The New FX Wildcat MKIII BT – Available Now

Introducing the new and vastly improved FX Wildcat MkIII BT! The iconic airgun bullpup, the FX Wildcat, now comes with power and air capacity to handle slugs and heavier pellets in all their various shapes and sizes.

The enhanced power comes courtesy of the massive 89cc Power Plenum, nestled in the stock of the Wildcat. Taming this massive power center and refining accuracy, is accomplished using dual FX AMP Regulators. Both regulators are externally adjustable, and the rear power adjuster makes dialing in the right power easy to adjust for shifting hunting situations.

The FX Wildcat MkIII BT comes in three configurations: The Compact with a 300cc carbon fiber bottle and 500mm barrel, The Sniper with a 580cc carbon fiber bottle and 700mm barrel, and the value priced VP with a 400cc aluminum bottle and 600mm barrel. Additional barrel kits in calibers .177 thru .30 are sold separately and are easily interchangeable.

The original iconic Wildcat completely changed the airgun world, offering the perfect offhand shooting air rifle. The Wildcat MkIII BT perfectly matches the advances to slugs and heavier pellets the modern shooter desires, ushering in a new generation to the brilliance of the FX Wildcat.

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  1. Airgun 101 より:

    Yeah baby!!!!

  2. Dikmontakol Yomso より:

    Oooo… Yeaaaa

  3. Muhammad Babar Shafi より:

    FX rocks.
    However, I am surprised that there is no MKIII version for Bobcat. I own a Bobcat since last five years and it worked superb to date. I don’t know why FX forgot a masterpiece like Bobcat.

  4. herbert nkgasapane より:

    Wow.. this is amazing

  5. Ryan Branco より:


  6. RusBear より:

    Wow! Awesome!

  7. André nunes より:

    As melhores armas do mundo.

  8. Larry Coleman より:

    Wow, perfection perfected. A walking stalking powerhouse. Love it!! Well Done FX.

  9. J より:

    Love my Impact M3 but I might just have to get one of these. Perfect!!!

  10. air gun fun より:

    about same as a maverick

  11. Cr125stin より:

    Awesome! I was t expecting this! I bought my MKIII on release day and I love it!

  12. Aaaal ! より:

    Will it require an adapter to refill like on the Impact M3?