AMD Fidelity Fx Super Resolution: For All Gamers, Thoughts & Impressions

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Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


  1. Berserkism より:

    Like how NVIDIA hijacked FreeSync with their bullshit “G-Sync Compatible” marketing. Which of course ignorant “influencers” repeated ad nauseam to increase NVIDIA mindshare among the gullible.

  2. Saurabh より:

    Realistically, seems good enough IMHO, just set it to ultra quality, looks basically the same and get a huge FPS boost. Maybe even quality if you need more fps, probably nothing below that depending from game to game. Definitely better than DLSS 1.0.

  3. Nemesis 851 より:

    Watching this on mobile, thought YT downscaled to 720p so I manually put to 2160p – humm didn’t seem to fix the quality focus. Then later realized camera focal point was 2’ behind Wendell

  4. Nick V より:

    Could a game theoreticaly support Dynamic Fidelity FX? Ie when rendering at 4k, the game to enable rendering at a lower resolution with upscaling to tackle with a big battle or certain enviroments that would otherwise lower fps causing stutters. That would be something good to see.

  5. Pranav Kulkarni より:

    I do agree with Wendell with the Nvidia and Edison analogy. AMD really needs appreciation , they do a lot of stuff for open source

  6. Arthur Alford より:

    Hardware Unboxed could say a thing or two about Nvidia and pressure tactics

  7. Grigor Antonov より:

    Is Wendell being out-of-focus a meta joke? Very sus.

  8. Pranav Kulkarni より:

    The best part: it’s open source
    The second best part: it’s coming to Linux!

  9. Nicholas Heidl より:

    Edison should have gone to jail for being inhumane filth. Reminds me of Volkswagen #monkeygate

  10. Shiba より:

    Nice keyboard

  11. smifffies より:

    Hey Wendell, FSR up your auto-focus on your camera. Your background is all in focus, but you, the desk and it’s contents are all in DLSS 1.0!

  12. dp27 thelight より:

    What’s the linux story?

  13. Bing Liu より:

    Is this video rendered with FSR? Or is it just out of focus?

  14. WarGamingRefugee より:

    In today’s video, the focus will be on the battlecruiser. 🙂 That bit of malarkey aside, thanks for the informative video. I suspect most of us, once we realized it was just a mistake as opposed to using the camera’s focus to illustrate a point, cared a lot more about the content of the video rather than a minor production “oops”.

  15. anarekist より:

    lol at applying cas to the video

  16. cirithungol より:

    9:10 “I’m hard pressed to see any visual difference at all. Maybe it’s even slightly in favour of having FSR on versus native”
    I really don’t see how you can say this, FSR is clearly weaker in this example.

  17. Sony Test より:

    Is the video out of focus or I am going blind?!

  18. dassneaker より:

    this video was upscaled from 480p

  19. George Scheben より:

    Pooooor nVidia. As Amd gets better and better and better…. their behavior gets more and more desperate. They won’t/can’t learn from Intel’s mistakes. [Aside: Per usual Wendells dripping sarcasm is glorious. Great vid.]

  20. Low Spec Linux Laptop より:

    Dog, Edison also electrocuted an elephant in the Tesla vs Edison current war

  21. HardOCP TV より:

    This guy gets it.

  22. Freddie Durham より:

    Wendell I’m willing to trade my 1660 right now for an AMD GPU lol

  23. BansheeHero より:

    Speaking on Edison v Tesla – Video comes from 110V country 🙂

  24. pkt1213 より:

    They didn’t have linix drivers…probably…something something.

  25. Rudy Pieplenbosch より:

    Do we get a driver update for it ? I know the game also need to support it

  26. cesar arias より:

    Honestly i like the way GN steve reviewed this: using an apu. And this is the big winner. Finally 1080p med and almost 60fps possible. Nucs also are going to have huge benefits!
    *Older* cards, damm they will never die

  27. DJ North より:

    Speaking of RTX Voice (Nvidia Broadcast), I’m loving it but am sure there’s something just like it, right?

  28. GSR_Weirdo より:

    Why is the intro so out of focus?

  29. Santino Joshua Torre より:

    “draws a few parallels to…”

    Me: yep, it’s the freesync/gsync thing again…

    “…Tesla and Edison”

    Me: oh snap. Dayuum, that works better. This is why YOU’RE THE MAN!

  30. Peter Jansen より:

    Wendell is a bit out of focus. 🙂
    No problem.

  31. Juzu Juzu より:

    Respects to Wendell for telling truths about Nvidia. And lets hope this open source FSR will get adoption and lots of further development. Hopefully FSR allows you to patch just the FSR portion, so games made for FSR 1.0 could just patch the FSR portion to 2.0 etc. and get better quality or performance without additional work.

    Also hopefully this would become dynamic, so that you could choose your desired FPS and FSR would use the required input resolution to get you constant frame times. Even 30-40 FPS with freesync would be playable if the frame times would be consistent.

  32. Monk Ohm より:

    *checks supported game list*
    Myst? I’m gonna go dig that one out of the attic.

  33. miyagi ryota より:

    Wendell dont digress! Say it how it is about NVIDIA! This is why viewers are not well informed because of such digression from tech youtubers when it comes to NVIDIA!

  34. Sgt. Rock より:

    Hi Wendell, is it just me or does the footage of you look fussy?

  35. miyagi ryota より:

    Thank you AMD!

  36. Thanny より:

    Did you upscale this video intentionally as a pun of sorts?

  37. Adrian Teri より:

    @ 1080p segments that Wendell talks don’t look too sharp …Is it just me?

  38. GisMo より:

    Why has nobody tried to run 8K with this yet?

  39. dunastrig より:


  40. chbrules より:

    Looks like we need some DLSS in this video to focus the camera on you, Wendell. <3

  41. Brutaltronics より:

    thank you AMD, very cool

  42. Thercon Jair より:

    Is that higher gain from 4K to FSR Ultra (afaik rendered at 2560×1440) possibly due to the RX 6800 XT losing performance at 4K?

  43. HappyDawg より:

    Great move by AMD, being open source and transversal in the whole industry, the comparison with Edison and Tesla is spot on, nice one Wendell

  44. Kalevro より:

    This video needs Fidelity XF, it looks blurry right now

  45. Vartazian360 より:

    Iiterally half this video was talking about the history of least put timestamps to skip ahead..
    7:35 everyone

  46. llorTA toN より:

    13:01 ” the software is very *swole* “

  47. Rad Shad より:

    I really like their approach with FSR to keep it open and accessible, but it’s frustrating to me that the highest FSR resolution at 4k is 2954×1662. It would have been nice to see it go a little higher, maybe to 3200×1800. When I play cyberpunk I use cas usually set to 85% because if I go much lower then the detail loss starts to negate any benefit of playing at 4k. It feels like I might as well just use my 1440p monitor and increase AA effects

  48. Naum Rusomarov より:

    I just hope they haven’t gotten themselves into a corner. I don’t know enough about amd’s approach to know if there’s space for future improvement of this tech.

  49. R. J. Esposito より:

    Y’all scared me, I thought it was “thoughts and prayers” at first after that comma.

  50. hmmmmm2555 より:

    AMD: Here’s a free piece of tech that will help improve FPS across the board even with our competitors. It is FREE piece of tech that applies to ALL the masses
    Pretentious TechTubers: yeah but if you zoom in 1000% and see that left pixel is slightly different shade of pink than this other one, it’s not perfect. boo!
    Audience: ??????

    I’m glad Level1Techs is not (so far) being a pretentious ass like the other “TechTubers”. This channel is at least talking about the benefits this brings to the masses without 99 counter arguments it’s not the perfect shade of pink.

  51. Hans kalisvaart より:

    The A-roll could use some image sharpening.

  52. Gordon McLellan より:

    Why is the benchtop out of focus? Not enough light on set to use a smaller aperture?

  53. Borislav Miljanski より:

    “The main advantage of alternating current is that , when transmitted over long distances, less energy is lost than with direct current.”

    Well, yes and big NO. When using low voltage DC (and cause of that, we need much more current through wires for the same power), then we can say, AC is better, because we can easy transform AC to high voltage, etc. But today, we have high voltage DC (HVDC) for long distances and HVDC is better than high voltage AC, simply because there are some AC current propeties, which makes AC current worse than DC.

  54. DJ-Daz より:

    It’s early days yet, even DLSS was garbage at first. Give it time and an open community and this could hopefully kick DLSS into touch.

  55. Bernd S より:

    Freesync on Nvidia? works
    G-sync on AMD? does not

    DLSS on AMD? won’t be
    FLS on Nvidia? could be

    not sure about who invented resizable BAR aka SAM, but they do work on both aswell.
    Nvidia, wake up!

  56. St een より:

    Linus Torvalds said it best…

  57. Rodovan Ra より:

    Did you use Vaseline on your camera?

  58. USS Liberty Incident より:

    Very cool of AMD to make this compatible with Nvidia hardware in addition to their own!

  59. Steveindajeep より:

    The way Wendell held that screwdriver in the beginning has me convinced he needs a pipe.

  60. Andrew Joy より:

    Its almost like its possible to make good products make shit tons of profit and not be a total shithead , good job AMD.

  61. Aiya Girio より:

    I’m going to be honest I don’t care about performance if the quality suffers, tahts what makes DLSS 2.0 good. You gain perfromance for no loss is quality. I’ll try FSR but if it looks blurry I’m not using it doesn’t matter what games support it or what cards it works on.

  62. Claude Bolduc より:

    is it available on linux ??

  63. A B より:

    So FSR doesn’t use AI to upscale? Then how is it doing it then?

  64. Lex Sanders より:

    Are you gonna do a deep dive into the source code?
    Also, did you read the Nvidia Turing whitepaper ? When is DLSS 2x coming out cuz this was never invented for sub-native upscale, it was made for 16k super sampling.
    Like it has super sampling in the name, this was an MSAA replacement.

  65. Yoshimatsu414 より:

    I like this. On high refresh rate displays, it’ll makes these games so smooth.

  66. StaySic4Ever より:

    Really great getting that higher framerate with very little to no loss in visual quality. So nice it’s open source can’t wait to see a wide adoption.

  67. Kingsidorak より:

    This is a comment to appease the algorithm overlords. Please bless this video with many algorithmic shares

  68. Auer X より:

    How did this turn in to a Nvidia hate fest lol. FSR has a long way to go here too and of course will never be able to do what DLSS does. Not all that impressive. UE’s TSR will likely have more of an impact than this.

  69. survivor303 より:

    Does they add this to linux kernel driver (build in one)?

  70. RobBCactive より:

    I force display scale of 720p -> 1440p, it lets me play AC Odyssey on an R5 3400G without a dGPU and I don’t mind the “painted” look …
    Most core tech reviewers are going from the angle of having playable 4K games with extortionate RTX cards, they’re looking at the slight losses in detail in still frames; not showing actual action and asking .. “Which one is native?”
    This will let many upgrade monitors or game with iGPU, developers should really like this as it gives them access to the mass market, who’ll not have expensive mobile GPU solutions.

  71. Ash Salleh より:

    solid review, well explained

  72. J Gibson より:

    How do you neable this? I’m on a Vega64, the driver says it’s there, and I don’t see it.

  73. Random Tech, Auto, Security, & Skateboarding より:

    WTF is going on with the video? I can barely even make out the smaller text on the video card box sitting on the table in front of you. I’m watching it in 4K and it looks like it was shot in 540p. I think your video needs some super resolution… or maybe your camera just needs to be focused 😉 No biggie though.. I’m sure it was just a mistake that either wasn’t caught till late in production or wasn’t caught at all perhaps (seems unlikely).

  74. thorsong1 より:

    Yeah, I have tried FidelityFX CAS as well as DLSS on Shadow of the Tomb Raider- FidelityFX looks better.

  75. flooberjobby より:

    Was this out of focus/blurry on purpose? Like satirically? Because you’re talking about FSR

  76. John Williams より:

    Envy Deer: Because we can act like a mob against Hardware Unboxed if they don’t “embrace” our technology.

    AMD: Because we can give the world a rendering pipeline trick.

  77. Tad Oleson より:

    Open source You know Nvidia will add it in on top of DLSS..

  78. Leon Pozo より:

    Ouch, I had forgotten about how they electrocuted a dog and an elephant.. cheers lol…

  79. Jay Dee より:

    Nvidia is really unlikable these days with their tactics, and I’m glad AMD is pulling some Art of War shit and neutralizing their DLSS advantage by giving it to everyone. Hopefully many game developers get on board, between this being available on any modern card and AMD, if they aren’t dumb, bringing the tech to (AMD-based!) consoles too.

  80. James Campbell より:

    Hey Wendell, I’m under the impression that FSR uses a single frame instead of multiple frames mainly for latency reasons.

    I was thinking would it be possible to use pre rendered frames (allow the GPU to run ahead since FSR introduces so much FPS headroom) but use only relevant portions of those frames via something like a Scanline sync, so that the latency would stay low?

    That way you could get more visual benefit even if running at the much lower input resolutions. The 540p and 720p input resolutions only seem to give bad quality because FSR is relying on 1 frame of data.

    It seems like the portions that lose detail are things like hair. Could you render ahead only a relevant portion of a frame (that would presumably contain that missing detail,) and just send that for reconstruction to be composited with the frame the FSR is already using?

  81. Boltcranck より:

    Wendell, you forgot to turn off DLSS 1 in your video editing PC.

  82. Adam Brackney より:

    It’s not done the same, but it’s definitely a DLSS competitor.

  83. Rares Malene より:

    When will we get an episode about your router and security appliance?

  84. Jamal Taylor より:

    The Tesla/Edison comparison was so apt.

  85. José Contreras より:

    Now my RX 550 2G will live another year!. Great video Wendell.

  86. AncientAlien815 より:

    I have a 6800 but I sure wish they would have included all the way back to 7000 series cards. Even the rx480 would have been nice.

  87. Razear より:

    Good Guy AMD coming in clutch for not making it proprietary to their own cards. Now if only more games would support it…

  88. Gary Bissett より:

    Wendell. You are not in any possible regard, a Z list YouTuber. Your genuine and enthusiastic charisma and fantastic insights are worth far more to your audience than the flashy opinionated nonsense from many of the other tech channels on YouTube.

  89. Dexx Eve より:

    Autofocus especially below-par camera systems with drift in and out of focus. He had it on manual focus as it should be, but it wasn’t focused properly on manual. Its okay prob happens to the best of people. He didn’t have Fidelity FX Super Res on hehe 🙂

  90. Benjamin Trathen より:

    Oh the ACDC wars, electrocuting elephants, cats and dogs on stage was Edison’s “go to” for explaining the dangers of AC, what a guy… Lucky for him he didn’t any pigeons on stage, Maybe then Tesla would have been fearless enough to burn Edison’s works to the grounds, Oh wait Edison stole all of his ideas any way, Westinghouse was just as bad as Edison, Poor Pigeon loving Nikola.

  91. Benjamin Trathen より:

    I seen the Fidelity FX enabling options were present in Ghost recon Breakpoint for a second, was greyed out, when i went back into the options after dying it had disappeared.

  92. Lemon Squeezer より:

    If console games start adopting this, it will be a win for AMD in not too long.

  93. m33p0 より:

    rx 570: We are Tarnished.