Hunting Prairie Dogs with Utah Airguns | NEW FX Impact Power Block

This video is an absolute blast! The new Power Block from FX has this M3 Impact slinging 40 grain Javelin slugs at a whopping 1040 FPS, and is an absolute hammer on Prairie dogs! So many shenanigans packed into one trip, made this one we will never forget! Come take a ride with us and check out what it is like to hunt with the fine folks from Utah Airguns. if you aren’t shooting, you are doubled over in laughter! What an absolutely great time!
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  1. J より:

    Smoking them in that wind is amazing! Good stuff. So jealous. Makes my backyard back east look pretty anemic.

  2. Sam Houston より:

    Looks like fun. Great video! Can’t wait to see you guys at rmac. Loving those new 800 mm barrels. They look amazing.

  3. Adventures in Blackduck より:

    Nice shooting guys.

  4. Stig carbon creative より:

    very cool bro!

  5. Air Shootist より:

    What will they think of next? Maybe I’ll finally pick up an Impact, but probably will wait until the next gen comes out. FX is always innovating. For now my (2) Mavericks will definitely suffice!

  6. AK.crypto より:

    i am want so

  7. Promitheas Apollonious より:

    I am so jealouw the very good way. Bravo guys.

  8. Following Ghost より:

    Looks like you guys had a ball.

  9. Casper Boo より:

    cracking video guys, and thats some shooting, and in that wind Wow Wow Wow, great to see you both out again doing the what ya luv doing Cheers mates

  10. Broc Wavra より:

    What gun did you make that 280 yr shot with. Geeezzz

  11. fabio mansella より:

    hi guys what did you shoot to explode the target ??

  12. The bearded airgunner より:

    Always amazing content brother!!!! Good to see y’all having a blast!