f(x) 에프엑스 ‘Electric Shock’ MV

f(x) 2nd mini album ‘Electric Shock’ has been released.
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f(x) 에프엑스 ‘Electric Shock’ MV ℗ S.M.Entertainment


  1. Muhammad Yaris Syahwa10 より:


  2. Muhammad Yaris Syahwa10 より:


  3. soro soro より:

    이때가 좋았지… K팝이든 헬조선 국력이든 이때가 최전성기였지 …

  4. MegLow より:


  5. Ryujin's Shoulders より:

    *electric twerking*

  6. 小米歌 より:

    Electric shock is one of the most iconic song IN KPOP

  7. Sparklebear より:

    Me: Finding comments of 8 years before
    Comments: Sorry you are late

  8. Raven Matabang より:

    How i miss this eraaa

  9. neptunejjong より:

    they’re literally in kwangya

  10. Jam Rugeria より:

    missing hours

  11. chiyochan より:

    best gg ever 🙂

  12. Hugo Fernandes より:

    They look soo prettyy. I loved Sulli’s hair,

  13. Mary M より:

    May 2021

  14. lyn より:

    we miss uu

  15. TheNCT_23 より:

    electrically twerking..

  16. Vanity Vivien より:

    Another song from f(x), new kpop groups making it as their reference and carefully taking down notes hahaha.

  17. ruoxi より:

    remind me to never listen to this before taking an exam bc the entire time i could NOT concentrate my brain was just “electric nanananananana” on repeat

  18. girls generation より:

    There is a boy with fx

  19. Min Nyan より:

    At the beginning of this video , their dance performance was so amazing . We knew their value after they were disbanded . Mermory still alive with this song my teenager life.

  20. ぴかちゃん より:

    Still sounds so fresh!! Like this so much.

  21. ngizzaaa より:

    nonton 2021 check

  22. blank_rose より:

    awww miss fx miss sulli too TT

  23. 鄭一尾 より:

    Amber Liu – make it better 2021/5/14, please support her

  24. Tingting Qiu より:

    still can’t get over of fx‘s song after so many years

  25. 420kg より:

    크리스탈 넘 이뻐

  26. crazyoverturtlerabbitkim より:

    Miss this girls

  27. sandali kumanayaka より:

    love you sulli

  28. Juliana Pereira Drechsler より:


  29. Shimaa Ben より:

    plz we want f(x) backkkkk

  30. miyeon fucked the mission#KPOP より:

    It’s 2021 and I still miss f(x)

  31. Lala F. Webster より:

    i miss them

  32. najwa より:

    Kenapa perempuan kok rambutnya kaya gitu

  33. zohreh ebrahimyan より:

    I never came to like any other girl group after them

  34. Hiba Hmayda より:

    POV: u r here because u missed Sulli
    Rip angel

  35. Ananya より:

    I love this song

  36. Ananya より:


  37. Jnxynnie より:

    _weee!, las extraño :”(_

  38. Jnxynnie より:

    _amber yo te sigo amando <3!_

  39. Jnxynnie より:

    ameee! <3

  40. Life Goes On Like Water より:

    I hate SM for not protecting them

  41. Emily Camille L. da Silva より:


  42. Oluchi Kelas より:

    Plz stream Butter to 1B views

  43. HM Lavender より:

    Bisa bisanya gw dulu ngira kalo ital adenya mba yunaaa :’)

  44. A Abdullah より:

    ياه هه يا قوم دنق دينق ويلاااا وعاشووووو ن نننانان اي اي اي نننناناااانننناناااا اي اي اي جم جم ويلاااااا عاشوووو

  45. aerəmœ より:

    I C O N I C

  46. Marielle Moldez より:


  47. cathnee より:

    Shawols are MeUs, and MeUs are Shawols. f(SHINee) forever

  48. sweet candy より:

    missing f(x) days

  49. M W より:

    i miss u guys sooooo much

  50. 선빈 より:


  51. Nur Azisah より:

    Fav song f(x) 2021 msh aktif dengerin

  52. Zahwa_azzurA より:

    2021 nntonnya

  53. Kamran Shaikh より:

    Which one is sulli I am new

  54. LUIS OPARRON より:


  55. LUIS OPARRON より:


  56. Random Videos より:

    Aku jadi MeU karna Amber hahahhah

  57. Zaira Esther より:

    I came to know about f(x) by Amber,Sulli’s case and Krystal from kdrama,Now I love them bcs they are different as the fans say

  58. Charisa حاَرِسَ ᄉᄀ より:

    Selingan hot sauce.. hot f(x)

  59. Charisa حاَرِسَ ᄉᄀ より:

    E e e electric shock nananaanannaananana

  60. Charisa حاَرِسَ ᄉᄀ より:

    Gw jg seneng shouting nya f(x)

  61. Charisa حاَرِسَ ᄉᄀ より:

    Just reminder for myself: everyone is working hard.. everyone.. love is free..

  62. waldir jalanocca より:

    Me encanta

  63. bts bangtanbog より:

    I love you

  64. Yoo Minjeong Aeri Ning より:

    Old but gold i’m still in to f(x)

  65. chipmunky より:


  66. HappyProduction より:

    Can’t believe sulli is not in this world anymore

  67. 에밀리 より:

    After years it’s still my favorite song

  68. Khin Danica Espeleta より:

    They were so ahead of their time.

  69. minami より:


  70. nissa より:

    Aku ktinggalan oeoeoe

  71. nissa より:

    Mana nih cm kak hijin doang?

  72. nissa より:

    Tadi ku solat sm skinkeran dulu

  73. Sami Campoverde より:

    alguien que vino pq descubrio que krystal es la actriz del dorama de la novia del rey del agua
    hay te adoroooo krystal¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  74. Ainun zahariyah Taufik より:

    Di tolak banyak label tapi SM berani membeli woaaahhh daebakkk

  75. QUminusWEEN :3 より:

    i just came here and lestin to it and remeber that sulli is not here anymore breaking my heart,,,,

  76. Vio より:


  77. Gabriela ospino herrera より:

    que canción tan fea esa las escucha el otaku de mi salón

  78. Iloveshinee Stanthem より:

    Are fx still a group or have they disbanded?

  79. cbt pluszaki より:

    F(x) s qlbum 3lecic shok