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  3. A1 Fromdisc より:

    Man I want an airgun like that

  4. H -playz より:

    never been this early

  5. L • . より:

    Bei jörgen muss man nie nörgeln

  6. NoMana!PT より:

    Now make one out of plywood

  7. Jayant Santan より:

    Big fan sir

  8. KittyFooFo0 より:

    Smooth like a Cadillac. Uber precise like an Audi. =8B

  9. Christian Buczko より:

    5.5ft/lb is practically useless. Even the UK is allowed 12ft/lb. We can have upto 6ft/lb for hand guns, although few are that powerful, most are about 3ft/lb, we can get 5ft/lb pistols.

  10. John O より:

    Now diesel them.

  11. John McPherson より:

    I have an RWS 350 Magnum in .177. My only complaint is that it is too loud for shooting in my backyard (urban area). Unless I shoot super heavy pellets they break the speed of sound and the crack gets the neighbors attention and the police in the neighborhood.

  12. K1ll3trs より:

    for those who are wondering :
    110 yards is 100 meters.

  13. Samira Magar より:

    Want to see a slingshot riffle (scope mounted)which is as accurate as this one.

  14. Grimace より:

    Love your work Joerg!

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  16. Christian Buczko より:

    I have a 2.2cal BSA scorpian T10 with wood stock, pcp and a 1.77cal theoben gasram with a very nice cut out evolution stock. PCP rifles are very accurate but get abit boring as it doesnt take much skill, the gasram has abit of kick so it takes abit more skill to shoot well.

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  18. Jasper Grey より:

    *The economic hardship , recession , unemployment and the loss of job caused by covid pandemic is enough to push people into financial ventures* .

  19. Jeffrey Reedy より:

    I love the channel but pushing five and a half foot pounds I’ve got a daisy that pushes more than that of one cock Daisy back in the day daisies Germany has got some f***** up laws

  20. Richard Du Plessis より:

    Please demonstrate how we COULD (hypothetically speaking), increase the airgun power to its maimum illegal capacity: – just as a matter of interest.

  21. Fudd Wacker より:

    Airgandi great I’ll subscribe

  22. luke 1911 より:

    The regulations make me so sad for you guys over there

  23. Martin Fisker より:

    In these times i cannot help noticing Michael coughing on his hand and 30 seconds later shaking Joergs hand

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  25. Singh より:

    Did he just coughed in and on hand then shaked with another person.
    Weird thing to be witnessed in this (corona) time

  26. SheridanTank より:

    Try firing bullets from a slingshot. Like the actual bullet, not the whole cartridge. I tried to .380 rounds and the distance, power, and accuracy are incredible.

  27. MrHighvolt より:

    Belgian here, no limits for air rifles (only air guns). 😀
    Let me bring the .50 PCP to that range, and show you its features 😀

  28. Adam-Gabriel Rodriguez より:

    Use real slugs next time

  29. Al より:

    This one probably does not need it, but I saw a video a long time ago about increasing the power of bb/airguns by coating the projectiles with vaseline..

  30. Luiz Haay より:

    In Brazil we can got with unlimited potency a airgun and crossbows, but firearms are very controlled (for citizens only), bandits have guns a lot…
    Soon I believe I’ll got mine, after a burocratic process…

    with my SAG R1000 5.5 I reach 28J, but CBC Nitro X 1000 5.5 it’s possible to get 45 Joules.

    Our actual President Jair Bolsonaro is fighting to change it, this ridiculous law should be revoked.
    Gun control and lack of free speech is a precedent for dictatorships.

  31. jack. cadman より:

    Showing accuracy with a 6 inch target where one missed? Would love to see a grouping! I know wind plays a big part

  32. couchcamper より:

    tactical air guns for the German market, how funny, every third world country is allowed more than 7.5 joule. you’d better get a slingshot for plinking and save a metric ton of money and bureaucracy xD

  33. Glenn Shark より:

    Yuck! Jorge you just shakesd that dudes hand he coughed into!!

  34. Carsten Klein より:

    Was macht das mieseste Luftgewehr Deutschlands?? Fällt mir gerade ein. Gruß Carsten

  35. John Ryder より:

    With a max. 15m range in my attic here in 7,5land I am good with a HW40 pistol and reluctant to invest in a rifle…
    Still, Thank You so much Jörg for Your assessment of the maximum range of 7,5 Joule guns!
    I had been wondering.

    Great coop with AirGhandi and nice shooting!

  36. Keith Allardice より:

    Cool beans!! Thanks so much for sharing, that is one impressive airgun and great shooting big guy!!

  37. survivalbushcraftfan より:

    ich würde die so kaufen wo bekomme ich die?

  38. Jon G より:

    COVID @1:50

  39. kranj doo より:

    a shame you didn’t show what the pallets look like

  40. C0nsequence より:

    Why do you say yards? we are in europe

  41. L-J Persson より:

    And ofcourse it’s a Swedish gun………;)

  42. Dariusz Remigiusz Piotrowski より:

    Zajebista zabaweczka 😉

  43. Kamil Dryjski より:

    That would be good for hunting rats

  44. renovatio より:

    stick to metric units

  45. WulleBiere より:

    Geil der airghandi ist mit dabei

  46. Aaron より:

    Seems like its easier to get a silencer in Germany than it is in the us. smh

  47. Low Flying Potato より:

    They banned the use of even air guns within town. I have a large empty lot and a dozen air rifles but can’t use any of them without a 1hrs drive. Absurd.

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  49. Enigm4475 より:

    action ab 2:54 …

  50. chris toph より:

    Meine daystate mk4is target mit 24 joule is absolut genial. .177 reicht allemal zum snipern auf 40m oder mehr. Teuer aber gut.

  51. Joaco Gomez より:

    Poor dude on the right, he stood there in silence staring at nothing for more than 2 minutes before being presented

  52. Somebody1Special より:

    once I owned… a single shot .177 RWS Diana side lever charge… it was great…. scoped out could hit an American quarter at 50 yards every time…

  53. Johnatan Falck より:

    In the US is an airgun an airgun no difrens betwin .20 or.50

  54. Lachesis Atropos より:

    So damn sad. Germany makes some of the best firearms in the world, and I own many of them – but those who live in Germany cannot own them? How pathetic is that? I really feel bad for all of you who live in Germany, and Europe.

  55. Thomas より:

    I’ve got an Fx streamline .177 at 24 joules and what a beast.

    Also have the dreamline in .22 at 40 joules and that ones also a laser, but needed barrel modifications first.

  56. Morten Schultz - Hunting and wildlife より:

    Love your channel, and your happy mood.
    I live in Denmark, where you can buy full power air rifles or pistols as long as you are over 18 years old. Now a days, only in. 177/4,5mm. But a sling shot will need a firearms/weapon permission, and will get you in serious trouble with the police..
    Keep up the good work

  57. marcello roos より:

    Warum nenst dus es nicht 4,5 mm?

  58. Franklin Fleming より:

    Make the neeedler off of halo you can do it. Lol awesome eoisode

  59. hayder1976 より:

    A German with a sense of humor!!!

  60. EnglishAndy より:

    5ft Ibs is very low. In the U.K. we have 12ft Ibs before a licence is needed. You might want to try an air arms s510k. Your’d be able to the wings off a fly with it.

  61. 48pluto より:

    I love my catapult. No need for a airgun. I have those they are not interesting 🙂

  62. Dark Storm より:

    Spring hack shove some 2ps behing your spring air rifles

  63. Steven Ingram より:

    I think it’s interesting how the laws and lack of access to things (like firearms) drives innovation. I mean, you guys produce some MONSTER air guns. 😀

  64. Solar Function より:

    @ JoergSprave
    You could set yourself up outside a local Golf course in camo under a tree behind an embankment & shoot at the golf balls just before the people are about to putt their balls in the hole for fun lol.

  65. Rags Almighty より:

    When i was a teenager I lived right next to a primary school – my backyard literally overlooked one of the playing fields. My friends and I had a Daisy pump action with no scope and we used to regularly hit the dumpster on the far side of the field, maybe 80 yards away, using BBs alone. I used to love shooting and waiting for the delay in impact and then return “ding” registering the hit – it felt like ages !

    If I tried that today I would probably go to jail !

  66. leidenisthebest より:

    yeah unlimited power for airguns is one of the best things about my country (nl)
    also weed, weed is nice 🙂

  67. Ben Rogers より:

    I like the Bob Odenkirk guy on the right.
    Looks like you got him right off the bus from Nobody

  68. Haavikk より:

    but do they kill
    if it was armagedon I think I would like to have something that could atleast headshot a deer
    it would need to be very very quiet
    max 30 yards

  69. Julianna AKA - Babayega より:

    I am at the 6 second mark and paused the video. Jorges’ “Hello and welcome to the slingshot channel”..voice, intonation and facial expression just made me soooo thrilled!!! I immediately had to pause the video and hit the like button, then comment. 🙂 Well done Jorge!!! <3 :))

  70. Adam Wakefield より:

    I want joergs laugh to be my notification tone