f(x) 에프엑스 ‘피노키오 (Danger)’ MV

f(x)’s 1st full length album “Pinocchio” has been released.
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f(x) 에프엑스 ‘피노키오 (Danger)’ MV ℗ S.M.Entertainment


  1. Blue Lily より:

    They only gg I ever stan so hard other than 2ne1 until now 🙂

  2. joao より:

    omg this song has 10 years

  3. 김종이 より:

    2021년에도 듣고있는사람?

  4. Krystal Lim より:

    Fx forever

  5. Krystal Lim より:

    Miss fx

  6. Krystal Lim より:

    #fx #victoria #amber #luna #sulli #krystal

  7. Krystal Lim より:

    Iconic girl group

  8. Krystal Lim より:

    Please give fx comeback

  9. Polar bear より:

    21년 4월말…. 다시들어도 신나는구만…..

  10. thisis yan より:

    I miss f(x)…I miss Sulli…

  11. 학생 より:

    이거 어디서 들었나 했더니 샤이닝스타에서 들었던 노래구나 …와..

  12. 시리얼오레오 오즈 より:

    중학교시절 함께한 노래 ㅠ

  13. Kim Chi is good より:


  14. Fabi.e より:

    sigh… when kpop wasn’t all about views… i miss the old times..

  15. 외에서SKY로 より:

    10년 전에 이 노래로 걸스카우트에서 장기자랑 했던 기억나…

  16. 김Uv 레진 공예 より:

    누굴 뽑을 까 내 미래 남편 뽑아야지

  17. 핑크팬더 より:

    보고싶다 설리..

  18. 정택우 より:

    하이 수정

  19. 김세웅 より:


  20. Siti Robingah より:

    I miss my girls 🙁

  21. J より:

    Im all over kpop and somehow diverted my attention A LOT into anime and man(ga/hwa/hua) but but F(x) still really feels amazing no matter how the time flow. Its over 10 and i still love them T.T

  22. Nancy.x101 より:

    Did I download this video in high school and get a whole virus malfunction…YES

  23. Markanthony Eden より:

    Guys wait i love a F(x) and blackpink

  24. 김세웅 より:


  25. Richard Matthew より:

    the flavour,,

  26. Perfect World より:

    I love them so much

  27. not satan より:

    It seems they did the best they could… And SM didn’t really give a f about that

  28. Kimberly より:

    Temazo :,)

  29. Farah Famy より:

    They all queens!

  30. F I O R E' より:

    Locked out

  31. 인생 より:

    어떻게 지금 봐도 촌스럽지가 않냐.. 10년 전에 나온 노래 맞음..?

  32. より:

    그립다 ㅠㅠ 레전드

  33. SeChanSoo EXO より:

    before, people considered their music as ‘weird’ but now almost all groups try to copy this concept… indeed, f(x) was way ahead of their time

  34. 이러지마 흔들지마 より:

    비디터성님들 영상보고 울언니들 보곺파 다시 찾아왔습니다.. 스캔해징징윙윙 언니들 꼭 다시보고싶습니다
    언니들만의 노래가 너무 그립습니다..

  35. 수지니는산악인이될거야 より:

    썸네일 가운데사람 최은경아나운서인줄

  36. ああ より:


  37. Jill Face より:

    I learned part of the dance to this when I was 21. Now I’m 31 and apparently remember it.

  38. Ярослава Трохимчук より:

    One of my first kpop clips that I saw. It was 2011 or 2012. So long ago…
    But I love it even now.
    Even if my heart cries of Sulli(((

  39. Boni Navarette より:

    we all agree that f(x) has one of the best discography in Kpop..

  40. 건전한닉네임 より:

    중학생때 기억에 남는 내 컬러링…

  41. 김민환 より:

    얘들춤은 이상하게 혼자춰도 간지나

  42. 송송 より:

    설리가 그립다

  43. Gun Yi より:


  44. Gun Yi より:


  45. Gun Yi より:


  46. Lu A より:

    와…벌써 10년전이네?? 고딩때 청소시간에 뮤비로 처음보고 이게 뭐지 입벌리고 봤는데..어느덧 30이 더 가까워진 나이가 되었네..기분이상해 ㅜㅜ

  47. Warrior より:

    It’s funny to see the 3rd gen and 4th gen girl groups try to emulate the f(x) sound, and fail. The holy trinity of kpop girl groups amongst all generations will always be SNSD, f(x) and 2ne1. Seriously, f(x) was ahead of their time, it’s such a shame SM didn’t promote them well, they could have still been releasing incredible iconic music like they always did.

  48. 별빛님별빛님 より:

    2021년 ^^

  49. より:

    아니그니까 어저께 코카콜라 마셨잖아요

  50. るるるるる より:


  51. Just you BTS より:

    Anyone in 2021?

  52. Ade Rahmawati より:

    kangen banget

  53. Dini Jun より:

    coming here to refresh my memory

  54. new goldilocks より:

    모든 게 다 세련됐구 너무 이쁘다

  55. Lucero M. Escamilla より:

    La coreografía de esta canción es tan genial. ¡Dan ganas de aprendérsela!

  56. 브라운토끼 より:

    뮤비가 지금 봐도 세련되네

  57. 축구 より:

    2021년 6월에 본사람

  58. Tj Delgado より:

    this music video deserves 100M+ views

  59. LoveandParty より:

    wow this is the most painting-like video ever…

  60. Timon Lopezz より:

    i luv how i still know their chorus…. time flies

  61. Tj Delgado より:

    I love the bridge of this song very much

  62. Cherry Bang より:

    Siempre te busqué, te encontré jsjsj

  63. Chloé Bourgeois より:


  64. juniper より:

    i miss them 🙁

  65. Tj Delgado より:

    This is a masterpiece <3 I missed fx so much

  66. 용덕질 より:


  67. 박준모 より:

    0:42 견장 머리띠 아찔하네

  68. Angelina SONE より:

    I miss F(x) so muchhh

  69. Moh. Dhuhri Surya Wirawan より:

    Jin Ri

  70. Red Velvet ot5 comeback in August 2021 より:


  71. 겜돌이 투콥님 より:


  72. Sofia Santillan より:

    pleno 2021 y aún sigo escuchando la rolitas de f(x) son una joyita, las extraño

  73. Vivian Lim より:

    My first kpop mv ever which brings me into kpop till now.

  74. nama depan より:

    Miss you guys

  75. Janella Ann Marie D. Domingo より:

    i miss you, sulli..

  76. lidia reyes より:

    Victoria my visual and dance queen

  77. M K より:

    I’m so sad f(x) really deserves more love, at the recent time, They should have been performing together and even their old songs seem new to me because tbh I kinda can see the concept of f(x) is being used now, I mean their boyish dance/concept but still they like being pretty and cute at the same time tho !! It is pity that we can’t see f(x) perform their old songs now !!

  78. 장현정 より:

    마치 피노키오의 세계같아.

  79. LoveShotEXO より:

    보고싶다 fx

  80. Aya Abd ELkhalekh より:

    Sm forget F(X)