RaceRoom June Updates (New FFB! Replays, Menus and Spark/Smoke FX)

It might not have the biggest changelog, but the RaceRoom June update is a huge game changer in the truest sense of the phrase. Why? Because the Force Feedback has been completely rewritten from scratch! In addition to the new FFB, there are now improved particle FX (smoke and sparks) along with a new UI and new replay system.

In this video I run through all of the new features and improvements from RaceRoom’s June update and take a deeper look at how the new Force Feedback has completely changed the way the sim feels. Gone are the artificial ‘canned’ effects and we now have a completely physics based approach to the FFB which, although might take a little getting used to at first, is rather good. Rather good indeed.

Also included in this patch is a brand new replay system which is much more intuitive and has the ability to add custom keyframes. Perfect for you creative content creators out there. This ties in nicely with the new UI and menu design, making it easier to navigate and customise RaceRoom to your liking. In addition to the backend looking flash, the particle effects have been improved too, with enhanced smoke FX and the addition of sparks.

All in all, plenty to get excited about. Check out the links below for the official patch notes and more info.

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0:00 Hello and Welcome!
0:35 The Force(feedback) Awakens
7:57 PSA – Use The FFB Meter!
10:28 Alain’s New Menu
12:14 The Key To Keyframes Is Framing
14:36 Sparks And Smoke Looking Pretty Dope
16:17 Wrap Up

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  1. Paul Kirkby より:

    Only a small update 3.5gb only small.

  2. Olaf Labs より:

    After a few days of getting used to it, the new FFB is so much better that I don’t ever want to switch back. One of the biggest changes for Raceroom during the last months or years. And its visuals are transported in that direction too 🙂

  3. 1xRacer より:

    I’ve tried this sim for atleast 5 years waiting for it to be good, time to try again.

  4. Zeroforce Racing より:

    Absolutely awesome video! Very nice explanations.

  5. No Toxido より:

    Remember folks, no pre-orders!!
    Ow, wait…
    Sorry, habbit for good gamenews.

  6. Mick Lapworth より:

    Will Otterhud still work?

  7. Stickdeath1980 より:

    Nord’s will be a good test for FFB think thats what i’m going to do first… FREAKEN finally instant replay system

  8. Gameboy Terrorysta より:

    I was waiting so long for FFB update. After spending few hours to make TCR cars feel good with older FFB, formula cars started to feel awful. I just ended up playing R3E with gamepad to get consistent feeling in online ranked. I hope I will have time to try it out on weekend.

  9. Barry Mmm より:

    My SSD is ready.

  10. WhippyWhip より:


  11. Paul Habets より:

    Very nice video, thats a good update and your explenation is very well and amazing to see it.

  12. La Broca Sim Racing より:

    This is an insanely well put together video man – absolutely fantastic summary! Very excited to try it out.

  13. David Finney より:

    Thanks and well covered young fella

  14. John Miller より:

    That was a great video Dan… you’re upping the level of your videos… awesome work

  15. Aidan Millward より:

    Might actually start playing RR more then. The ffb put me off.

    Now all it needs is an AI aggression slider.

  16. LPF346 [ENG] より:

    This looks really good ,like all of it!
    I have a feeling that this update is gonna be the final nail in the coffin for me about getting a button box. 😀

    Also finally the UI is now in “Dark Mode” !

  17. MySimRacer より:

    Raceroom is constantly evolving and improving – thanks for the guide Dan, looking forwards to trying it all out.