Long Range Pigeon Hunt | FX Impact M3 Compact (22cal) | 23gr Javelin Slugs | Airgun Pest Control

Welcome to AirTac Hunting. On this channel, we will hunt, design, engineer, and play around with high-precision airguns. It’s all about having fun and learning together. In this video, we are stretching the legs of the 23gr Javelin slug in the FX Impact M3 Compact.

Your host,
Roelf Vorster

Scope-Tape Tutorial:


FX Impact M3 Compact with a Smooth Twist Superior liner in .22, Element Optics Helix FSP Scope, and DonnyFL Tatsu silencer shooting 23gr .218 Javelin Slugs at 930fps.


Canon XA11 and Rode Video Mic
Eagle-Vision Scope-Cam with a GoPro
DJI Mavic Drone

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  1. tubagus hunter 007 より:

    minta satu mr senapanya

  2. El akroud Abelhak より:

    Good hunter boy

  3. Kevin Soriano より:

    Nice roelf

  4. Walidy Aditya より:

    Indonesia hadir.. Mantap bro

  5. PCP Africa より:

    Shooting the RTI Prophet performance at the moment.. 25.39 JSB at 1020 ft/s.. cant shoot slugs with it yet as the slug barrel is in development.. can push it up to 70 ft-lbs with the JSB Beasts but not as acurate as the 25.39.. My dream gun or should I say my next gun..The FX Impact M3 sniper.. just waiting for the 300 bar fill option.

  6. Zar Youknow より:

    Love your channel. Have been watching yours and Matts channel for a long time.
    I am currently shooting a Benjamin Kratos .22 cal. Wondering what your thoughts
    on the Turkish made guns were.

  7. Terry Wells より:

    Another great video hope you all get the vaccinations that you need so the wife and kids can come out too ..

  8. SÓ ABATES PCP より:

    Roelf friend which Gopro do you use 6 or 7 , thank you

  9. Jeff Ojibway より:

    Current rifle Dreamline compact lite tactical SPAW tuned. Had a 30 Maverick VP but had problems with it had to send it back. Waiting on a Impact M3 compact in 30 cal, got some saber products to throw at it when I get it, and a new Helix scope ready to go. Excellent videos keep up the great work.

  10. Ali Alghamdi より:

    I live Germany air gan

  11. Hamish Jack より:

    Love the videos mate. Shooting a fx dreamlite compact and fx impact mkll sniper both in 22. I would love to get my hands on the patriot slugs over here in Australia. I have been told they are on their way. Also waiting on the delivery on my new M3 sniper in 22 with slug power kit and heavy liner.

  12. roof sniper より:

    i love the sound of hitting these birds,,haha

  13. TheProfit MoHamHead より:

    Do you think FX will ever consider going with an electronic trigger valve like high end Daystate’s use instead of the mechanical?

  14. Pin Point Precision より:

    Well done Roelf, great shooting along with some expert advice! Look forward to getting myself the FX Dreamline GRS, what do you think?

  15. Phillip Frank より:

    Current is Crosman f4, dream is m3.

  16. Yasser Nada B7R より:

    Great vid as usual, but what is your gopro setting? Like resolution, iso min max, shutter speed?

  17. El Lobo より:

    Great video and shooting. It’s amazing that the pellets/slugs still have enough velocity after exiting a bird to still create the ricochet whine.

  18. sniper amatir sumatra より:

    Nice gun fx impact

  19. Franco Justin より:

    A total laser beam gun ❤️ love it

  20. Marcos Eduardo Azevedo より:

    Olá . Gosto muito de seus vídeos , assim como muitos Brasileiros.
    Você Podeira adicionar legendas em português.

  21. Serto Angam より:

    This corona is like a bad guy hahaha

  22. Kamakazi Hunter より:

    Great Stuff Roelf..
    I’m shooting a Artemis M16 .22, KO Slugs @780f/s vert accurate. Longest shot, 156m Pigeon.. Dream gun Vudoo 360, .22Lr with Schmidt&Bender PM2, 0.5MIL Turret…

  23. Bali hanting より:


  24. Werner Kruis より:

    Great video Roelf!!! I have a fx streamline .22 what will be the best pellet to shoot and at what fps? Thanks

  25. Saqi hunters より:


  26. Md Rana Khan より:

    Hello brother my name is Rana Bangladesh Bangladesh market price Jante chai Bhalo Thakur brother

  27. skip campbell より:

    i enjoy your show so much ! my guns of choice is the zbroia tactical from georgia airguns he tunes them perfect ,and the daystate huntsman regal .22

  28. Md Rana Khan より:

    Nice video

  29. someone else より:

    nicely edited

  30. bene_ fishing より:

    I would like to see a Video where you explain Step by Step how you Comfigurate an Airrifle form the Beginn with no mutch extras.

  31. Mitchell Rutty より:

    Hi great information on your channel, i am looking at getting my first air riffle mainly for use on rabbits and foxes what would you recommend, i do like the Fx ranged.

  32. Ian Brennan より:

    I shoot a 177 12fpe fx dreamline tactical mainly hunting with it but it’s very accurate. Great shooting mate

  33. Kiagengselo Sorenglogo より:

    Oh my God…fx impact M3