Wall Street Pulled The Rug… Then They Did This! [QQQ, SPY, TSLA, ARKK, AAPL, BITCOIN]

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We look at the S&P500, Nasdaq(QQQ), Bitcoin, USDX, Silver, Gold, Russell 2000, and TSLA, AMZN from a technical analysis perspective to try and make some sense of what’s exactly going on.

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  1. Richard Parker より:

    Good luck everyone.

  2. B. Beato より:

    Good to have you back!

  3. Shane より:

    You still make videos?

  4. Jay Harrison より:

    How to avoid being faked out 🙁 Thanks

  5. Invest N muscle より:

    Great Technical Analysis bro..love the content

  6. Steve Hettinger より:

    Value stocks until proven otherwise.

  7. ihateweedwackers 00 より:

    Great vid tonight…love the value vs. growth comparison!

  8. 44 Allstar より:

    Man I missed you my guy

  9. Steve Hettinger より:

    Powell is going to wrek the market. Just my guess.

  10. darryn jones より:

    tom i have $25,000 in AMC. i know you think it’s a meme stock. but to me its profitable. can you show me the put/call walls and open interest? i look at that stuff on my own but it would be nice to see what you say.

  11. Yogesh Rabari より:

    Please add Amazon stock for 2022

  12. Eli Colner より:

    I think lumping growth with ARKK is a mistake. Growth was incredible in 2021.

  13. Jonathan Lance より:

    Given that interest rates will have a big impact on the markets, can you cover TLT on a regular basis. Thanks.

  14. Finkin79 より:

    What a great trading day on the market! That morning smothering was just perfect.

  15. Brandon Case より:

    Amazon, Tom, Amazon.
    I bought for turkey rally and am sad ☹️
    And by sad I mean buying more.
    When to the moon?

  16. BlackDog より:

    Thank you for your insightful videos. Wall st is getting into growth and small caps. The rotation is happening that is why the media is reporting on it so hard, glad you shared this.

  17. Gary Saini より:

    Love the analysis, as always, Tom!

  18. William Oconnor より:

    stonks only go up aggghhhh buy buy buy. total farce

  19. moot talk より:

    If possible, I would like to see SNAP, MARA, AFRM, LCID, NIO, SOFI, MTTR, ENPH added to the list of stocks discussed. May be you can pick one surprise stock from the list of stocks everyday.
    I know you may have a gold / silver audience. I am not one of them, so wouldnt mind having them gone.

  20. Daniel Danio より:

    Amazing tecnical analysis. Great value all ur videos. Thank you for ever.

  21. Shaun Tay より:

    at around 13:15, similar to your analysis, Cathie Wood also said that the rotation from growth to value started in Feb 2021.

  22. Bay Creek History Detectives より:

    Wow, thanks Tom. Interesting contrarian view! Oh, I am in Gold, Silver and Miners…super high dividend EM stocks. Brazil, Russia, Canadian Midstream Oil. I think it is their turn, but all depends on the USD. Also, been nibbling FAANGMAN on the way down…

  23. Permitfisher より:

    Oh my goodness!!! I’m so glad you are still with us! I missed where ever you gave us yer schedule for the holidays. Wheeew! Was worried.
    Didja catch any big barras?….over 18 kilos?
    Or GTs over 28….coral trouts? (we don’t have any o those over here)(they all on my bucket list tho)

  24. George Jernigan より:

    Hello… BTC Shorts???

  25. Zanrok より:

    I love these videos. I would like to see a review of semiconductors.. and maybe less time on Gold. Thanks Tom!

  26. Glen Vick より:

    Love your analysis Tom! Could you please give us your 2022 outlook for Energy and Miners?

  27. BlueMaserati より:

    Tom you the best. Missed you buddy. Happy New Year

  28. JOHNNY K より:

    GBTC put in a lower low. The same way it put in a lower high when spot BTC put in a new ATH… prices are coming DOWN

  29. Daniel Danio より:

    Would like an analysis of snowflake stock if possible and as always thank you for helping the community to navigate this markets the right way.

  30. sprocket より:

    Keep it up sir, no suggestions.

  31. Scott Robinson より:

    Tom and Team,
    Thanks again for the content, my suggestion for 2022 could you please add TA for CRSP and / or biotech sector.

  32. Bill Huang より:

    Great video! I have a question about “put walls” and “call walls”? I see for AAPL Jan 14 Expiration there is a potential “Call Wall” at 170-strike. The open interest here is 43,282 contracts. Do you think this is a strong “call wall” to make AAPL unlikely to go over 170 before 1/14?

  33. Chris Mayberry より:

    From one investor to another.. 2022 feels to me to be an up and down year probably ending where we started. Traders will love it. It’s too bad Tom your subscriber count hasn’t exploded.. it should have. Keep making great content and it will come.

  34. Jason k より:

    i wish you would stop talking about arkk

  35. Lavish Vegas より:

    last time we bottomed in 1945 at around where we are now, rates shot up to 15%! Can you imagine that?

  36. JKYWANG 2011 より:

    Value was yesterday story. When everybody talks about it, it’s time to run the other direction.

  37. Inf より:

    I want to see FXE being BASED as they always are in 2022

  38. Esben Skov Rasmussen より:

    You said apple is a growth company then said birshire is the epedemy of value though birshire is about 50% apple stock. Birshire is not pure “value” stocks as the index defines them but “value” and “”quality” stocks.
    And then you said arkk is growth and quility, quility usually means good roe and debt to equity and that kind stuff and I have not looked it up my stomach feeling is birshire will measure higher in a quility index than arkk.

  39. Luisa Peterson より:

    Great video! I really do have a quick question. For someone with less than $10,000 to invest, How would you recommend we enter the market? I am looking study some traders and copy their strategy rather than investing myself and losing money emotionally. Whats your take on this approach?

  40. Jeff Leng より:

    true story: I stopped watching your videos for a few a weeks bc I got over confident. Lost quite a bit during that time because I underestimated how much your daily analysis keeps me in perspective that the market goes both ways. Thank you for your service good sir!