#163 1973 shovelhead loose the ugly kickstart custom bobber build 74ci FX FL harley by tatro machine

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#163 1973 shovelhead loose the ugly kickstart custom bobber build 74ci FX FL harley by tatro machine

what do you do with a good running stock looking shovelhead that is very ugly looking to you. it’s time to loose the ugly and start over on what looks good to you. you just keep the good shovelhead motor and 4sp trans and the frame and loose everything else. i still want to keep it a swingarm but they are just so butt ugly. lets see how we work thru this and all the other fitment issues as we put this bike back together.
the good news is that this is a tatro machine shop bike registered in my name so i can do whatever i want to do with it.
this bike is for sale at any point along the build so if you want it just contact me at tatromachine@cox.net.
and if you want any of the parts you see, new or used feel free to contact me too.
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  1. milwaukeegregg より:

    Like your style………………

  2. redchargernl 5.7 より:

    If only i would live near you ,we could be friends. Love to learn from you.

  3. hdevo80 より:

    Yes!! Badass!!

  4. A HILL より:

    Probably ly gonna call me n idiot but I’m gonna buy my first bagger tomorrow. Going from 74 xlch to 04 ultra. I know you hate twin cams

  5. Daniel O'Regan より:

    I like the bigger seat bords don’t like those new shocks tho defanatly narrower bar and slightly higher
    I think would look nice with a bates head light and spark taillight no indicators or do u have to have them by law there didnt notice if the dash had oil worning light but I think an oil gauge would go with the look
    I like watching the videos were u make mis matched parts fit that front fender on the rear looks perfect
    is there enough space under it tho when the shocks compress looks crazy close if u can run that looks amazing
    would be great to see this get a bit further on with the calipers and discs fitted
    But how far do u go down the rabbit hole might as well finish if u go any further
    Excellent job as always love the detail u go in to in the videos
    Thanks Dan

  6. aaa700 より:

    How much you want for it?

  7. Victor Slowik より:

    Fat seat Keenan! Maybe risers for the handle bar to clear the tanks!

  8. Tom Montague より:

    Starting to look good….Those low bars gotta go

  9. Jamie Hicks より:

    Need some foot boards like that…along with the white pads…canvas backed of course

  10. 2naphish より:

    big seat and perhaps risers for the bars.

  11. Verne Gibb より:

    Built it to your liking then ride it like you stole it.

  12. Randy Bunker より:

    Big seat! Thats what I wanted to have for a seat on my 72 FLH. Foot boards would be better than pegs. Thats good lookin ride!!!

  13. Nebulax123 より:

    The big seat looks way better.

  14. Paul Seabrook より:

    Looks good.

  15. Carl Derfler より:

    That’s afine motor-sickle if there ever was one! Just a good decent example of everything that necessary and nothin that’s not.

  16. Michael Mitchell より:

    Glad to see some videos from you again Tatro, I know your busy moving, hope it’s going well man….bike looks really good!..gonna be a nice hot rod for someone…

  17. xxtruckin93xx より:

    Wide seat for sure and adjust the bars and most definitely angle the floor boards !!!! That’s a bike I’d ride just as it is lol

  18. Johnny Sechrist より:

    Be a nice scoot for somebody…..

  19. Norm P P Jr より:

    Cool springer

  20. RICHARD Bruzzese より:

    Love the fat seat sweet love the bars love Springer front ends it’s going to be a nice one dig it all the way around maybe a little bit of a riser in them handlebars probably have to turn something turn some taller risers find a way to Chuck up on them

  21. Dennis Howell より:

    Looking good

  22. lowe .jimmy より:

    going to be sweet ride

  23. lowe .jimmy より:

    you going to raffle
    it off lol

  24. Randy Cecil より:

    I agree with you. Fat seat and low narrow bars

  25. Curly27784 より:

    The fat seat looks like it would be more comfortable and looks more period correct to the rest of the bike. The taller bars could stand to have the ends bent in to make them easier on the back. In the end, the only opinion that really matters is the opinion of the guy riding it.