f(x) 에프엑스 ‘첫 사랑니 (Rum Pum Pum Pum)’ MV

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f(x) 에프엑스 ‘첫 사랑니 (Rum Pum Pum Pum)’ MV ℗ S.M.Entertainment


  1. Putri Isna'in より:

    Miss them ❤❤❤

  2. Meidian Media より:

    Since I’m an Ujung, I know this song after WJSN The Black performed it. This song is very unique, I really like it.

  3. vinh nguyen より:

    Fx rum pum pum pum vs gfriend crossroads

  4. hey sibil より:

    kangen era ini : ((((

  5. Bella Mufidah より:


  6. Rodrigo Federio Jr. より:

    June 2021??

  7. Arig, Jullie Anne より:

    girl ang ganda talaga ni krystal pOtah

  8. awash gamer より:


  9. A d d i s o n F a i t h より:

    I really am missing f(x)

  10. LUIS OPARRON より:

    Electric Shock fx

  11. Choss Peñafiel より:

    Love you, Sulli

  12. Riiya89 より:

    Never old

  13. 삐리뿡 より:

    빨머 수정온냐… 보고 싶다…

  14. Angelina SONE より:

    My first self-learn KPOP dance!!!

  15. Emilly Morales より:

    F(x) ^^

  16. Lovelyleen D. より:

    I miss sulli, so bad

  17. Shania Valdez より:


  18. Shania Valdez より:

    i miss sulli

  19. Tanvi Rai より:

    I’m never gonna get over this song

  20. 장미마카롱 より:

    이 노래로 전간디 작사가가 뇌리에 확 박혔더랬지.. 획기적인 가사.. 근데 이런 가사에 노래까지 개좋아서 2021년인 지금 들어도 전혀 올드한 느낌이 안들어.. 여전히 트렌디한 느낌.. 핑크테잎은 진짜 띵반 그 자체..

  21. Aman Hays より:

    These girls are perfect except for being not appreciated.

  22. monna ristianti より:


  23. Dian Adjam より:

    MeUdeul, let’s reach 70M!

  24. 진홍셜리 より:

    어제 나온 신곡이라 해도 받아 들일께요 ㅎ

  25. Bihiraiedits より:


  26. KDCL より:

    The visuals of this group ugh ❤

  27. juniper より:

    truly one of the best kpop groups of all time

  28. A'tin Bloody Blue より:

    I miss f(x) thats why im here binge watching all their mv’s

  29. Graciella Kussoy より:

    yuk reunian♡ f(x) ╥﹏╥

  30. 橘离傲娇 より:


  31. Bruna Ferreira Lima より:

    Sulli??? 🙁

  32. Veng Nicolas より:

    Who’s with me ? Half year 2021

  33. Jeon Toni より:

    June 2021?

  34. ilyjimin より:

    sulli looked so pretty that era omg :((

  35. Zzcity_zZ 。 より:

    언니들 돌아와

  36. Brea より:

    remains iconic!

  37. Mr. PinSell より:

    ok YT recommending me this @ 3am lmao

  38. LUIS OPARRON より:

    Electric sock fx

  39. BABI IPAD より:

    miss u guys 🙁

  40. ibroken heart より:

    pink tape the best album of kpop <3

  41. Dauroh Fiqih より:

    I remember when FM radio is the way to update about KPop song . and I first heard this song on the radio…

  42. kyungsoos water より:

    remember when everyone and their moms was GAY for krystal?

    Yeah I still am

  43. LikaMou 57 より:

  44. Gabriel より:

    imagine having one of this in the discography.

  45. Ardiani Fitri より:

    Miss u Sulli onnie


    Kpop’ı ilk tanıdığım da dinlediğim şarkılardan biri….


    I miss F(X)


    -Best Group
    -Best Visual
    -Best Songs
    -Best Dancer
    -Best Choreography
    -Best Female Group
    -Best Girls
    -Best Rappers
    -Best Vocals
    -Best Singer
    -Best Mv
    -Best Concept
    -Best Beautiful
    -Best Funny
    -Best Awesome
    -Best Perfect
    -Best Cool
    -Best Talents
    -Best Cute
    -Best Style
    -Best Voice



  50. Gabrielle Araki より:

    miss Sulli

  51. Air Rain より:

    Never gets old. f(x) songs are timeless ❤️

  52. Bruniele Fermiano より:

    Que pena que sulli Nortel

  53. Moh. Dhuhri Surya Wirawan より:

    Come here bcs Miss Sulli :'(

  54. 오복이 より:

    진짜 솔직히 요즘 이런느낌의 노래가 잘 없어서 넘 아쉽다ㅠㅠ 진짜 함수언니들 노래 다 너무 신비롭고 좋아…요즘 그나마 나의 심금을 울리는 노래가 에스파 넥스트 레벨 인듯…

  55. Iselin より:

    This song was so ahead of their time

  56. Kim より:

    My kpop playlist will never be complete without this song

  57. Forever Lightsum より:

    I miss you Sulli:(

  58. 먕먀 より:

    흑발루나가 진짜 오지는걸 이제야 알아버렸어

  59. jungwoo's bff より:

    daym never thought this song was actually 7 years ago

  60. Valeria Banchon より:

    Soojung supremacy.

  61. Aisyah Nisa'ul Fitri より:

    I’m just happy for the fact that the comment section still live even in this 2021

  62. LUIS OPARRON より:

    electric shock

  63. LUIS OPARRON より:


  64. Nofaira Amin より:

    MeU, let’s streaming to 65 M.


  65. Nofaira Amin より:

    f(x) ot 5 forever ꒰⑅ᵕ༚ᵕ꒱˖♡

  66. 아스날 より:

    다음주에 사랑니 뽑으러가는건 어떻게 알아서 이렇게 알고리즘이 뜨니…놀리냐

  67. Chilame D より:

    still here 2021

  68. rar より:

    no one can beat krystal’s vibe

  69. Gabriel Esteves より:

    S A M B A babe

  70. Kun-ge's Magical Voice より:

    Who else had this amazing bop shown of their recommended 7 years later??

  71. semoga aja mereka ga apa2 Nisa より:

    Aku tergoda sama amber

  72. Netraxia より:

    Smtown iconic mv sets always amaze me

  73. Patricia Pandeiroot より:

    Kangen SNSD kangen fx ,kpn lagi kyk dlu……

  74. Vallen Allen より:

    They used gen z concept even before gen z term is a thing. *ICONIC*

  75. 425 daisy より:

    I am crying I want f(x) back…….

  76. FAIZAN Yousuf より:

    I love sulk