Expresso FX: Germanium Boost Philips OC141 | Marshall SV20H | Eastman SB59/v

I’m loving this one. Rangemaster mojo with a 7-voice rotary built in the UK. Sof has selected a fine batch of NOS components and housed them in this hammered case with a thoughtful on/off switch (front face) for the battery inclined. It sounds the biz! Pair this guy with any classic ‘dark’ amp (I’m thinking JTM45 or Vox AC30…) and you’ll be flying. Have a listen. Rock! 🤘🏻

Germanium Boost specs (as per website):
➜High quality aluminium enclosure, professionally powder coated in Grey Hammerite finish. These are very durable and absolutely gorgeous enclosures.
➜Hand-selected NOS Mullard transistors. We can fit these pedals with the following NOS transistors:
Philips/Mullard OC44. These are the ultimate germanium transistors for this circuit, as used in many original units.
*Philips/Mullard OC141 germanium transistors. An excellent choice in this circuit. OC141 are creamy with a well balanced overall sound. These are NPN transistors (negative ground) so if you add an LED and a DC socket, the latter will not require a reverse polarity power and hence you can daisy chain it with standard pedals.
Mullard OC42 are also excellent in this circuit. These transistors are a little brighter than OC141, but also well balanced. OC42 are PNP transistors, so the pedal will require reverse polarity power if a DC socket is added.
➜NOS Mullard “Tropical Fish” C280 polyester capacitors.
➜Philips/ROE/Frako electrolytic capacitors.
➜Xicon/Yageo 1% metal film resistors.
➜Premium Switchcraft jacks.
➜Alpha 16mm potentiometers.
➜Premium 22 AWG solid core Silver-plated copper wire with Teflon insulation, for superior signal transmission.
➜Audio-grade shielded wire.
➜Lead free, Silver-based solder.
➜True bypass.
➜Fully hand wired.
➜3 years warranty.
➜Dimensions: 121 x 66 x 40 mm (W x D x H).

Today’s tools:

Guitar: 2020 Eastman Guitars SB59/v – Lollar Imperials
Amp: Marshall SV20H to Greenback IR’s (via X-LOAD to Axe-FX III as IR host)
Cables: Providence
Power Supply: 9V battery, supplied
Monitors: PreSonus R80
Cameras: Canon 60D & iPhone 11 Pro
DAW: Logic Pro X
Computer: Maxed out iMac Pro

@expressofx. (Germanium Boost Mojo Edition Philips OC141)
@eastmanguitars (SB59/v)
@marshallamps_uk (SV20H)
@fractalaudiosystems (X-LOAD Reactive Load LB-2 & Axe-FX III)

This video was sponsored by Expresso FX. The boost is mine, all mine.


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    Just see

  3. Anthony Marks より:

    Mate, there’s another Aussie that does gear breakdowns, but you are much better. No bs, just fair dinkum! So, does this just basically change cap values from what is in the guitar to different values, for instance if you have .22, this can shift to a .47?

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    What a tone! I really enjoy your videos.

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    Great pedal great player

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    Awesome ! How do you like that SV20 ? Sounds so tasty