Rat Vermin Control – FX Dreamline FAC .25

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I decided that my FAC FX Dreamline Tactical .25 needed to get some fresh air and put some lead in to some more troublesome rats which seem to be producing at an alarming rate.

Equipment used:
FX Dreamline Tactical 600mm .25 ‘Superior Standard’ (Velocity 840fps – 39ft/lbs)
Donny FL Sumo silencer
FX 25.4gr Pellets
Accu-Tac BR-4 G2 QD Bipod
Magpul AR-15 MOE Mil-Spec Butt Stock
D.S. Arms AR-15/M16 Mil-Spec Buffer Tube
UTG AR-15 Folding Stock Adapter
Optisan EVX 4-16×44 F1 FFP
Eagle Vision Infinity Elevation Adjustable Scope Mounts
Eagle Vision M4 Scope Bubble Level
Reg pressure 95bar
Digital Pressure Gauge (1/8 BSP 28mm)
Bipod Rail Extender
Laserworks LE032 Laser Rangefinder
Picatinny mount adapter
Picatinny Quick Release
PARD NV007 (12mm)
Pard NV007 Scope Adapter Replacement
Solaris SRX IR Laser Illuminator
HIK Micro Lynx Thermal Monocular
N8Vision Tripod Saddle Clamp
Primos Gen III Trigger Sticks Tripod (Tall)

Additional accessories:
Day & Night Camcorder: Panasonic HC-VX870
External IR attached to camcorder: ODEPRO KL52+
Deerhunter Beanie Hat

Eagle Vision products that I use:
Eagle Vision Scope Cam
GoPro Lens
Pard NV007 Scope Adapter Replacement
Infinity Elevation Adjustable Scope Mounts
M4 Scope Bubble Level

Lancs Vermin Control


  1. Chris Williams より:

    An absolute hammering ! Tremendous !

  2. sau toter より:

    Great vid as normal beat wishes for xmas and new year,rgds steve

  3. Jason Kirk より:

    Great night again. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Here’s to a prosperous shooting new year!

  4. Graham Hawthorn より:

    The footage not through the scope cam is brilliant.

  5. James Richards より:

    You’ve got a good spread of toys including the HMR and some lovely permissions. Don’t recall you sharing details of anything else, but I can recommend Hornet as a first step onto the centrefire ladder.

    Oh, and I really enjoy and appreciate the content. Thank you for the “infotainment”.

  6. keith browning より:

    Another good session .you mention ratworks ..Had 2 rifles with the full works done . my KT weihrauch. .And my Air Arms S200 ..Can’t praise them enough . good guys.

  7. Tony Crack より:

    I enjoyed the different viewing angles in this one. Great videos, thanks.

  8. Alex Buckland より:

    Hiya bud another good video as always your Dreamline looks longer than most for some reason any chance you could do a break down of the spec’s of your rifles and is that a range finder you have on the side of the scope if it is could you give a review of it and does that setup work any better or cheaper than using a pard 008lrf, the main reason I ask is I haven’t got any NV gear as yet and hate buying twice the 007 and that (possible) range finder may work better for me also do you have any idea on the weight of the 007 scope mounts etc compared to the other options out there, the reason I ask about weight is I have a left shoulder injury that is never going to be better than it is now cos of multiple surgeries and I’m a right handed shooter any help gratefully received, keep up the great work on the rat’s and tree rat’s and merry Christmas pal

  9. Ron Paterson より:

    Another cracking vid well done mate. Cant believe there is still that many rats after last weeks vid

  10. DAVE 1 second ago より:

    nice shooting enjoyed that , have a merry xmas bro

  11. Jay Jackson より:

    Kool Merry Christmas

  12. Seamus Bolton より:

    Very enjoyable, thanks for your efforts

  13. Julian Weeks より:

    great video loved the content and different angles, you could really see the pellets going in but most of all i love that Dreamline fac, brilliant mate, as usual I’m looking forward to the next one, merry Christmas to you and yours.

  14. Barrie Mercer より:

    Hi the ranges u were shooting in my opinion were to far far tomany injured and runners never seen u injure so many before less distance more out right kills from Barrie

  15. G H より:

    Glad to see the Subs growing. Great work.

  16. TPCTRASH より:

    Great video and shooting. I agree with the other comments. Love the various views of the shots and of you to see where you’re shooting from.

  17. Craig Stockton より:

    Another great night. I really like the camera angles with perspective on the area, your positioning and ranges. Well done!

  18. Jeff Ojibway より:

    You only carry one magazine?? That many rats I’d have 2-3 ready to go!! What if the rats mount a attack against you? j/k great shooting Always enjoy the videos…

  19. Sweep Sp より:

    I think you could go to that farm every night for a week and still have a good night work. love the different views. Have a good Christmas and hope to see more next year.

  20. Derek Edgley より:

    Some cracking shots and all the better for having that extra power as it just puts them down so effectively. Really enjoyable video