The Gang’s Most Gruesome Injuries | It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia | FXX

Laugh through the pain while watching the gang’s gnarliest injuries. Catch all the best moments and episodes of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on FX, stream on Hulu.

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The record-breaking 15th season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is its most ambitious yet. In the seismic wake of Covid-19 and all things 2020, The Gang stands at a crossroads in this strange new world. The rules are changing quicker than anyone can keep up with, despite herculean efforts from Mac (Rob McElhenney), Charlie (Charlie Day), Dennis (Glenn Howerton), Dee (Kaitlin Olson) and Frank (Danny DeVito) to continue business as usual. Now, they must face the music and decide who they’ll become in the cultural upheaval that is 2021. Across the span of eight episodes — and the Atlantic Ocean — we find them answer in a way only they could think to.

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The Gang’s Most Gruesome Injuries | It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia | FXX


  1. J より:

    I’m a little disappointed “I AM SHATTERED TO PIECES” wasn’t included.

  2. SB より:

    Cricket making the cast break C’MON FX WE KNOW YOU HAVE THEM

  3. thot-b0t より:

    the sound Dee makes at 3:32! lmao

  4. Scott Matthews より:

    Frank on the water slide made me physically recoil in disgust

  5. Bilbo Dabbins より:

    “Did it not go through?” I will laugh every time.

  6. Franklin Onyango より:

    Hey Chorlay

  7. John Cole より:


  8. paulo ricardo より:

    miss the scene where dee get a hole in her scalp on the jersey’s shore

  9. joshua conniff より:

    I’ve never watched this show but the clips make me laugh so much

  10. Martin Phoshoko より:

    Dees reaction to Franks head injury is hilarious!!!!!!!!!
    She literally sounds like some exotic bird!

  11. Kirito より:

    I dont recall the third one. which episode was that?

  12. Andrew Yacos より:

    Dee car door wins, and it was real.

  13. Marlow Cowan より:

    Big mistake, it says Charlie gets stabbed with a fork, when clearly he got forkstabbed!

  14. scottwantstoleaveearth より:

    I love how even though Mac considers himself the most badass and dangerous none of these involve him

  15. Bobby Reece より:


  16. GodLovesUgly042 より:

    I usually close my eyes or look away at these scenes… Thanks FX

  17. Harry Molyneux より:

    Macs Car crash which isn;t on here has to be number 1

  18. Big K より:

    You guys should have included dees other fish factory injury where she falls from the ladder.

  19. Nexus 525 より:

    Seeing Dennis and dee get hurt will never not be funny.

  20. manifestgtr より:

    That stunt double they got for dee and the car door is completely uncanny. I know the “skinny blonde” is probably common in the stunt double world but goddamn, they got a good match…

  21. Nexus 525 より:

    Frank did it all wrong, he should’ve aimed higher.

  22. Alexander Perez より:

    Dee’s shattered kneecap and Crickets gunshot wound

  23. It’s Alright I’m Kinda Dead Inside より:

    I love the slide

  24. vanceat より:

    Charlie’s foot in a beartrap?

  25. Uros Marjanovic より:

    How ’bout gang sets Dee on fire or the one where Mac smashes Dee’s car straight into wall?

  26. J B より:

    So I heard that The Bird did her own stunts much of the time, and ended up with some injuries.
    Did she actually do the Shoe Heist Escape herself where she ran out in heels and slammed into the car?

  27. Ray S より:

    The fact this show hasn’t won an Emmy is criminal. And Kaitlin should have multiple Emmy’s by now. Funniest show ever!

  28. Justin B. より:


  29. uelhp より:

    My ankles are broken reminds of Tanner Hall Chad’s gap

  30. Crazy Diamond より:

    Dee getting her braid yanked off in Jersey Shore was another classic.

  31. Dan Voelker より:

    Wish the episodes with these clips were listed

  32. Calvin Mobley より:

    The lifeguards were always the real villains of the water park episode.

  33. Numb3r Col0rs より:

    The part that blows my mind is how Kaitlin really smashed her head into that car lmao

  34. Milli Macro より:

    Charlie and the electric tweezers lol

  35. soul2take420 より:

    How is Liam part of the gang?

  36. Jason より:

    Frank at the waterpark is absolutely the worst one

  37. Geordie Dynes より:

    Jeesum Crapes!

  38. Timmy Bustani より:

    Dude…Dee and the car door takes the cake, the bakery, and the bar.

  39. xx OGSavage175 xx より:

    3:58 I love Dennis’s facial expression and his non reaction. Dude is a real psychopath. And Dee’s approving look.

  40. P O より:

    Who puts milk on an open wound?!?!

  41. Joey Alvarado より:


  42. dredhead117 より:

    -breaks both his ankles skiing
    -broke his arm in a car accident
    -hand impaled by a throwing dart
    -head trauma from tripping into a car door
    -head trauma/broken nose from being hit in the head by a metal folding chair
    -hit by a car
    -doused in fish guts
    -hit by a car
    -head trauma from falling out a window
    -stabbed in the back with a fork

  43. Jure Primorac より:

    They’re surely broken.

  44. Scott より:

    the life guard’s reaction disgusts me, but not as much as his role in the final season of game of thrones did. Be ashamed d & d, be ashamed

  45. MrIHadToDoIt より:

    10:32 shouldve reversed Dees personality change

  46. ACS ONE より:

    I love how they immediately just want to toss Frank in a home

  47. C M より:

    You missed everything with Cricket! He’s part of the gang