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We look at the S&P500, Nasdaq(QQQ), Bitcoin, USDX, Silver, Gold, Russell 2000, and TSLA, GME and AMC from a technical analysis perspective to try and make some sense of what’s exactly going on.

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  1. Doctor Horton より:

    Thanks Tom ☕️

  2. rick blair より:


  3. hangender より:

    dat 30k support rofl. But yea people keep buying there for some reason.

  4. Finom1 より:

    Bless you for getting the Truth to us!!!

  5. Astro A より:

    Love your vids Tom!

  6. KL より:

    So many red flags. Risk off!

  7. Comte De Saint Germain より:

    love you as always my man

  8. Vio-Noob _ より:

    Killer stuff as usual

  9. Emerging Events より:

    Still looking for SP500 to bounce around for a bit with a sell off to say 4080 before resumption of uptrend

  10. Vivek Verma より:

    Why is everyone saying tech will correct? It already did twice, and looking the strongest by far now for good reason

  11. Mary Marsh より:

    Tom is amazing

  12. Kathryn Rowe より:

    Thank you so much for the best content

  13. KNOCKNOCK より:

    oi Tom! another gem

  14. Tyrone Anderson より:

    I love you man

  15. Anderson Clubman より:

    Little did I know how far I could have gone if I had started trading and investing much earlier but I’m grateful for the huge progress so far. Let’s gooo

  16. john owens より:

    I agree with u Tom

  17. King Baboon より:

    Crypto is not going to pick any time soon.

  18. brian poland より:

    Nasdaq looks like a good short, but I want to buy puts expiring like october

  19. ewan wu より:

    Call options to the moon

  20. Hoof hearted より:

    Yesterday’s recap video was incredibly accurate!

  21. Time Lapse より:

    It’s almost like we get green every Monday…anyone else seeing this?

  22. Brandon Case より:

    Love your videos — I have a toe in the contrarian side of YouTube, which is constantly shouting “imminent death of everything!” and there’s a sense of actively seeking blood from the longs. Your balanced analysis is always a breath of fresh air that helps recenter from the FUD

  23. Utah Get Me 2 より:

    hey tom! the Nasdaq is very far away from its 200 day moving average do you see it coming back or going parabolic first?

  24. David C より:

    Great video Tom

  25. Ahmed Fadhl より:

    Broseph your analysis is on point. I wanted to look at your course but that link is broken. The intermission ad isn’t available in my country (Sri Lanka) so can’t access the course page.

  26. Andrew Baldwin より:

    My IT meme made it!!

  27. Donnie Pangborn より:

    Should Tom be everyone’s morning stock market information channel?

    Ancient Astronaut Theorist say Yes!

  28. samuel villarreal より:

    I don’t trust the market right now. Went 40% cash . Ready for anything

  29. Llama Mama より:

    Gme up big in Pre