f(x) 에프엑스 ‘라차타 (LA chA TA)’ MV

f(x)’s 1st digital single “LA chA TA” has been released.
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f(x) 에프엑스 ‘라차타 (LA chA TA)’ MV ℗ S.M.Entertainment


  1. Krystal Lim より:

    #fx #victoria #amber #luna #amber #sulli #krystal

  2. Krystal Lim より:

    Iconic girlgroup

  3. Krystal Lim より:

    Aesthetic girl group

  4. らぷんつぇる。 より:


  5. Kyitin Kao より:


  6. Kyitin Kao より:

    ငဪးငငငjiku9653. -$’!?

  7. lizanne charisse より:

    2021 and back to old school Kpop

  8. kanaya antares より:

    why I was born so late

  9. Kim Chi is good より:

    Anyone here in 2021??

  10. Kim Chi is good より:

    Ahhh !!! I miss them so much

  11. Kim Chi is good より:


  12. Kim Chi is good より:

    MeUs amber’s new songs are out now .
    Let’s support our girl
    Str3am blue and vegas

  13. 서경훈 より:

    오디션 클럽 교육인내 국어 모의고사 샤이야은래게임 승무원 대학교 2010월 칠곡 칠곡 캠코더 청ㅋ

  14. 아어쩌란말이냐트위스트추면서 より:

    나 아직도 앰버가 져슼라잌디쓰 하면서 랩치는 소리 들으면 미쳐…
    설리가 웃을 때 미쳐… 나 이때 사랑을 느껴벌임 솔직히 이때 루나한테 안 반한 사람 없다… 이제 빅토리아가 은은한 눈으로 날 지켜보거든 심장 부여잡고 들숨 날숨 뱉으면서 나가려 하는데 정수정이 나가는 문에 서있음 어쩌겠어 다시 들어가야 하는 거지

  15. GenericOpinion より:


  16. cactusiskawaii より:

    Oh I miss my babies so much ❤️

  17. Angel Amour より:

    This song Is legend

  18. 정택우 より:


  19. Kris Ann Roa Balicog より:

    Who’s watching with me 2021

  20. Noey Kakari より:

    Amber ♥️♥️♥️

  21. Biswajit Reang より:

    Wow I like Luna and Krystal

  22. phantom walker nctzen より:

    Missing fx a lot

  23. 아어쩌란말이냐트위스트추면서 より:

    1:41 진짜 내가 저 웃음에 반했따 반하지 않을 수가 업따

  24. ーH. W. より:

    amber be borrowing key’s replay outfit

  25. Zquad Direction より:

    I love this song so much. Worth playing on loop.

  26. yallin dadie より:

    i miss them :”(

  27. Yule Olid より:


  28. 狂奔蜗牛 より:


  29. arianee より:

    Miss them


    i miss singer krystal


    i miss f(x) so much AAAAA

  32. Zquad Direction より:

    They’re so gorgeous

  33. Zquad Direction より:

    This is one of the coolest choreography i’ve ever seen

  34. Paper Heart より:

    I miss

  35. Patricia Delgadillo より:

    I miss them

  36. kpop enthusiast より:

    i miss f(x)

  37. Tingting Qiu より:

    Can’t forget the stage with big rain

  38. Choi Yeonjun より:

    if only youtube recommended this 12 years ago….

  39. 김엘라 より:

    f(x)’s whole discography is a blessing, a cultural reset

  40. KC Sanchez より:


  41. Levian Alkash より:

    I Swear i love This Song For EveryTime ,and this year 2021

  42. That random ONCE and REVELUV より:

    One of my favorite debuts ever…

  43. R Choe より:


  44. Andrey より:

    Really ? You are still here .. You Are Legend

  45. getee より:

    F SM

  46. dear,nuoyii より:

    Forever iconic periodt.

  47. IAM 예니 より:

    f(x) got me into Kpop. They are the 1st group I stanned. They will forever have a place in my heart.

  48. MasaDepanRenjun より:

    I think disband is better than hiatus, bcs the fans just waiting for their comeback

  49. ikenttdraw より:

    DANg! I miss them so much

  50. adnaya tyf より:

  51. bil より:


  52. Naba Nazneen より:

    Luna -16

  53. Swagata Das より:

    I don’t know but they were ahead of time.❤️❤️Love them always.

  54. Javi Rivero より:

    My favorite girl group forever (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

  55. 유성호 より:

    정말 잘한다

  56. 송이석 より:


  57. Bia Angela Agbayani より:


  58. minaco sadness より:

    I miss everything

  59. Mnchld Hyung より:

    i remember this is the first kpop mv I’ve watched and even dancing to it until now

  60. Pannawat Bunluek より:


  61. Airene Jay Magpale より:

    Bring back fx.

  62. M より:

    One of the best debut songs ever.

  63. Hui_iny より:

    F(X) still my favourite,<3

  64. Aya Abd ELkhalekh より:

    Rest in peace ………

  65. Sha より:

    miss them so bad…

  66. being an orbit is tiring より:

    Iconic debut

  67. 배시 より:

    지금 들어도 세련됨…

  68. Marinel Syluck より:

    I miss u my girls

  69. Unknown より:

    The last chorus with Amber’s rap is freaking dope af

  70. 은지 より:

    Tears in the Kpop era
    Always a legend

  71. agrosub tiaret より:

    سولي وقوشارا ارقدوا بسلام❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  72. C E より:

    I still love their aesthetics in this mv! ❤️ CLASSIC!

  73. BABI IPAD より:

    i miss them

  74. Brutal Smith より:

    I will never forgive sm for what he did to f(x)

  75. Juwita Laya より:

    Krystal Sulli disini umur 15 tahun ga sih???

  76. Cathy Oh より:

    2021 who’s still here to watch this legendary music video of princesses of kpop

  77. Ming Wu より:

    I miss f(x). My teenage life was about this girl group forever ❤️

  78. Alejandra Vargas より:

    Alguien del 2021

  79. sooyoungsfaves - chipmunky より:

    i would rather trade my heart to sulli for her to be alive again. yall haters so rude, like you haters ruined her dream before she died!