The Fx impact is best for any random hunting in my opinion. Pest control with any Fx airgun has been my passion for many years. I love long range shooting and the Fx Impact has always been my go to airgun. This video showcase perfect random hunting with my Fx airgun on a farm where i always do pest control. This hunt was very unexpected but i managed to get some mind blowing footage on camera of me and a friend knocking down some pest birds. This is also a video to say thank you to all my subscribers that supported my channel and made me reach my 30 000 subscriber count. You guys rock!!! Special thanks to my family and friends that always supported me as well!!

Airgun setup:

Fx Impact M3 Sniper 22 caliber.
Superior Heavy slugliner
Element Optics Nexus Mrad Apr 1 C scope
Saber Tactical Body Kit
Donny Fl Ronin Silenecer
Side Shot Scopecam system for recording scope footage.

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