As part of a long range shooters team, i bring double trouble to this episode with my latest 2 Fx Impact M3 air guns. I am a pro hunter that works with big scope and air rifle manufactures around the world. I always get the latest gear to test and showcase. This video showcases myself and a friend as long range shooters doing extreme long shots on pest birds in South Africa with the latest Fx Impact M3 models. I share my configurations and talk about both Fx Impact setups with my latest upgrades done to this models. The ammo i am using is high powered air gun slugs specifically designed for a hunter that does hunting. You will see some mind blowing long range shots in this video. If you love range shooting and air guns then this mega video will be a thrill from start to finish.

Gear :
Fx Impact M3 Sniper 22 caliber (Red)
Element Optics Nexus APR 1C Mrad
Saber Tactical Body Kit
Donny Fl Ronin Silencer
Javelins 34 grain slugs 217 @ 1050fps
Form Rifle Stock Red laminate grip
Carbon Fiber Barrel Mod

Fx Impact M3 Sniper 22 caliber (Grey)
Element Optics Titan EHR 1C MOA
Saber Tactical Body Kit
Donny Fl Ronin Silencer
HN 25 grain slugs 217 @ 935fps
Form Rifle Stock Grey laminate grip
Carbon Fiber Barrel Mod

Side Shot Scope Camera system with Go Pro Hero 6
Main Camera: Canon Ax11
Second Camera: Canon t5 rebel
Rode video Mic Pro x 2

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  1. Barend Nel より:

    Now thats what you call some excellent shooting and at those distances, absolutely amazing.



  3. Sniper jabani より:

    Very good Mr..!!!

  4. Cường Hà より:

    REAR REG 120Bar. Slug 22cl made in Vietnam. WHAT?

  5. Thoat Pham より:

    Vietnamese subtitles

  6. Airgun Outdoors より:

    As always, great shooting!

  7. Ron levin より:

    How do you remove dead pidgens from the rooftops ?

  8. Moh rian Saputra より:

    Help my may number for you

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    สุด สุด เลยเพื่อน

  10. shane rawlins より:

    Howcome you don’t shoot with Roelf anymore?

  11. Abah Asep より:

    Sehat selalu om.semoga panjang umur dn banyak rejeki ya..mamtaap om akurasi ya..salam dari saya asep dsri indonesia.

  12. Rick O'Shea より:

    Very impressive!
    At 4:19 the projectile spirals but still clobbers the bird.

  13. Den Momin より:

    Jsb exact diabolo is not good

  14. Nasir khan より:

    Sach a pro shooters…i will ask how can calculate wind without any equipments hope you will reply

  15. Budi maulana maulana より:


  16. Richard Ward より:

    Two hundred plus yard shots with an air gun, incredible! I would take those shots only with my 22-250 or a higher caliber. Your expertise and equipment knowledge is impressive. Thanks for sharing and cheers from Texas.

  17. Ron Mrakovich より:

    Great shooting. Is it a regulatory constraint only shooting .22 cal. In Africa or is it to preserve the meat?

  18. NYLSAO QUASE ACERTA - manutenção de carabina. より:

    Muito bom excelente parabéns

  19. Masawma Masawma より:

    Ineed 1 bro

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  21. Bret Lawson より:

    As always, excellent footage and shooting fellas. Enjoyed the demonstration in world class shooting.

  22. Hunter bukit 12 (Gejluk andalan) より:

    Wow..it’s a amazing…

  23. Eoin Westman より:

    Fantastic video. Great shooting guys.

  24. Kansas Air Hunters より:

    I’m still trying to figure out who’s the best internet air gunner….you…matt..roelf or maggie

  25. corny155 より:

    Can u elaborate on the barrel system?

  26. Axel Nejjari より:

    Hello Gerhard, what is your favorite ammo between the 34grs and your custom 40grs for “extreme long range” and pigeon kill ? (sorry for my english) amazing shot dude thank you. More flat for 34grs of course but…

  27. Rufus Blair より:

    Holding two to the left for win wow

  28. Rafael Delgado より:

    espectacular muy buenos tiros excelente..

  29. Rafael Delgado より:

    Excelente rifle, saludos desde España.

  30. Jason Wilkinson より:

    Great shooting just wish old guy adjusts parallax correctly

  31. Snyper letal–MA より:

    Top demais amigão

  32. Jesse 0311 より:

    Great shooting and at those distances…outstanding. Always enjoy your videos. Thanks

  33. Guillermo Vera contreras より:

    Hola amigo, mi nombre es Guillermo soy de Chile . Me gustaría si pudieras poner subtítulos en Español a tus videos. Creo que son vistos por muchas personas de habla hispana y no todos manéjanos el inglés. Porfavor y saludos

  34. theduelist04 より:

    Gerard, looks like the slugs are corkscrewing as they fly. What is your opinion on that?

  35. Tony V より:

    Great shooting! Thanks for sharing.



  37. leftymadrid より:

    Yes, I would tend to agree with Barend Nel, that would be some of THE best long range shooting for airguns I’ve seen ever!
    The kits are beautiful and deadly! Some excellent snipping/pesting achieved for darn sure!!

    Never get tired of seeing those incredibly well placed shots in slo-mo.
    Actually THIS is pro-shooting without a doubt!!
    Take care 🙂

  38. mikedakiwihunter より:

    Nothing beats the pop of a sparrow

  39. Thoat Pham より:

    test shot cricket

  40. josé branco より:

    Excelente vídeos e mais excelente os tiros meus parabéns Deus abençoe, como faz pra ganhar uma nestas configuração de presente valeu e meus parabéns

  41. Scott Michael より:

    You’re killing me man! In your description you even mention “carbon fiber barrel mod”. Dude I’ve been asking you about this. I have a Maverick snipper that has a lot a barrel flex.. QUIT holding out on your loyal fans! Spill the beans! Like where do I get the tube? ID (inside diameter)? OD (outside diameter)? Install? Bro! You gotta let me in on your barrel mod! PLEASE!! Thanks man, love the channel! 🙂

  42. Perwira Saya Itu より:

    Apapun unitnya yang penting akurasinya

  43. Ciryl Kratkohlavy より:

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  44. test 12343423 より:

    Why on earth do starlings hang upside down when shot? Other birds fall. Im a nature lover, but more of the theadore roosevelt kind; i collect bird speicies for taxidermy. I am gonna find out why starlings dont fall, its most annoying. I havent got a starling yet

  45. test 12343423 より:

    4:39 what a pretty bird! Wonder you dont taxidermy them, mr. Gerhard

  46. Beruang Solok より:

    incredible accuracy master..we see you from Indonesia, very impressive FX impact M3

  47. Remdrix Deguzman より:

    Smoke it baby what a shot idol

  48. Andy Carp より:

    Hi excellent video as always,did enjoy seeing those long shots and observing the flight of the slug onto the chosen target was a added bonus
    Real clear images awesome stuff ,a great opportunity to see how those slugs behave over long distances …

  49. Bawitlung Lalthazuala より:

    Can i join you in SA for airgun hunting/ shooting… From India… Cause its illegal here…

  50. Faruq Irsya より:

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  51. Blackroomhunt より:

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  52. k1 より:

    There is wobbling in some shots , specially visible in slow motions . Is that correct or comes to like this?

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  64. Don Rumato より:

    Your rifles giive 60 & 111 joules of energy. Close to 22 LR but more expensive, less convenient and reliable. But, probably, interesting becouse it’s still new

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  66. MrIbanezRGfan より:

    Hallo Gerhardt, love your videos! And the 25gr hn slugs are really awesome! I’m trying them out at the moment. Have you measured the BC yourself? It seems like the advertised BC is a bit high. Keep up with the great content!