The FX History of the Dinosaur Input Device!

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Modelmaker and fabricator Sean Charlesworth shares a rare piece of special effects history: a Dinosaur Input Device (DID) made by the stop-motion animators at Tippett Studio to help in the animation of the first digital movie creatures. Here’s how this unique device bridges the transition from physical animated puppets to the digitally rigged characters that appeared in groundbreaking effects films like Jurassic Park!

Read more about the history of the DiD here:

Shot and edited by Gunther Kirsch

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  1. Adam Savage’s Tested より:

    Watch this episode in VR here!

  2. JT Motenz Channel より:

    Not first

  3. ML Tharme より:

    I’m going to listen to this as soon as my boss has finished his meeting, I’m so pumped for this episode!!!!
    EDIT: Dam that was a great episode, in all my years of study in animation degrees and Masters, I have never learned of any other film beyond Jurassic Park and Starship Troopers using DID’s, this just opened up a world of study for me now… THANKS TESTED, YOU HAPPY NOW!!! haha but seriously, great episode and so happy to hear so much on the subject.
    Mike Tharme, Animation Toolkit Armature Fabricator.

  4. zaptronic より:

    Talk to Trey Stokes, he is familiar with this. @TreyStokes on twitter.

  5. Joe Moyer より:

    Phil Tippett: Dinosaur Supervisor

  6. Teeth Laboratories より:

    Dang that input device was and still is extremely expensive. I’d know I just bought a ton of Nema 11’s recently and needed optical encoders, those are like 3000 rpm optical encoders. A single 3000rpm optical encoder is around 35-55 dollars. There are 14 DOF on that DID, 14 x avg $45 = $630 for the encoders alone. For the 74 DOF DID, that’s 3330 dollars. .__.

  7. Wheel333 より:

    I thought you had recreated it in technical lego from the thumbnail.

  8. Jack より:

    Ive always wanted to see how one of these worked. I wanted to build one when i was doing my animation degree.

  9. Gustavo Figueiredo より:

    Very interesting.

  10. Walpurgis Nux より:

    I think Dinosaur Input Device may be the coolest name for a piece of animation technology I’ve ever heard.

  11. Bassquake より:

    Cool. I wonder if something could be done with a raspberry pi and encoders with a modular kind of design to input into Blender??

  12. Peter Charles より:

    What!? We didn’t get to see it move?! 🙁

  13. VdevoV より:

    We need more than two Sean videos a year!

  14. matt scott より:

    So rad!! I’ve wanted to play with those since I first saw the making of JP sooo long ago.

  15. Patrick Connors より:

    Sean is one of maybe five other people I know using Cinema 4D in conjunction with 3D printing.
    I would love, love, LOVE him to do a C4D tutorial, even if it’s just to go over his workflow.

  16. Internatube より:

    I think this is called a WALDO Human Input Device, invented by Jim Henson in the early 1980s for Dark Crystal/ Jim Henson Hour.

  17. 2000jago より:

    You forgot the most important piece of information here: How did you come buy this? Do you own it? Is it on loan from a collector? More context as to how it ended up in your hands please.

  18. Randy Hightower より:

    I think it would really cool to see a video on the Digital Puppetry Studio over at Henson. It lets them do some really cool real time cgi programming. It would be neat to see an updated video on their tech and productions.

  19. Russ Etheridge より:

    Oh man is love to see this working, I bet it wouldn’t be so hard to make a new one with modern inputs

  20. GrandpaEwan Builds より:

    Damn it.
    I read Dinosaur and thought it was about the Velociraptor..
    Sadly not.

  21. Mark The Cruel より:

    I totally got this confused with the go-motion dragon moving device from the movie dragonslayer but I guess that’s another video.

  22. Bonzulac より:

    “Alumni” is plural. “Alumnus” is masculine singular; “alumna” is feminine singular. This is not difficult. You don’t even have to be an obnoxious pedant like myself to know that.

  23. Wayne Bakken より:

    the best/ worst dinosaur supervisor.

  24. Earthenfist より:

    Got to see a screening of Tippet’s “Mad God” with him in my hometown once. He’s a neat guy, and the stuff he can do with practical effects are, well, MAD.

  25. J3tzt bassman より: