FX Airguns Maverick Giveaway: Airgunners for Veterans + 4th of July = AMERICA!

This giveaway is going to be HUGE! Help us spread the word by sharing! On July 4th we will be giving away an amazing package of airgun gear that will put a smile on the face of a deserving Veteran or First Responder. Make your nomination here:

Support the initiative by purchasing Airgunners for Veterans gear here:

Our friends over at FX Airguns USA, Patriot Slugs, Utah Airguns, DonnyFl, Saber Tactical Inc, Element Optics, Umarex USA, Inc., ERGOAir, and Predator Pellets went WAAAAAAY above on beyond on this one!

Package includes:

FX Maverick in .22 cal
Saber Tactical Buttstock – Bag Rider – Extended Rail
DonnyFL Tatsu Supressor
Element Optics Scope
Send iT Electronic Scope Level from Utah Airguns
ErgoAIR Tactical Grip
Umarex ReadyAir Portable Compressor
Patriot Outdoors Javelin Slugs
JSB Pellets from Predator Pellets

If you are a Veteran or First responder or if you would like to nominate someone, head over to www.UpNorthAirGunner.com and make a nomination. If you would like to support this initiative, 100% of the profits from any gear on our website with the Airgunners for Veterans logo goes to buying ammo for the winner. LOTS OF AMMO!


  1. Tom Campanale より:

    Love the introduction, yes yes yes ! Hard work is paying off, thank you good bless America

  2. KEITH USACE より:

    Hey all my brother veterans from a Vietnam era vet I want to nominate all of you for this great package

  3. Giant056 より:

    Hello Chris I go by Wayne52 on GTA and I am a Vietnam veteran how do I enter the contest ?

  4. jason pesthunter hayes より:

    Okay I would like to nominate my dad for the giveaway which I already went to the website and entered he doesn’t know that I nominated him for this. he served in the Vietnam war United States Marine corps

  5. Hajimoto Productions より:

    Love what you do for the airgun community and more importantly what you do for our men and women that serve (d) this great nation.
    Mad respect to you my dude!

  6. Shawn Arthers より:

    You Rock , and your sponsors rock !
    God Bless America !!!!!

  7. Gary Postell より:


  8. Scott Michael より:

    Way to go guys! Such a great cause!

  9. Gainstrup より:

    We do also like fireworks, so much so that when the local ( our guy ) fireworks factory blew up one summer days in the 90ties, after 2 booms from the factory 1/8 mile away, we looked at east other not saying a word and then raced for the cars.
    When we got there, and both schooled firefighters and smoke divers, it was clear there was little we could do aside from guiding people staggering out of there clear. ( this was many minutes before firefighters got there )
    And then make sure the little old lady and her house behind the factory dident become part of the casualties, you be amazed how much a multi layer brick wall flying towards you can get your heart rate up and how hot it become and how little a garden hose help with that.
    Anyway, only one guy lost his life that day out of 10 or so on work there that day.

    So since you are on the topic of “that date” then i will premature share my salute to my American friends.
    People with whom we share the red & withe, but you guys then have the blue and stars where we Danes have severe age to our national flag.
    Personally as a Dane my thanks go out to all those now sadly almost gone guys, that came ashore over here a long time ago to bail us out.

    BTW for many decades Denmark have hosted the largest outside of US July 4 celebration.

  10. Eddie Cahall より:

    I was in Afghanistan from 90-94! Can I get donated one of these air rifle to get started?