It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia | Season 15 Blooper Reel | FXX

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The record-breaking 15th season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is its most ambitious yet. In the seismic wake of Covid-19 and all things 2020, The Gang stands at a crossroads in this strange new world. The rules are changing quicker than anyone can keep up with, despite herculean efforts from Mac (Rob McElhenney), Charlie (Charlie Day), Dennis (Glenn Howerton), Dee (Kaitlin Olson) and Frank (Danny DeVito) to continue business as usual. Now, they must face the music and decide who they’ll become in the cultural upheaval that is 2021. Across the span of eight episodes — and the Atlantic Ocean — we find them answer in a way only they could think to.

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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia | Season 15 Blooper Reel | FXX


  1. Midtoker Marius より:

    When is season 16 coming out? 😉

  2. S B より:

    I knew there had to be outtakes of the meatball scene

  3. John torres より:

    i love this show

  4. Ghostdialoog より:

    I never gag while watching anything, but the MEATBALL scene made me gag. 10/10

  5. Ari Acevedo より:

    Why so few scenes , like wtf this should be 20 min at least

  6. DeadlyCyclone より:

    “Going to challenge me to a game of Quidditch?” LMAO

  7. Comfy より:

    Glenn’s laugh at 8:29 has me dyingggg hahaha

  8. Iser Fornow より:

    Boo gaa joo joo

  9. Joe Buck Yourself より:

    Watching Danny try and eat the “poop” is the funniest thing ever, i’ve never seen him break character so much in bloopers!

  10. dua cot より:

    More likes than a Biden video!

  11. Bryan S より:

    This was one of the best seasons!

  12. Jombo より:

    2:43 that sounded exactly like a crow.

  13. Tyler より:

    This was a great season! Classic Sunny

  14. Aldrick Ex Gladius より:

    Season 1- 7 episodes
    Season 2- 10 episodes
    Season 3- 15 episodes
    Season 4- 14 episodes
    Season 5- 12 episodes
    Season 6- 14 episodes
    Season 7- 13 episodes
    Season 8- 11 episodes
    Season 9- 11 episodes
    Season 10- 10 episodes
    Season 11- 10 episodes
    Season 12- 10 episodes
    Season 13- 10 episodes
    Season 14- 11 episodes
    Season 15- 8 episodes

    The gang cant make up their mind how many episodes they want in a season lol

  15. Red Rob より:

    2:43 Kaitlin actually crowed like a bird.

  16. Ace Bandage より:

    I love this show. Don’t know what I’d do without it

  17. ꧁༺Galactus༻꧂ より:

    New season was too short. Total rip off.

  18. The Alaskan より:

    The scene where Dennis is holding in his coughs made me piss myself of laughter!

  19. slurnie より:

    Kaitlin Olson is so freaking funny

  20. Justin B. より:


  21. Johnny Cobalt より:

    Excellent season. Truly.

  22. Vivec Almsvisi より:

    The nailed it this season tbh. Hoping for the return of some more guest characters in season 16!

  23. DMAG Yo より:

    Dee freaking out at the roller rink is one of my fav it’s always sunny scenes of all time

  24. Mr. Sasshole より:

    This was such a great season. May we have many more!

  25. Кеша Киселев より:


  26. Susan Sheehan より:

    I don’t know how Colm kept it together in the ‘meatball’ scene. It must have been such a laugh working with the gang!!. Say there are rolls upon rolls of ‘bloopers’!!.

  27. Higor Campos より:

    Best show ever!

  28. indade より:

    You don’t see laugh challenges with this show. You see failures but never challenges. Just take the L.

  29. TheDude より:

    Greatest comedy show in the history of TV, I don’t know they get they get through it.

  30. faku gidderidi より:

    Thanks for the bloopers! Love the show.

  31. Alex Benson より:

    Thank you for this meal

  32. lejesstanner より:

    I love how Colm Meaney manages to sit through the meatball scene so many times without breaking.

  33. Shannon McCall より:

    Rob giggling every time he said “I like girls” was so funny and cute.

  34. AHEdits より:

    I’m shocked that there wasn’t any bog bloopers

  35. Truth Seeker より:

    From this season and all seasons bloopers you can tell that the cast genuinely love what they are doing, especially the Living Legend that is Danny Devito! It makes me so happy and it is so right for Mr. Devito to have this incredible character and incredible show that he loves and has brought him to the another generation in the latter stage of an illustrious career.

    So happy for all the cast and so happy for the Living Legend.

    (*and did y’all know he produced Pulp Fiction? Acting, writing, producing and directing – the man has done it all and done it all so well.)

  36. J.P. Menger より:

    I have to stop watching this…because of the implication.

  37. Alex Smith より:

    You dutch?

  38. Tony Montana より:

    Can’t wait for next season!! Best show ever!!!! I would win sunny trivia

  39. chipsthedog1 より:

    The fact this show has never droped its standards and stays funny after so many seasons is crazy, the writing is amazing & they all play their characters tto perfection

  40. Steven Hougaard より:

    I would have sworn that a clip with them in the car where Dennis is driving and talking about how peaceful or something it is and then explodes in rage would have been here. Mac and Charlie is sitting in the back and it looks like they are dying of laughter.

  41. Hetero de calcinha より:

    Good news, season 14 is not the worst one anymore…

  42. Lost Remnant より:

    This season was good but I wish they didn’t replace Charlie’s actor :/

  43. SIMBA より:

    Favourite show of all time, long live Always Sunny!

  44. Greg Cantelli より:

    I look forward to the end of the season every year just for the outtakes. I would give up years pay just to be able to be on set for a season of taping.

  45. B Cameo より:

    Bro wtf happened to Dees face? The things money will make you do because of…

  46. Rob Cary より:

    8:29 i could be wrong but it sounds like that’s Glenn in the background cackling like he did when the joke was on him in the gang broke dee and he had to step out for a second lol

  47. AyShway より:


  48. Tim W より:

    The Shark has been leapt over numerous times. I absolutely loved this show but it’s time. It’s getting hard to watch.

  49. Lewi Davies より:

    Worst season. Great bloopers

  50. XxCooPDawGGxX より:

    Poor sweet dee got CTE

  51. JBD より:

    Thank you!

  52. WarlordRising より:

    15 seasons deep, and the crew still can’t keep it together. It’s great.

  53. 2packs4sure より:

    Man I wish Kaitlin had never had that face lift or whatever she did…
    I’ve never been able to get completely used to it…..

  54. Alvaro Martinez より:

    Frank eating a meatball turd is the highlight of season 15

  55. Ben Booth より:

    There’s blooper reels yet we still can’t watch it in the UK 🙁

  56. RyoNotRio より:


  57. CitizenKang より:

    The meatball scene… 🙂

  58. Sameer Khan より:

    When is Season 16 coming out?

  59. keel846 より:

    There is no debate… Sunny is the greatest.

  60. Justin B. より:

    Love this show!

  61. Manvir Singh より:

    I havent fuckin watched yet its not on netflix lol

  62. Cason Richter. より:

    Absolutely bizarre and not in a good way

  63. Phillycheeeeze より:

    “I don’t know, maybe she was trying to tie her shoe or something.” Lmao
    Oh man that got me !

  64. John Miller より:

    Always Sunny changed the game of writing comedy. No other group has focused so much on what they thought was funny, not caring that much about what the audience thinks, and it worked.

  65. Christopher Martin より:


  66. Ahmed Salem より:

    I didn’t like this season. I don’t know why.

  67. apachedisco より:

    WHy are the bloopers better than the show actual this year?

  68. Bingo Hall より:

    These might be the best bloopers I’ve ever seen what a season

  69. Bread_Pirate より:

    You can hear Glenn laughing at @08:24

  70. J Murphy より:


  71. Dolphin より:

    D is so pretty.

  72. Alexis Condit より:

    That poop meatball scene almost made me sick when I watched that episode. I was also hungover as hell when I saw it.

  73. Jason より:

    I only wish there were at least 2 more episodes of this season

  74. Joe Alred より:

    Honestly season 15 was not very good and only had 8 episodes wtf

  75. Scott A より:

    Wasn’t a huge fan of the season but, as always, the bloopers have me in tears. Best cast ever

  76. B Long より:

    Is that the guy who played hardcore oldtime railroad dude?

  77. last boy scout より:

    the problem with libraries is there’s too many books

  78. Chaz M より:

    It is absolutely amazing that this show ever gets finished

  79. Adrian Bailey より:

    why only eight episodes? very sad

  80. Wingy より:

    The new episodes have been absolutely fantastic. Especially the Ireland episodes.

  81. Matthieu Scott より:

    How the hell did they even get the scene with mean Dee done haha

  82. Sam Talbot-Cross より:

    Anyone else from the UK seeing the bloopers before the actual series?

  83. Mute Everything より:

    Would love to see how Charlie learned to speak that bit of Irish that he does! Such good pronunciation!

  84. MisterPikol より:

    Dee has a really cute laugh

  85. thewerewolfgirl97 より:

    5:29 “Colm is the only professional we have on the set” I was thinking the same thing lol! It took him much longer to break than the other two

  86. Peter Brightman より:

    what happened to dee’s face?

  87. angelamora86 より:

    I love watching their bloopers. They have so much fun and they always deliver. I always want to see more of them and end up rewatching over and over again. I wish they would have added some scenes from lethal weapon and the monkey beer. Those episodes were so funny that makes we wonder how they got through them.

  88. Kickex より:

    No cricket made me sad…