Finally the return of the silver bullet. My Fx Impact MK2 is the perfect Pigeon Hunter. I do some insane pest control jobs in South Africa on the farms and this air gun has been my go to from the start. The silver Fx impact Mk2 is a older model then the latest Fx Impact M3 but this gun is laser accurate and put the smack down on all pest birds and animals. I am using HN 27 grain slugs in this pest control setup and they perform top notch on some long range shooting targets as showcased in this video. If you love high action hunting then this video is for you!!

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Gear Used:

Model: Fx Impact Mk2 Sniper 22 caliber
Barrel: Superior Heavy slug liner in barrel
Slugs: Shooting HN Slugs HP 27 Grain @ 965 Fps
Scope: Element Optics Nexus EHR 1-C MOA
Silencer: Donny FL Koi
Bi Pod: Accu -Tac BR4 G2
Grip: Anarchy Outdoors
Grip: Form Rifle Stocks Impact Laminate Red/Grey


Canon Ax11 Main camera
Rode Video Mic Pro
Side Shot Camera System with Go Pro Hero 6
Canon Rebel

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    And the shooting, it’s either ethical dispatch or complete miss, anyone who has done long range on animals (be they pests, or just regular hunting) can back it up: That’s a sign of a humble & developed shooter, more so than just the gun or ammo or even harmonic tune (although definitely crucial factors).

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