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✖rlcs fall major pro teams
⫸The General NRG⫷
1 GarrettG
2 jstn.
3 SquishyMuffinz
S musty
C Sizz
⫸G2 Esports⫷
1 JKnaps
2 Chicago
3 dreaz
C Satthew
⫸FaZe Clan⫷
2 Allushin
3 Firstkiller
⫸Team Envy⫷
1 Atomic
2 mist
3 Turbopolsa
⫸Complexity Gaming⫷
1 Shad
2 Reysbull
3 ajg
C Agüesome
⫸Endpoint CeX⫷
1 RelatingWave
2 Metsanauris
3 Seikoo
C Eclipse
1 Joreuz
2 ApparentlyJack
3 Scrub Killa
⫸Team BDS⫷
1 MaRc_By_8.
2 M0nkey M00n
3 Extra
C Kael
⫸SMPR Esports⫷
1 Kassio
2 archie
3 Chausette45
C billy
⫸Team Vitality⫷
1 Fairy Peak!
2 Kaydop
3 Alpha54
C Mout
⫸Ground Zero Gaming⫷
1 Amphis
2 Express
3 Torsos
C Jimmah
2 Kamii
3 Fever
⫸FURIA Esports⫷
1 CaioTG1
2 caard
3 yanxnz
C MateusSTL
⫸eRa Eternity⫷
1 AztromicK
2 math
3 snipjz
C Michi
⫸Tokyo Verdy Esports⫷
1 ReaLize
2 Maru
3 Tenhow
⫸Sandrock Gaming⫷
1 Ahmad
2 trk511
3 Senzo
C mits


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Lucid Serpent Dreams – Ruzer
Platinum101 – Niklas Ahlstrom
Ballpoint – Things to Do
We’re Walking On Air – Otto Wallgren

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    This major was a pleasure to watch !

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    That my double tap was the only goal against dignitas ahahaha


    goated channel, goated editing, ly guys

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    Great Montage! Epic gameplay! Cracked!

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    2:41 5:20

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    One of the greatest monteages i’ve ever seen. outstanding

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    Return of the king

  28. SandeVerse より:

    no matter how good you think you are, these pro’s are just in a whole other dimension

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    sick video, love rlcs stuff makes it 100x more impressive

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    Such a sick montage man

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    the casters should have had a more hype reaction towards joreuz’s goal at 2:45 it was so smooth

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    This insane.Nice montage!

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    Ur editing is illegal! Awesome video!

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  37. Snowtime ❄️ より:

    My favorite moment in the lan was when justin screamed like R2-D2 that was soooo funny

  38. Matthias Marx より:

    The amount of goals from the grand final is crazy 😀 It shows how good it was!

  39. SkyJet より:

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    By far (4:30) is my favourite part.

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  43. Wow より:

    Best goal by fever 2:59

  44. pegrat より:

    who else recognizes the song at 9:25 from mertzy’s 50k montage lmao

  45. Mario より:

    That Ahmad save had to be like pixel perfect… holy cow

  46. Paxton Sollars より:

    We needed the jstn scream.

  47. Abood より:

    anyone knows ahmads car design?

  48. Druksi より:

    i posted my new montage go check and support me if you can

  49. Valentin Balouka より:

    Gg bds ses mérites

  50. Mirhaven より:

    a 2:41 Joreuz c’est le plus beau , avec celui de AHMAD a 4:26 et EXPRESS a 6:51 c’est incroyable de voir ce genre de moove en compétition

  51. Talenker より:

    Insane comp

  52. ArcticLost より:

    It’s crazy what is required to score nowadays, how far (and fast) this game and pro play have come.

    My favourites were
    Chicago redirect 1:14
    Fever Reset double 3:00
    Caard Flip Reset 3:19
    JSTN bang after pass 4:15
    Atomic fakes 6:13
    Reysbull Reset 6:27

    Awesome montage once again, very clean!

  53. Mehdi Besson より:

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  54. FlippersRL より:

    Been waiting for this since the best of RLCS Season 8, thank you so much

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  56. noir より:

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  57. uwiqgfu7epvnsbnld より:

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  58. ztzf. より:

    Bro how have i never Heard of Ahmad

  59. Soapevar より:

    These guys are not playing the same rocket league as me

  60. N.O.A YT より:

    Ahmads goal is still one of if not the best goal that whole major. To pull such a play off the first day with nervousness and gitters is unbelievable

  61. PineappleBoiii より:

    Oh that winter major can’t come fast enough…

  62. privathospital より:

    This edit + official comments from the stream = EPIC

    This is the best game ever, every lan we have whole another level of skill and this will never stop 😀

  63. Yung 6 Pack より:

    Joreuz had the best goals for sure. His movement is unreal

  64. Niilo Väisänen より:

    These videos with commentary are really good!

  65. Saturn_ Slayer より:

    I ain’t even ashamed to say I’ve officially become an SRG fanboy

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    6:33 VAMOS!

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    the most emotional montage

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    What’s squishys car colours on interstellar bro we need it 😉

  70. Square Jump Gaming より:

    This is incredible, I hope you make more!

  71. carb0n 450 より:

    All of these players are mechanically insane. It’s really hard to wrap your head around just how different rocket league was 2-3 years ago. The entire player base in general has gotten insanely better, I’ve seen players who are gold 3 and have better game sense then most champs now a days.

    ggs bds

  72. Marceau Alix より:

    The work done on this edit is outrageously good. Amazing work thank you !

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    this major was fucking nuts, cant wait for the other ones

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    also the focus on the critical details.. this is educational.

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    Thank god, finally, a YouTuber who understands that not every highlight is from the A-stream. You’re literally the only one that took the time to actually get them from A and B streams. A big Thank you!!

  80. Haleshot より:


  81. Trent Jones より:

    Can’t believe bds won

  82. Yousef Alabdi より:

    when i see people play the rlcs i feel like i want to play with them but the problem is that i dont know freestyling

  83. Kurt Moon より:

    Legit goose bumps watching all of these plays.

  84. MrFRDW より:

    rly nice video. love the commentary and special povs from the replays
    as always well done
    no overediting, just the way i like my montages

  85. まいかぜちゃん より:

    As a Japanese, I’m very proud that Realize is in there!
    I’m so proud of Japan!
    Of course, he’s not the only one, but I’ve seen all kinds of great stuff!
    Thanks for the inspiration! Thank you for the excitement!

  86. Darkside / Simon より:

    This is Rocket League on another level

  87. JT Kupiec より:

    watching makes me genuinely feel like i could hop in freeplay and start doing this stuff they make it look so easy

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    Bds’s downfall is still the best team in the world. That is so dominant

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