ALIEN FX Series Will Explore Immortality & Weyland-Yutani Competitor Companies AI & More

ALIEN FX Series Will Explore Immortality & Weyland-Yutani Competitor Companies AI & More

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  1. Justin Nyhart より:

    I think the big issue has been is no one seems to care about the lord that already exists and Scott just wanted to retcon everything to go off to never never land. I do enjoy Prometheus and covenant some but I agree the idea that it’s turned into David vs the human race. I also never could really get into the engineers to much. The idea was ok but I still preferred the old space jockey types from dark horse a lot more imo. Good vid btw Mr. H.

  2. Hobby Bobley より:

    I think they need to FOCUS. First two films dealt with a humanistic and moral protagonist essentially fighting against the machinations of a Corporation’s maniacal (and underhanded) ambition, completely uncaring to who got killed in the process of achieving their objectives. These two facets were essentially characterised in the Artificial Persons and – in extremity – the Alien itself.
    What does one watch the Alien Franchise for? The most compelling thing (for me) about the opening two films is how it escalated that simple opposition, Neill Blomkamp totally would have ran with this theme, as you look at District 9, Elysium and Chappie… they’re ALL thematically VERY similar, and VERY reminiscent of the themes contained in the Aliens franchise. They need to go back to basics and ask the (heroic) question of: ‘In what way can we trump “the company” this time around?’ They also need to bear in mind that it needs to escalate from Aliens; it needs to grow from that premise. I think it would be cool to observe what’s really been happening to Ripley… she’s basically been thrown further towards the open jaws of the beast each time. First she’s up against one, next she’s up against loads and then… you could throw her directly into the jaws of the company that have been the architects of so much of her misfortune! I really do not understand why they don’t just take a gamble on it… Oh and to address the “on-the-noseness” of A.I… I can see how it could be really topical/ help silicone valley sell stuff etc, but I think they’d do well to remember that it was a legacy facet of Weyland, put in place to help achieve his original aim. It’s not necessarily a threat to human existence. Lolz.

  3. Rogue Trooper より:

    Alien and Aliens is the only true continuity for me. This franchise like Predator, Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Terminator and many others is just an absolute mess. I wish they’d just let it die… Come up with something new Hollywood, pleeeeeease!!!

  4. Auto-Tomato より:

    It’s Alien, I’ll give it a chance, but I’ve not heard a single thing from this show that makes me hopeful. I have zero interest in AI, within the Alien franchise, it complimented the franchise really well, but it never was, nor ever should be, the focus of any Alien show or movie.

  5. Regal Esq. より:

    Body Switching? Sounds like they are ripping off Ghost in the Shell.

  6. Kris Topher より:

    AI can speak and push agendas whereas Xenomorphs cannot. That’s likely one of the catalysts here. Speaking of AI in a television series, Foundations (an Apple TV show), has a really interesting AI character. I do recommend it for any Sci Fi fans out there.

  7. Elohmn より:

    I dont like it

  8. Michael Fuller より:

    They just want to keep pushing the AI is trying to end humanity

  9. JohnnyZenith より:

    Makes no sense but then it never did in the Alien universe. The idea that there’s a ‘which technology will win’ is ridiculous. Building a droids doesn’t preclude life extension genetics or technology augmentation. That was always a theme that could have been explored.

    On another note Alien Covenant was poor because it didn’t have the guts to continue the themes of Prometheus a d show us more of the Engineers but attempted to placate those who failed to understand the merit of exploring the universe with those themes.

  10. ThomasTheShermanTank より:

    Personally I think the idea of corporate espionage and revelations of why Weyland is so infatuated with the xenos is a really cool avenue to take the series. I think it’s time we move away from the “Big Company Bad.” mindset and show everything that Weyland knows and how they came into contact with the xenos. Flesh out the company, the hierarchy and what the company actually wants while the true horrors of the xenos are unleashed. I think they can pull it off, the world building/lore for Fireteam Elite was pretty awesome so I’m hoping we keep on the upward path for the franchise.

  11. Flake452 より:

    Weyland-Yutanti to me is the most interesting and realistic megacorporation in Sci Fi, I am hoping we can see more on that in the TV show.

  12. Ken Ward より:

    There is such a thing as trying to be too clever where you wind up outsmarting yourself. James Cameron should be the example Noah Hawley follows. Cameron took a franchise that wasn’t his, and while he could’ve easily fallen into the trap of focusing mainly on backstories, origin stories, lore, worldbuilding, philosophy, etc, etc… instead he thought about where the 1st movie left off, logical reasons for the story to continue, reasons that include being exposed to even more of those terrifying aliens, and also picks up where we last left Ripley. And, then we got touches of expanded worldbuilding through the telling of a kickass action story. He didn’t have to undo anything Ridley Scott did in the previous film. He didn’t have to subvert expectations or out-think genre conventions. He came into an established IP and put his own stamp on it by simply ADDING to what was already there. Ripley leading Marines against this mysterious species of horrific aliens. The checks practically cash themselves. Meanwhile, as a result we the audience got a straight-ahead, balls to the wall, ridiculously entertaining sequel that still stands as one of the best sci-fi movies of all time.

    Noah Hawley’s a good enough writer he could do this too. Don’t overthink it. If the budget, and casting is right, a military action thriller set in near-future Earth where Tier 1 operators infiltrate and do battle with crash-landed xenomorphs could turn out to be one of the best things ever made. Sure, include character touches here and there amidst the action. Cameron was a master at this. And, sure, include a corporation subplot where they’re betraying the mission to cash in on some lab samples or whatever. But, go light on it. It doesn’t have to be rocket science. A kickass entry into this franchise is ripe for the picking. You just have to have the balls in today’s political climate to do it, and you have to avoid big-brains getting too caught up in flashbacks and prequelizing everything nowadays to the point where just telling a straightforward kickass story has become this rare commodity that we’re all so hungry for when all along keeping things simple was the obvious solution.

  13. Hawken Valhalla より:

    I think we’ll probably get teases of the Alien throughout season 1 with specimen transfer, secrets on the station/base, AI acting strange, etc. and then have a big reveal in the last couple of episodes where the Alien breaks containment. This plot will likely run in the background of the main one at first and then come together near the end.

  14. peppermint oil capsule より:

    Good grief, why don’t they just make Neill Blomkamp’s alienS sequel? PLEASE???

  15. A. Buchanan より:

    The key element? The key element is the alien, which is distinctly absent from that interview! Hard pass, I can guarantee you this has more to do with Woke-Ness then Alien-Ness… I’m not interested in present day politics and nonsense being placed in the future… Doesn’t make it interesting or thought-provoking, but what else what I expect from a franchise that’s unfortunately long dead. Dan O’Bannon would probably have a good smirk for where this is all going… I’m definitely out.:-)

  16. Adrian Fox より:

    Totally agree that it should be more about the alien. The alien lifecycle got peoples imagination but the android side was also worth having in there. It was a combination of good story, H R Giger’s alien, and a good visual direction from Ridley. The prequels were a missed opportunity, the reason the aliens were in the crashed ship could have opened up the aliens universe. Having the engineers has just pale giants was pretty aweful, the artists could tell the original space jockey was a bioorganism made to control the ship. Having people realise that the aliens were part of a bigger civilisation thousands of years ahead with god like immortal beings in charge would have been much more interesting/scary. But it always comes back to the humans being the most important, not a child like race alone heading out into a dangerous universe with much more powerful aliens races, where their “alien” pets/bio weapons are only a small part of the danger. HR Gigers other work could have made up this advanced civilisation.

  17. Andrew Glazebrook より:

    This coffin must be massive because they keep adding more nails to it !!!

  18. Jay Mac より:

    Whiff of Chappie but alien world thrown in

  19. Chris McEvoy より:

    I wonder if it will look like Altered Carbon.

  20. TAD より:

    Even in the novel, there has been other companies working on AI’s and after the Alien, but I hope they don’t following Scott and making this about synths. The movies, comics, novels and games, i.e. the universe of Aliens is about the Alien. And agree 100 with H, the Alien doesn’t need to be reinvented just some fresh takes on the story. Like those mini movies that were done for the Alien anniversary, there were some really great ones that came from that.

  21. Spastlcatedtoad より:

    i dont agree with you, i stopped watching at “sister inside a synth body – mind swap type of thing” ….thumbs down
    a shame really, i was looking forward to this alien series but if its this garbage propaganda …. set in 2020 … ON EARTH … with blue hair sister in robot body no thank you, HARD PASS

  22. Daytona_AK392 より:

    I’m just excited for more Alien content.

  23. D G より:

    Why don’t they make a ‘Weyland Yutani’ show and focus on the corporation that way they can build a world around AI, Alien, Predator and bring in other new stuff and not offend people when it’s minimal air time for the ‘Alien’

  24. Jason Santos より:

    I believe this show is going to focus on the AI and humanity then alien

  25. Th3lonef0x より:

    0:10 As for Alien releases this year, we have Alien: Colony war (Edit: Careful looking up the synopsis for Colony war, it has a spoiler for Into Charybdis in the blurb!) as well as Alien: Inferno’s fall, both are novels published by Titan books. They are also publishing the Alien Vs Predator: Ultimate prey anthology (Features a sequel to Aliens: Pahlanx as one of the short stories.) As well as the novel Alien Vs Predator: Rift war.

  26. Anti Corruption Agenda より:

    “Alien doesn’t need to be reinvented” = 100%
    And it’s not just about the horror stuff or the creatures!
    I don’t understand the obsession with the A.I. either!


  27. Xander Greyskull より:

    Prometheus was ok to have a focus on AI because it’s not Alien, the problem to me was that Prometheus’ sequel was Alien Covenant, instead of it being: Prometheus Covenant. I am of the mind that the franchise needs spin-off titles to expand the lore, so that way if they want to focus on a aspect of the franchise, they have the Series to do it.

  28. Matt_R. より:

    I can’t stand the emphasis of AI in the more recent Alien movies. Just give us more sci-fi horror with the Xenomorph/Alien please. I didn’t buy almost every Alien Darkhorse comic because of the freaking synthetics. What a way to derail a franchise.

  29. Elam より:

    I tried doing an outline for a large-scale xenomorph outbreak between multiple stations. The conclusion I reached: even at The Expanse’s tech level, humanity is still pretty OP. Xenomorphs with a fully established hive, just don’t have ways to counter missiles, without making them more like Starcraft’s Zerg. I think the production team shifted to AI upon realizing this. The problem there: Ridley Scott kinda poisoned the well with his ‘lol, wut?’ portrayals of AI antagonists.

  30. Paul Fahy より:

    I gotta be honest , I’m buzzing for this and I can’t wait !! Btw you look so much better without that big beard !!

  31. ElevenEvilExes より:

    they should make it WY vs Tyrell!

  32. Quantum Dave より:

    So Alien? Gonna loose the audience early and probably dig an even deeper hole for the franchise.

  33. wayne mcauliffe より:

    Just hope it`s not woke

  34. Matt Young より:

    I agree alien as a concept shouldn’t be about ash and AI it should be about man finding something alien and having to deal with that. In aliens (you will remember this) the marines say about how they have come across aliens before and beat them that’s why they were so confident (not the bug type alien another type) I’d 100% be more interested in a show where a team of scientists research aliens in the galaxy with it getting to the classic alien at the end. Like Prometheus was at the beginning where they are putting things together and are able to then go to these places cos interstellar travel is then possible. The whole ai side of the alien franchise could be taken out cos they are a fun diversion not what the focus should be. I’ve been thinking about what if ya didn’t know about the birth cycle of an alen and only saw one when it’s an adult cos ya wouldn’t be as scared. When it flashes it’s teeth ya just shout at it like ya would do a nawty dog. I thing they key on fear and if ya wasn’t scared they wouldn’t be assed about you. Also what if a fully grown alien had trates and mannerisms of its original host IE it sleeps the same way or likes the same kind of things they are made of their DNA after all. How much of the host is in the alien? I’d rather this be explored than a human cooperation or robots

  35. weilam03 より:

    Aliens need to have very limited screen time in this show unless they do stories about USCM

  36. donovan bradford より:

    Myself I feel this is one of two things one if they were smart a smoke screen, talk about small things to wet our appetites while the xenomorphs are the bigger picture and no spoilers, which I don’t feel is the case. The other and this I think is more likely continuing what Ridley Scott did at points in Alien and very much with the last two installments of the franchise. The crazy thing is no one but the fan base seems to realize so much of what people remember come from the Aliens movie by James Cameron. The space marines, a fully fleshed out zenomorph life cycle and hierarchy, and everything we see in the comics and games are pulled from this souce. For me I don’t know why studios can’t seem to get this through their heads that given the last two outings maybe give someone else a crack at this franchise and if Scott wants in just tell him no, because we aren’t talking Star Trek TNG where you had to bring Gene Roddenberry on or people wouldn’t watch it. At this point most know Scott may be good at his job but he’s not the right person for this project anymore.

  37. OMNI•FRAME より:

    I just…I don’t understand how…these “alien/ predator fans” who are in charge of creating these films/tv shows ignore dark horse.

  38. Marshmallowmonster 77 より:

    Is Ridley Scott involved in this?

  39. Art Van Kampen より:

    Can’t help but be intrigued by this upcoming series.

  40. Mike Lowrey より:

    The alien itself and the engineers Are both far more interesting than AI

  41. johnbeechy より:

    1:34// Post HOT Ones’ challenge, seek out BREAD bread will absorb the secretions in the mouth that maintain the HEAT. // dry bread less water as water will re rinse the HEAT inside the mouth and make it worse. /// i do not know if putting protein powder in the mouth will accomplish the same effect as bread. //
    the exit only strategy is what remains and if them sauces were super d hot, there could be a painful exiting scenario and bread will not help out at that end

  42. Mike Rogers より:

    The Xenomorph is just a cool looking, iconic monster. It had a mystique to it originally which has now been destroyed. But there’s not that much inherently interesting about it imo. It’s a monster that kills people. That’s it.

    Horror movies have a tendency to get progressively shitter with each sequel because it’s just the same thing again and again.

    What made the original so good is not the giger monster, which is actually barely shown in the film. it was the quality of the script, the realism and the interplay between the crew of the nostromo who were all well realised characters, well acted. Ellen Ripley is the core of that film, not the Xenomorph. Same with Aliens.

    The film could have worked with a different monster. The giger stuff is cool and iconic, but overstated.

  43. Earl Mcraw より:

    It’s just an advert for A.I which is a shame. They are just pushing a narrative.

  44. Jedi Fonz より:

    Jezze. What a horrible time we live in. Covid never seems to end and every beloved franchise is being sh#t on. Only thing keeping me sane is cobra Kai…

  45. donald smeed より:


  46. Luke Fremlin より:

    Honestly I wish they would just finish off what’s happening after covenant and just do a fresh take from there that way it’s way in the future we get a conclusion to David and so on and a potential to have movies that put the Alien at the front of the franchise again and deep dive into the hive as it were. New characters, way into the future and new Aliens for the xeno’s to interact with and make new types and old without any limitations to hold it back.

  47. Mind and Body より:

    This is sad news. Do we need another Raised by Wolves series? Weaponizing the alien would be solid and hearkens back to Blomkamp’s pitch/ proposal. I would prefer something focused on deep space exploration, planetary, asteroid mining, and or terraforming to make a far more interesting backdrop to ALIEN encounters.

  48. Delta Squad より:

    Honestly I think Hawley is the best choice for this as legion as Fargo have shown he can handle a lot of great themes with a compelling and interesting story.

  49. Christopher Dunn より:

    I guess they want to push A.I. on us to get us ready for when they roll it out in real life.


    Il get excited wen i see it until then im not gonna hold my breath to many hyped up movies/tv have floped that i washyped for

  51. Attila RZA より:

    It’s going to be another Predator 2018!

  52. Eddie Quist より:

    It was not Weyland-Yutani until aliens they worked for the Weyland corporation in alien.

  53. Di Costa より:

    what a bomb it will be, so disappointing, this franchise has the substance to expand and become just like star wars , a massive universe with lots of backstories and so much more its really a shame

  54. jadapandy より:

    Love the Alien AND Predator franchises. Hope both new ones coming out reach the greatness the originals did. So much potential.

  55. jadapandy より:

    Speaking of immortality, just read a phenomenal novel called Cain the Unknown Soldier. It was like the Highlander meets Conan the barbarian meets Pappilon.
    Highly recommend it!

  56. Jimmy Little より:

    Yes after the huge success of Prometheus and Covenant another philosophical bore seems like a great idea.

  57. tHeWasTeDYouTh より:

    Does anyone here like Alien Resurrections? I like it but I think I am the only one. I love playing the old AVP games made by Monolith. so good

  58. ROADKILL Official より:

    Here we go AGAIN! While Noah is making an ALIEN TV series, why is the main focus on synthetics and NOT on the creature we ALL like the franchise for, the XENOMORPH! The fact Ridley Scott is involved as ‘executive producer’ – his vision and his canon are going to be part of this TV series….why? He’s done enough damage to the franchise already, contradicting 40 years of lore and the franchise – needs a new direction and the A.I.’s can be part of the story line but NOT the main focus!

  59. jeffada2245 より:

    In so many ways I agree that it does seem as if they are going to go in the direction of A.I.’s simply because that’s where Ridley was targeting and he still seems to be in talks with Disney/Marvel in regards to his vision of the franchise. So I wouldn’t be surprised if they are purposely still going in that direction to appease Ridley per se. Now with that being said, why NOT focus on the lore and what made the Franchise what it is and expand the Alien/Xenomorphs story as a whole and possibly brach off on another series and direction separate with the A.I. if there’s a true interest and fan base for that if done correctly. Yet the Aliens do not need to be reinvented at all.

  60. Baron Saturnyne より:

    Ai, is in their iDNA, the goo, the creature is a primitive stage in the growth of a greater organism, that was supposed to use an Engineer as a host, never humanity. The Ai, grows the beast at a cellular level, like the resin walls and the biosphere, most are unaware of what they saw,
    Even I alien covenant, it answered who the space jockey was an how, if you paid attention to David

  61. Baron Saturnyne より:


  62. Andrew Mowatt より:

    I bet we will probably see just one Alien in the whole season and it only be in a few episodes.

  63. Thomas Anderson より:

    I think you miss the point that the alien design was just a very VERY fresh way of delving into horror, The fact that they called each one alien is kinda sad, if they were going to focus on it, they should have really delved into Giger’s ideas, even the ability of the alien to express emotion through sound venting out of it’s body, really let him make the whole culture of the alien “ALIEN” and not human, or terrestrial organism period, like ants and such, but rather something we just would not get to see in normal earth bound creatures and their cultures,

  64. Andrew Mowatt より:

    If it’s going to be about A.I. Then it should not be called alien

  65. Blank Blank より:

    Why do I expect them to balls it up.

  66. athan336 より:

    it sounds like the vain of the original comic, not bad i say

  67. bquick94 より:

    I’d rather just get an Alien Isolation sequel

  68. Ahmed E より:

    Noah Hawley is a genius … he’s very similar to Joss Whedon when it comes to writing compelling characters and snappy dialogue

  69. Jake Bryant より:

    Sounds interesting but will we get this on Disney Plus?

  70. Swinefuzz より:

    All the complaining about the Alien franchise exploring AI and corporate hijinks. You’ve all seen the original Alien film from 1979, right? First, there’s an alien monster threat, then it’s revealed the Nostromo’s mainframe computer AI Mother is sabotaging the human’s attempts at survival rather than serving them (recalling HAL from 2001), and that it’s following orders from their employer (“Father” if you will) back on earth, then it’s revealed one of their fellow crew members (their “brother” if you will) is a defective android (more AI) and sabotaging them as well. At every turn, the humans find themselves fucked over and increasingly paranoid and desperate as the illusion of their “family” falls apart. THIS HAS BEEN THE TEMPLATE FOR THE ENTIRE FRANCHISE FROM THE VERY BEGINNING, ALIEN MONSTER + DEFECTIVE AI + CORPORATE GREED = EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING WANTS YOU DEAD, yet fanboys keep complaining that Alien sequels keep bringing up AI and corporate malfeasance instead of focusing 100% on drooling, hostile, Giger star beasts. Get real. I saw Alien in the theater in 1979 and back then seeing what initially seemed a typical monster movie twist and evolve into something far more sinister, where our own creations, computers, were out to kill us, too and then that our employers were out to kill us, too, was insanely innovative and fresh and added up to making Alien a far more paranoid, scary, tense and complex movie than it would have been if the only baddie was a rubber monster. THIS IS GOOD STUFF, YET YOU ALL KEEP COMPLAINING. Fuck off.

  71. hcaz より:

    Alien has been explored for 50 years… time to let it go

  72. mark lloyd より:

    mr ‘h’ what have you thought of ‘raised by wolves’? ridley scott amongst others on the creative teams… lots of design echoes from the alien franchise etc, have you seen season one? and what were your thoughts?

  73. Form4li7y より:

    I think they are focusing on AI so much because that subject has been mainstreamed enough for a general audience to easily latch onto while still having a hook into the IP. It’s another way for them to be lazy and mitigate what they see as risk. It is also an easier way to allow politics and philosophy to be put into the mix. I doubt we will see another Alien movie/series that has xenomorphs at the core. Disney doesn’t have the stomach or interest for those kind of stories.

  74. Lovecraft Gaming より:

    I’m still hoping the near future statement just means the fact the movies take about a hundred years into the future. Also hopefully that world building statement is true and they show us how Earth has been doing and if the UPP faction still exists to their canon. If it flops then it’s back into the freezer

  75. Martin Ainscough より:

    “Never let good storytelling get in the way of a pathological ideology.”

    Lessons from the century of change by a useful idiot.


  76. Coop より:

    Every time they do this in near future or present day
    it’s god awful.

    Should we just call this Altered Carbon 2?

  77. UnBearified Bear より:

    *Me:* dontbeshitdontbeshitdontbeshit

    *Also Me:* it’s going to be shit

  78. Makenshi Critiques より:

    Noah Hawley is gonna mess this up. He’s doing what he did with legion which was great but far too removed from the source material. It wasn’t even recognisable as an x-men show

  79. Neil Patil より:

    Brilliant …..not

    Focus on xeno morphs plus the other aspects a i weyland etc

  80. Anton Roby より:

    I’m getting, Altered Carbon, vibes. But with a Xeno thrown in, maybe…. hopefully.

  81. UnderdogFanatic より:

    Now there’s an interesting concept Tony Jaa vs Alien XD

  82. daniel より:

    Alien meets Alter Carbon.

  83. Robert Laidlaw より:

    i still think David is one of the most interesting villains in cinema history

  84. Film Buff より:

    Sounds like he is continuing where Ridley Hack left off.

  85. santiago451 より:

    Ridley Scott focused on AI because he didn’t care about telling an Alien story, he wanted to tell a Blade Runner story. One all about creations turning on their creators, to then create anew, etc. The Alien franchise ended when the credits rolled on Aliens.

  86. Orcus 622 より:

    I’m hopeful but cautious with this one. I still think if they did a series based around the old pc alien vs predator games that would be amazing. So much material to work with.

  87. Baron Saturnyne より:

    Now, I’m wondering If Weyland left The company to David which is why Vickers went on the Prometheus, and she uploaded a synthetic form…. it would explain David ordering The crew of the Covenant and codes for MUTHER, ANDif Muther is based on Weylands Wife?

  88. griffineagle7 より:

    MR H ..think a plot story line of a world with competing A.I EACH HAVING THEIR UPGRADE DESIGNS OF A WEAPONISED ALIEN CYBORG ,human hybrids ..then the storyline could morph into each opposing AI stealthily has been undermining and manipulating the Narrative to eventually reveal the Alien hybrids are their preferred choice of enforcer ..this could also go into the realms of origin that David has a genetic source code embedded in their DNA that like a programmed spirituality gives them meaning of seeking answers that eventually the AI or Alien hybrid do the same has the Prometheus mission to seek out their creator .. just a thought on a possibility of a plot story line

  89. Mad Max より:

    I have no interest in this show, Alien wasn’t dead but these morons are killing it. I’m sick of this AI theme it is cliche, boring & overdone nowadays. It’s not as interesting as all these people think, I never watched the Alien films for the androids, they were part of the universe but not the backbone, the films aren’t called Android, Androids, Android 3 & Android resurrection etc… The people handling this franchise are pretentious idiots.

  90. BlackBruceLee より:

    I think we need to remember that Alien and Blade Runner shares the same universe. I have no problem of them developing a series involving A.I./cyborgs

  91. Andres Fuselli より:

    For me the perfect end for the Prometheus saga is with a Synthetic so advanced that could give birth to the biomechanical classic Alien. I love Ridley Scott but he waste the opportunity.

  92. DragonXD2 より:

    I can’t imagine a more missed opportunity right now then an Alien tv show.

    Seriously when the last time anyone said let’s watch Aliens, it’s been to long, and unless it’s “the Alien” the one we saw in the frist movie, you know that horrific creature that could get anywhere, you never know when it’s going to kill someone and it’s off earth, who cares. Marvel’s “comic” didn’t help any hype and some of the ideas when they did talk about it were bad.

    Unless we go back to what made the Alien the iconic horror creature, it’s not going to work in anyway.

  93. 00MrBlob より:

    I love Prometheus and alien covenant so if there is stuff about AI I would be happy and interested to see what happens

  94. Kellin Winslow より:

    Here’s what they should be exploring. Never doing anything with this franchise ever again. Explore some restraint and quite messing up a series that is already messed up beyond repair.