Airgun Hunting | Double Taps with Scope Cam | FX M3 Impact Madness!

That’s right, this week the boys are counting down and it’s all on scope cam! Hunting with the FX M3 Impact airgun in 30 cal, with Element Titans on top, the birds just don’t stand a chance!
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  1. Walidy Aditya より:

    Indonesia selalu hadirr.. Mantapp

  2. Francisco Carvalho より:

    Como sempre vídeos top fico feliz por vocês turminha esplêndida é um sucesso reconhecido os escritos do canal poderiam dar mais likes pois sem dúvidas merecido mais mesmo assim desejo muito mais sucesso felicidades para todos vocês like garantido sempre

  3. Doug Dishler より:

    Awesome guys!!! Love the footage when ya see both your crosshairs!!!!!

  4. mike foor より:

    My favorite kind of double vision is watching scope cam doubles. The impact shows feathers carried away by the wind letting us know how much wind you guys are shooting in.

  5. Jesse 0311 より:

    Synchronized shooting…score 10s. Great shooting. I enjoyed the video. Blessings

  6. Dean Scott より:

    Another great video Brother!!! Quick questions, which model Accu-Tac bipod and which rail do you use? I like yours and from the video I can’t tell which model rail or bipod you’re using.

  7. Terry Wells より:

    Yep another great video and the painted pellets do help to keep up with the shots , now is it harder to shoot them colored or about the same with out color .??

  8. Michael Massar より:

    Awesome footage double cam was a nice touch to the video. Which barrel liner do you use with the 30. Great video guys.

  9. First State Airgun より:

    You got to love it in stereophonic quadraphonic sound

  10. Reg Sparkes より:

    This never gets tiring to watch, the slo-mo after each.
    The ‘chuck’ shot was just super, Guys, well shot!

  11. pest killer より:

    Have you guys tried the nsa .30cal slugs in your m3s yet?

  12. michael kline より:

    Love the video as always gentlemen