JPTR FX WARLOW – Is this this most BRUTAL OpAmp Muff ever?

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JPTR has a knack for making every thing feel a few degrees more dangerous, you might think you’ve heard every muff variation possible but this one might surprise you. In this video I compare it to an EHX Opamp muff at normal volumes and then past the edge of breakup on my princetons.
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  1. lolwithme36dd より:

    That opening riff BRO

  2. Neve より:

    The Warlow is a beast

  3. Carwyn Van-de-Vyver より:

    The EHX dimed into the cranked amp sounded almost Swedish chainsaw to me with its EQ

  4. Sassy Cat より:

    Definitely a loud amp pedal, it really shines then. +100 when running a baritone into it.

  5. Justus Gash より:

    The power of fuzz broke reality and made everything all glitchy *noice*

  6. TheNotoriousYJX より:


  7. Federico Manuti より:

    The intro sounds like if Red hot chili peppers played metal

  8. handel1111 より:

    it’s like 2 muffs stacked

  9. M Pando より:

    I don’t remember hearing that intro on any Bel-Airs albums. Probably just missed it. Has anyone seen Ryan? lol

  10. Electrofrying より:

    I’m a guitar noise maker…

  11. Yann Le Bars より:

    That thing is… mean

  12. Keb Mel より:

    Is this the intro music at your church service? (C;

  13. Eric Filsinger より:

    Cool intro, reminded me of Ministry, Ever played a FuzzHugger Algal Bloom?

  14. X B より:

    This is so surf stoner So Cal baby

  15. Gareth Hall より:

    I think the EHX sounds way better

  16. Jordan Aiken より:

    It scoops the mids so much it has a faux octave effect. My Guyatone fuzz pedal has similar color and tone and it has a slight octave effect.

  17. free hey より:

    That pedal would be really hard to use in a band setting.

    If you want a heavy Muff, Devi Ever Hyperion.

  18. Joel Bremner より:

    Dude. That intro. What the hell man that was siiiiiick

  19. Crank Lab Explosion - lab central より:

    No you’re the most brutal muff ever

  20. Fred Bloggs より:

    They should’ve called it The Big Hairy Muff…

  21. Daniel Mitchell より:

    This tells me 2 things. That I would like the warlow as much as I thought I would. And my pumpkin pi still sounds damn good

  22. funkebass より:

    Wow, love JPTR pedals but that surprisingly highlighted how great the EHX is.

  23. tom より:

    Sounds like a muff broke. This pedal could define a bands entire sound. Love it

  24. T-Wrecks Volcaino より:

    That Warlow nearly puts the Univox Super Fuzz to shame, but not quite. I definitely want one for myself though.

  25. Wouter Melis より:

    Nice pedal. Maybe you’ll like the fuzzlord pedals too!

  26. Shane Semler より:

    Is this the most brutal 60 Cycle Hum intro ever? Yes. The answer is yes.


    The E-H is a OpAmp Fuzz…believe it or not it is more related to a Tube Screamer than any Big Muff made before or after. The JPTR FX pedal is a classic silicon transistor Muff Fuzz so you will get a scoop thing. Go figure the Op Amp Big Muff is mid heavy just like a Tube Screamer. Both of these demo pedals are great but it is too bad EH called this OpAmp Fuzz a Muff it confuses everyone. Electro Harmonix have re released the Rams Head Big Muff. A good choice to get into a Muff. It will do the typical Muff thing or you can tweak it to do a Dave Gilmour sound since it was the one he used.

  28. ssg より:

    I have been waiting for this demo!

    I saw few demos of this pedal and order it but I also wanted to see your thoughts on it. Still seems like a killer pedal!

    Shame JPTR FX seems to be having some trouble delivering the pedal. Still waiting for mine.

  29. David Castaneda より:

    Stereo fuzz?

    Me: “YES!!!”

    Dude, that was brutal. I loved it all. Splatty, Velcroy, nasally, tight and scoopy – I dug it.

  30. Adam Greenhill より:

    I love this sound – gritty, crunchy, breaking up. If it’s not cutting out, it isn’t brutal enough!!!

  31. d7 より:

    It’s pretty easy to mod a muff to sound like that

  32. David Murray Holland より:

    Sounds like the feedback network has been set closer to a gating than normal.. So if it was a 100k link in a Fuzz Face to the Fuzz pot replacing with a 68k will give it that style gating.. Essentially the Gate on a Fuzz Factory.. In a Muff style circuit.

    You can hear the wave rolling over itself.. Must be all Op-Amp clipping and just gated and biased for distortion.

    Warlow is super satisfying cranked amp. Natural feeling breakup somehow.

    Stereo fuzz was good. Needs a bass muff blend and we happy

  33. Joey Day より:

    One of my exes had the most brutal muff ever. Think I’ll give her call.

  34. Jerry Delancey より:

    Love the shirt

  35. Snitch Scapes より:

    Sounds like a power starved muff!!! Dang!

  36. One Source より:

    There go my laptop’s built-in speakers….you’ll be getting my repair bill shortly.