison. Most of the differences sounded to me like they were entirely due to the cab/mic block that each was using. IRs often have more of an impact on the tone than the amp block or pedals do. You could totally transform any of the tones in this video by making changes to the cab/mic settings.

    Most of the major modelers now can be tweaked to sound great if you’re willing to spend some time. A lot more of the decision comes down to the features of the units rather than just the stock tones.

  29. Rick Sigurdson より:

    I like them both. And would rank them 1 and 1A. Probably will get a MX5 because of touch screen.

  30. Texas Bootlegger より:

    Nice video and comparison. For less money the NUX MG 30 is great for practice and is quite comparable. Just my opinion!

  31. Arthur Wakeham より:

    would love to see a shootout between the full size helix, kemper and quad cortex

  32. Richie Johnson より:

    Pod go for the win. Just because I bought one lol. Honestly I’m 45 and I find all the millions of things you can do overwhelming. I’m messing with switches more than just playing guitar. You get a sound you like and it’s pretty amazing though. I put it on 5150 with a tube screamer and try to forget about the rest lol

  33. Pete Smith より:

    Unfortunately you missed the MX5’s ability to change almost any parameter in real-time using the expression pedal while standing at a gig. This feature alone makes using the MX5 live much more user friendly.

  34. Limited Edition より:

    Line 6 pod GO all the way for me, when playing live you need functionality such as switching to stomp mode and then back to patches on the fly is great. Any slight difference in sound between the two would be lost in the mix. The Pod Go can be tweaked to have more ‘ambience’ if needed, lots more choice and if you use a wah you need it the size of your foot to be comfortable.

  35. Dead Loak より:

    The line6 sounds tinny and farty in comparison to the headrush in different settings.

  36. John van Capel より:

    I think the Pod wins on the “ergonomics” of live usage, but the Headrush wins on most other things.

    I’d actually like to see a series of doing a “deep-dive” into specific multi-effects, with John’s comments on what he likes or dislikes in terms of usage.

  37. David Woods より:

    I’m really happy with the MX5. I do wish it had one or 2 more foot switches and a few more factory cabs and mic positions. But the rigs feel and sound great after you tailor them to your liking. And it does cost less than the Pod.

  38. Keith Justice より:

    I have a Helix Lite and can tell you that with any combo onboard cabs or IRs can be a fight to get tone where I want it but the unit is capable of about anything. Some of the older amps wish were updated to where the later ones were created BUT with every combo you can still attain what you are after. I have looked into maybe buying a second unit of another type but there are so many foibles with doing so. Cheaper units only mono send/return, some units dont have second hand warranty, some don’t have dual amps/cabs capable, some have software that are glitchy and lastly some are just dang expensive. So Helix I sit with years of experience. (But I do hope for updated older amps)

  39. Ben Logan より:

    I enjoy these kinda videos and I play a Pro Junior. But, it’s still interesting! My favorite tone and effect is sounding bad a..

  40. Second Note より:

    I wouldnt feel very inspired by any of those tones tbf, Years behind the likes of a half decent amp sim plugin or many other devices. Mooer preamp live even. But im sure they would be drastically improved with the use of IRs like most of these things. Nice honest video either way 🙂

  41. Ashleigh Ellison より:

    Surely the hx fx or the hxstomp is more comparable to the headrush???

  42. Chris Gripp より:

    The pod has Trails….its an option to turn on or off

  43. Marek W より:

    I would love if Lee call John… DeJohn, yeah I know it’s silly but funny.

  44. Marek W より:

    Could you compare functionality between Mooer ge300 lite with Line6 pod go? I would really like this kind of vid

  45. Rafsan Basher より:

    this is a good segment. keep it goin!

  46. Gerry Blue より:

    Just got a Pod GO and I’m loving it, takes some time to get decent sounds but totatilly worth it

  47. Mike Austin より:

    It would have been more appropriate to compare the Headrush to the HX Stomp. The POD has more foot switches and “looks better’ than the HR. I sold my HR full pedal board for a HX Stomp, primarily because the HX Stomp is more portable and will fit in my luggage or backpack for traveling.

  48. Kornél より:

    17:51 ha! The new guy is a Dream Theater fan!

  49. Jonathan E J Moss より:

    Excuse my ignorance but if your were playing live, can you connect these to an amp like a standard pedal?

  50. ratelvis より:

    Finally! The Headrush gets some love. I’ve been using the Pedalboard for a while and I love that thing.

  51. Eric Proffit より:

    Heads up that you can set the Headrush to change rigs with only one button instead of two.

  52. Mark Mancini より:

    Perhaps a Pete Challenge of MX5 Amp Sim vs real Amp? The first sound you guys had sounded like a tube amp. You did the SS and Digital amp vs tube amp. How about MX5 vs tube amp? How close is it?
    And… The actual effects in the board. Perhaps a shootout of the effects vs the real pedals through an amp? Maybe some guys would use this as a pedal board and stilll use their “Go To” amp! If the effects themselves are close, we could save a lot of money I stead of buying all individual pedals! Thanks guys!

  53. USMC Young Gun より:

    I’ve got the headrush gigboard and I really like it. It’s sounds pretty great, especially for the amount of money it costs.

  54. akwamarsunzal より:

    MX5 all day long! Gets a bit fizzy at high gain but I am sure can be tweaked. The Line6 just sounded muddy throughout!

  55. Josh Smith より:

    Enjoyed this. Would love to see the same thing but across one manufacturer. Line 6 POD vs Helix.

  56. Al Parker より:

    Are either of these any good for bass?

  57. Chris Stead より:

    Would be nice to see how the nux mg 30 and 300 compare

  58. Loevkvist より:

    I would like to see a video on the new Hotone Ampero II Stomp.

  59. Christiaan de Marez Oyens より:

    There is a master eq on the Pod that makes a world of difference and I think this was overlooked in this shootout.

  60. C C より:

    MX5 is better.

  61. Jadon S. より:

    If my Helix sounded like this I would own a kemper by now. It does preserve trails between snapshots. I will say good IR’s make all the difference in getting a great tone.

  62. Nelson Blake II より:

    The Pod Go is notoriously bad out of the box. The stock IRs can sound good but they take a lot of tweaking. Custom IRs sound much better. The Pod Go can sound amazing once you get into it. Look up Jonathan Cordy for clean/fusion/bluesy stuff and Nick Hill for heavy stuff.

  63. davedave より:

    Form factor? The Pod is BIG

  64. Patrick Carroll より:

    Please tell me Lee did the voice over for “Digital John”. He is an understated creative bloke.

  65. Doug F より:

    Yes, but are either of these as good as a 20 year old POD? 😉

  66. Kevin Coulter より:

    Great vid! A couple of things to know. The Headrush actually does have a gate – it’s part of the Input settings. The gate is turned up fairly high out of the box. Another thing, you mentioned Cap, yes their are global EQ settings for both units. Also, if you to the Output of both units (the very last white circle on the Line 5, and Output on the Headrush), you have quite a few options and ways to tweak the output signal around EQ, vollume/gain. There are ways to tweak these quite a bit – takes some deeper than usually editing on both units.

  67. Guitar Flyer より:

    I’m an older old school amp player but I got the Fractal Audio FM3 and it’s unbelievably awesome!! The guys in my band love the sounds I get. Fractal comes really close to the tube amps. I’m surprised how far digital has come!

  68. itsIANWOOD より:

    ‘I’m joined with’ ??? 🙂 Whatever next? 🙂

  69. Tim Parker より:

    Don’t overlook the MX5’s hands free mode. If you want to change the parameters of, as you say, your amp block EQ, you can button press into hands free mode, and use the expression pedal to make your change, no bending and knobbing required.

  70. Retsboon より:

    Ampero next!

  71. dinadams より:

    They both sound a bit pants if we’re being honest here

  72. Patrick Carroll より:

    As an owner of the HX Stomp, I wonder if the Pod Go has the same tonal qualities. I’ll admit the Headrush did sound fuller and more expressove. Though I will say it’s been widely agreed that adding 3rd party IR
    s and tweaking the impedance in Global Settings improves the sound and feel dramatically.

    But as Lee pointed out, you have to go under the hood for that. Great review! Hope John shoots the Stomp out sometime!

  73. Steve Bennett より:

    Pointless to try and compare sounds from these kind of units (you can get great sounds from all of them). Functionality is a better comparator.
    Maybe time for Lea to allow his new presenter more of a say?

  74. Alex Gill より:

    The MX5 has a noise gate built into the input that is always one by default

  75. C K より:

    I couldn’t say no to the Pod Go. Now I feel like I can do anything with my guitar.

  76. William Heitl より:

    It seems like neither of them know how to use either modeler.

  77. David Rensa より:

    Hi Lee. I would say that I am disappointed in this video. When you were doing the Marshall comparison, you had a USDoubleNRM patch on the Pod Go, and that is a Fender Twin patch, so that was beyond unfair to the Line 6. The patch you needed to use was the BritPlexiJmp. Can you redo this segment of the video to more accurately portray the Line 6? I own the Pod Go Wireless and decided on it after watching way too many comparisons by many others with real amps, including you guys as well. After tweaks with IRs and EQs, I stand FIRMLY by my decision. No disrespect to the Headrush, as it uses far superior processors, and allows for parallel chains that I guess some techuarists would use, but as far as more realistic-to-the-amp goes, I still stand by Line 6, and 10 years ago I would NEVER have even considered ANY modeler and would not believe you if you told me 10 years later I’d put my valve amps in a closet, LOL….


  78. Old Man Zen より:

    Serious suggestion for Lee: if you’re bringing in someone as a subject matter expert, let them do the lion’s share of the talking.

  79. Gary Clements より:

    Let’s just say it, the Line 6 Pod Go sounds bad. I hope for their sake, it’s just a bum unit, because if this is where the Line 6 Pod Go is in 2021, it represents a complete failure. It sounds like one of those modelers from when they first came out. It’s horrid. I have a Strymon Iridium on a direct board and it sounds really good. I’ve owned a Boss GT 1000 and it sounded good. The Line 6 Pod Go here is terrible.

  80. Shane Eyanson より:

    Had the MX5 and returned it because you would think that touchscreen would make it easy to use BUT it’s too damn small and NO EDITING SOFTWARE for your PC (Stupid as all hell) I can get more done with good old-fashioned knobs and better yet the POD GO EDIT SOFTWARE! For the most part all these digital things sound the same so just get one that is easy to use and you can spend more time playing your guitar and less time dicking around with a stupid touchscreen! Just get a real amp and I think you would be better off TBH BUT after a good valve amp and some pedals you will far exceed the price of any of these digital things!

  81. Jarick Losey より:

    MUCH better demo of these units than before! You did a great job matching levels and building the patches off camera, rather than on the fly, and checking how the modelers clean up. I would recommend comparing units with the same impulse responses on both too, that is an interesting way to see differences in amp modeling.

  82. Fred Rock より:

    Always felt it took way to much time to dial in the sound I like with Line 6. I have an HX effects which I prefer to the Firehawk I sold and the pod. Think the headrush just is more ready to plug play and enjoy. Helix even seems to be hours of tweaking.

  83. Cody Burgess より:

    Headrush auto adds noise gates to new custom patches. You have to adjust it using Hardware Assign option

  84. jacob brown より:

    It’s all about eq. Even a pod hd500x will sound great if the eq is set up right in the settings.

  85. Frank B より:

    I think Line 6 tries to nail song tones and the Headrush tries to model the pedals as they operate. A lot of people love the original pod and a lot of people hated it.. I have to admit I was never a fan.

  86. Luca The musician より:

    thought pod go has trails, at least it does on mine says trails on or off

  87. Sean Rose より:

    I am an oldie that prefers tube amps, but I picked up an MX5 for headphone playing and I am blown away how good and how flexible it is. It is a great unit.

  88. Andrew Polk より:

    I would love to see digital John and danish Pete duel it out with our their best preferred equipment. Digital vs analog just jammin baby

  89. bishal shrestha より:

    Digital John.. Digiton… could be a nice nickname..

  90. Randy Krieg より:

    If you know how to set up the pod go, it doesn’t sound this thin. Especially on the cleans but I don’t deny the headrush is nice.

  91. Mark Daniels より:

    Well, yet another useless review of these units, I’m not quite sure why this happens, but in what world do musicians play these rigs in isolation? context….. The Pod is clearly more functional in every way, I tried the Headrush (GigBoard i think) years ago and it’s so obviously an Android device and not stable enogh for live use, mine crashed regularly, Touch screens are terrible on stage, if Headrush think this can work on stage they are fooling themselves, the Pod go is just about workable onstage I use mine to travel, it fits in cabin luggage really well and has enough switches to get through a gig
    Think it’s pretty obvious that this was a biased review (if that’s what you call it). I’m not a fanboy, I use this stuff in the real world, not on a coffee table… Digital John seems like a great guy and is a decent player though…

  92. Ray Campbell より:

    About time you got rid of that Dutch guy he sucks…

  93. benzakonium より:

    Lifecycle of owning any modeller: this sounds amazing > this sounds flat and digital (I might sell and go back to amps and pedals) > learn to tweak and discover IRs > wow, this sounds incredible.

  94. Randy Sutton より:

    I’m genuinely surprised at how much better the HeadRush sounds. I’m sure the Pod Go has some good sounds, but the MX5’s dynamics are demonstrably better.

  95. Pulse2AM より:

    I think all these pedals you have to get in and tweak until you get “your” sound.

  96. Gabriel Velasco より:

    I’ve known that is “tails”, not “trails.”

  97. Guitar Brew より:

    Don’t think the boss gt1 has had much air time as the Katana 🙂 maybe time 😉